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Started by mecatxis, May 27, 2017, 05:22:53 AM

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The game is almost playable in catalan, but a lot of work is missing yet. You can get the files here:

Any help and feedback is welcome.


El joc es pot jugar en català de forma gairebé completa, però encara queda molta feina. Podeu descarregar-ne els fitxers a:

Qualsevol ajuda o comentari és benvingut.


Moltes gracies per la traduccio  ;)


Quote from: manelmp66 on May 29, 2017, 07:17:09 AM
Moltes gracies per la traduccio  ;)

Estigues al cas per que hi vaig treballant i hi ha coses noves contínuament. Mira d'actualitzar-la un cop al mes o així. T'agrairé molt que m'informis si trobes errors o que facis propostes de millora!


I've changed your subject to Official: Catalan to fit to the other official posts.
Hope you don't mind 8)



I will continue on the translation. The existing translation is really good, but it hasn't been maintained for some years.
I also added Royalty and Ideology in the repository to translate them.