Extended Vacation (requires mods that aren't updated to A17 yet)

Started by Jake, May 25, 2017, 01:29:39 PM

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(Non-Steam version coming... eventually)

The four of you were supposed to be taking a two-week camping holiday on the other habitable world in your home system, a sparsely populated place that nuked itself back to the stone age a few thousand years ago and was intermittently used as a penal colony by your home planet's less enlightened governments.

Unfortunately, thanks to a passing freighter picking exactly the wrong time to ditch gash, you find yourselves making an unscheduled and rather rough landing on an entirely different continent to the relatively civilised region that plays host to this world's only spaceport.

The good news is that most of your kit survived intact, including the beer; the bad news is that the radio did not, not that it would do you much good this far from any organised Search And Rescue service.

This may be a slightly longer vacation than you'd intended.

Your faction will be a New Arrivals.
Start with 4 people.
Your people will be between 18 and 40 years old.
Arrive in drop pods.
Start with research: Microelectronics basics
Start with research: Brewing

Start with:
-Medicine x30
-Packaged survival meal x100
-Penoxycyline x10
-Synthread Sleeping Bag x4
-Synthread Deployable Tent x2
-Portable Stove
-Chemfuel x150
-Pump shotgun
-Survival rifle
-Plasteel knife x4
-Synthread jacket x4
-Beer x40
-Random pet x1

Map is scattered with:
-Crashed ship part x16
-Steel x500
-Component x100

Dependencies: Camping Stuff and Crash Landing.