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Author Topic: [1.3] RimDungeon Turrets  (Read 3169 times)


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[1.3] RimDungeon Turrets
« on: September 07, 2021, 09:57:05 AM »

Welcome to RimDungeon!

RimDungeon is a collection of RimWorld mods focused around a proper dungeon experience. This includes more defensive structures such as traps or turrets and other additions which would help you to create a dungeon of your dreams.

RimDungeon Turrets
The RimDungeon Turrets focuses on adding more Medieval/Renaissance turrets with changeable gun types. All of them have a firing arc, so think carefully about positioning! At the current time following are included:

At the current moment, the list of turrets includes:
  • Ballista - Deadly long-range weapon, shooting in a 120 degrees arc. Can shoot a single bolt or multiple ones.
  • Scorpion - Long-range fast-firing weapon, focused on killing armoured targets. Very accurate.
  • Catapult - Whilst inaccurate, it can shoot over walls. Effective against groups.
  • Trebuchet - Medieval version of a mortar. Requires stone projectiles to be loaded onto it.
  • Organ Gun - A bunch of guns strapped together. Requires almost constant supply of steel, but it's very effective against lightly armoured groups. Has 3 firing modes.

Steam Download: Latest
Github Download: Latest
All code is available on Github: RimDungeon Turrets
You can use any piece of it, as long as you give appropriate credit.

Below is a visual representation of turrets in the game




Organ Gun