How to download workshop mod's as non-steam user.

Started by Canute, June 23, 2020, 05:57:16 AM

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this is for the minority of people who don't use steam for various reason.
Since 95% of all mods are released at the workshop and only a few of the mod author's provide non-steam download link it was sometimes frustrating to get interesting mods.

I discoved some websites which allow to download workshop mods.  (bad expierence since i rarely got he latest version of the mod even after tynan set some flag) (worked well, but sometimes overrun and you still need to copy/unzip the mod manualy)

The author of RimPy the offline mod manager add the integration of SteamCMD, a commandline tool from valve itself. SteamCMD allow you to download workshop entries with an anonymous login, so you don't need a steam account.
Direct download at the steam description.

Get SteamCMD
Install SteamCMD
Install RimPy
Setup the path's, without using steam let the path for steam mod's empty.
Under Downloader, you can setup SteamCMD (button is down left).

RimPy download and install SteamCMD by it own now. !

First use the browser, to select a workshop mod.
Then use "Add mod to download list" and continue browsing and adding.
"Check for updates", would check for updates from workshop mods and add them to the download list
To remove entries from the download list, double click at them.
Then use "Download" to activate steamCMD and download the mod's from the download list.
They auto. get copied to the Mods folder.

It can't happen that the download with SteamCMD don't work, i encounter that problem serveral times so far.
But i think it is because of your anonymous login and registered user get prefered.
I suggest that you try it again a few hours laters.




Thank you very much! I have GOG copy and it is so sad I'm not able to use workshop :(


I'd like to note that there is a 3rd party mod manager called "RimPy" that is amazing, and includes a non-steam downloader from Steam using Steam CMD
This "mod" is simply a database to help auto-sort. You can probably use RimPy to also download the database.
It's seriously amazing.

Fuck I need to learn to read.


Rimpy Setup changed. No need to download SteamCMD manually.
1. Run Rimpy
2. Setup folders to the appropriate folders in upper block
3. Go to Downloader tab and setup SteamCMD (it will be automatically downloaded)
Here is a video instruction:


I'm appending to this thread that you can use rmm for downloading and updating Workshop mods without Steam. It is essentially apt or pacman for RimWorld mods. The tool is open source and has minimal dependencies. If you are a Linux or MacOS user, you might find it useful and can check it out here:

It can be installed with:
python -m pip install --user rmm-spoons

Installing RimHud, etc:
rmm sync rimhud


Feeling like a right mug here, but how do you actually download mods?

Looks like I got it set up correctly on my Linux Mint system, but had to download and install SteamCMD manually. No more error messages about failing to download in there now. Are we supposed to use something in the Download tab? Because that whole thing is blank really for me. Look below (if the attachment is actually added here..?).


I feel like this has been asked a lot, and I apologize for being the Umpteenth to ask. :(
I'm unable to log in to my Steam account, although I can play Steam games. It's been a huge frustration that I have no idea how to rectify; multiple attempts to reset my password have proven fruitless. Sucks.
But, I can still play all my Steam games, which is great.
But I can't log in to download mods, nor can I log in via a command-line tool (I downloaded one and tried it) to get Steam mods. *sigh*

So, my question:
Is there someplace I can go to manually download a Rimworld Mod (I wanna start by trying Common Sense) and see if I can figure out how to do so? Vanilla Rimworld is becoming incredibly repetitive and the more settlers I get the more I get bogged down in stupid micro-managing tasks that are ruining the game for me. :(

Any advice or redirection is appreciated, though I've already tried the most obvious thread on this topic.
Thank you!


Hm, perhaps these forums aren't in use any longer. :(

I really wanna try Royalty and Biotech, but if I can't get any Mods then it's just too much micromanaging headache at this point, and it's probably time to regretfully move along to something else.
I'm bummed. :( It sounds like the Mods could really make this game fun again. :( But after my 3rd playthrough and thousands of hours, I'm done sending colonists back for a 2nd trip to pick up the rest of the muffalo wool, know what I mean?