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Author Topic: Commandos  (Read 935 times)


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« on: January 17, 2017, 08:04:54 AM »

As rain hammered down on the makeshift shed, Sellers mustered all her remaining strength to keep watch on the surroundings. Mansnovic had dragged her back from the battle and patched her up as best she could, and Sellers had done the same once she regained consciousness. The wounds were at least covered now, but she felt herself drifting towards blissful dream. No pain there, no acrid smell of blood and ash, only sleep...

"The three objectives are each held by a sizable force of armed hostiles. You will do whatever is necessary to break their morale and send them running. After you have successfully taken out the objectives, activate the beacon and we'll send a shuttle to your location. You have free access to our armoury and quarters, to stock up on whatever you may need and can carry. Dismissed."

Mansnovic stirred, and Sellers snapped back to life at her pained groans. Mans' leg was badly hurt and had developed an infection, but Sellers was too weak to scrounge for medicine among the pirates. This was the last of their targets and they had killed almost all of them before they gave up and ran. But Mansnovic had been punched out by two charged shots, and Sellers had barely held off the knife-psycho coming up on them, getting slashed across her arms and left leg.

Their first target was dispatched without issue. They had left a building abandoned close to their compound, which allowed Mans to creep up close and blast the place apart with her launcher. Sellers had mopped up with her automatic and grabbed a nice sniper rifle from one of the corpses. The second was better entrenched, up against a hill, but they carried mostly close combat weapons and tried to rush them as Sellers picked them off. Mansnovic held on to her launcher like a child on Christmas, scrounging up a load of incendiary cells with glee.

And here they were now. What next? They'd stashed the beacon a few kilometers away, to keep it out of the pirates' hands. Sellers cursed and wished she hadn't been so confident. There was no way of getting back there without ripping her bandages and bleeding out. And Mans wasn't moving anytime soon.


No, no I can't-


She drifted into the void.

(To be continued?)