[1.1] Prison Labor

Started by Avius, July 16, 2017, 09:17:10 PM

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Locks mod
I highly recommend using my other mod Locks. This will allow you to enable prisoners to leave their cells.

This mod force prisoners to work. To enable this feature prisoners must have "Force to work" option checked ("Prisoner" tab). Prison labor needs management that consist:
Motivation - prisoners need to be motivated by presence of colonists. Wardens have new job - supervising prisoners. Low motivation can lead to revolts.
Work assignment - prisoners that have option "Force to work" are added to "Work" tab.
Time restrictions - prisoners that have option "Force to work" are added to "Restrict" tab.
Prison area - prisoners in order to work need to reach target. You can check "Hold open" option on doors. Be aware, they will try to run if they see opportunity.
"Prisoners only" tools - You can mark orders and bills by tools that exclude colonist from work.

Compatibility (outdated)

  • Works with mods that add custom Jobs, to enable some of them you need to go to the mod settings.
  • Works with old saves.
  • To disable mod from existing saves check "Disable mod" in settings and follow instructions.
  • Cleaning area DOES NOT work. Author of CA declared that it will be at RimWorld 1.0.

Steam workshop page
To-do list
Report bug
GitHub page

You can include this mod in mod-packs, and mod lists. You can modify/upgrade/use this mod, but don't use this commercially, and make sure to include link to original mod.



- Another fixes for roof construction. Prisoners should not stuct in roof is outside their reach
- Preparation to 1.2 rimworld version
- Fixes for construction job. Repairing, hauling resources to frame and blueprint, building frame, smoothing wall and floor should now work correctly.
- Fix for disappearing work tab. Request from Simple slavery mod author. Simple slavery finally compatible?
- Added option in menu to allow prisoners rest until fully healed.
- NPR fix for previus optimization
- Turn on/off prisoner suicide should work now
- Performance optimization (https://github.com/kbatbouta)
- fix for NPR in quarry patches
- removed patching for mod SeedsPlease. Potientialy should work with PL without issue. (Not tested)
- added more checks to NPR exceptions
- remove wealth tracker from prisioners mining
- updated part releated with seed please (no tested)
- added some checks to remove npr errors
- added more checks if prisioners should stay in bed
- Quarry from Quarry mod should works with labor area
- Added french translation (https://github.com/cprodhomme)
- fixed deep drills reservation by colonist and prisioners
- Fixed forbidden resources extracted by prisoners
- Fixed labor arena being not respected by colonist
- Fixed prisoners' reservation issue
- Extracted resources by prisoners should not be forbidden anymore
- Refactored part of code to make mod more Rimworld update proof
- It may require starting new game...
- Big thanks to discord users who help test dev version specially to Mr. Mauer, McBlackjack, Snails and calliban.
- updated to new RimWorld version (https://github.com/Hazzer)
- fixed active skill (https://github.com/PeteTimesSix)
- fixed the bug with creating file on desktop
- fixed a bug for pawns without rest need (e.g. Androids) (https://github.com/MerGatto)
- fixed prisoner tab not scrolling (https://github.com/MerGatto)
- updated to RimWorld 1.1
- added option in settings to opt-out from suicide events
- updated Traditional Chinese translation, thanks to shiuanyue
- set minimum 500 points for suicide event
- lowered chance for suicide incident
- fixed tutorial window constantly showing
- fixed news pop-up auto-showing on minor changes too (it auto-shows only on major changes)

- reworked news pop-up window
- fixed construction job
- new system for removing mod from save (new button in mod menu)
- wardens no longer deliver food if prisoners can get it from another room
- added alert when prisoners can escape
- prisoners now will pick up weapons if treated bad
- fixed food reservation throwing errors
- added prisoner sucicides
- added +5 bonus to mood while prisoner have free time
- added +5 bonus to mood if prisoner is not supervised and got lazy
- added +15 bonus to mood if treatment is above 75%
- added blocking revolts (100%, 95%, 50%, 10%) if overall prisoner treatment is good enough
- increased base chance for Revolts
- added blocking mental breaks for prisoners with low treatment levels
- added treatment drop when prisoner is being beaten
- fixed cutting some content of bill config in some languages
- cosmetic changes to bill checkbox
- prisoners will now give offer to join colony if treatment is good enough (random)
- prisoners will now stay at bed if waiting for surgery
- prisoners will now work in cold only if "work" time is set
- prisoners will now seek safe temperature when not supervised
- prisoners will respect forbidden items, if "inspired"
- "Treatment happiness" will decrease if health conditions are bad, when prisoners are hungry, or they're working.
- added new hidden need "Treatment" that indicates level of prison treatment towards prisoner (WIP)
- now work settings reset after prisoner is recruited, so it should fix some issues
- finally fixed "OnGui()" error, big thanks to @notfood (https://github.com/notfood)
- fixed blurred effect on settings window
- fixed Revolts
- fixed compatibility with Fluffy's WorkTab (final)
- hotfixed compatibility with Fluffy's WorkTab (still have some visual flaws)
- added sub-tabs in "Work" Tab and "Assign" Tab for "Colonists" and "Prisoners"
- added renaming Prisoners for imprisonment time (pawns will restore old names after releasing)
- fixed SeedsPlease compatibility
- added warning message before placing labor area for the first time
- updated to RimWorld 1.0
- updated to RimWorld Beta 19
- disabled Warden and Jailor types of work for prisoner labor, it should fix bug, where jailors do not warden inside labor area
- fixed compatibility with No Water no Life
- fixed compatibility with Dubs Bad Hygiene Mod
- fixed error with loading old saves
- fixed seeds please compatibility issue
- added option to disable revolts
- changed max. skill required for non-advanced growing by prisoners to 6 instead of 0
- added new work type Jailor
- fixed drawing icons on world map
- fixed disabling mod from existing saves
- fixed incorrectly showing "advanced growing by prisoners" option
- added option to disable icons above prisoners heads in mod menu
- corrected casing in default prisoner interaction mode option in mod menu
- fixed error "null reference in onGui()" when loading save
*********** BETA 18 COMPATIBILITY PATCHES *******************
- cleared some code debris, hope it fix the "unknown bug"
- fixed timetables
- fixed bill checkboxes
- fixed prison labor area bug
- fixed watching sleeping prisoners
- fixed forbidden bug
- disabled bill button
- fixed harmony patches (work tab should appear now)
- updated libraries to RimWorld b18
- minor fixes related to uptading to RimWorld b18
- changed slow from prisoners chains to act as factor instead offset
- fixed compatibility issues with Seeds Please (again)
- fixed bug with dropping motivation while in bed
- prisoners will now get different weapons when revolt triggers (molotovs, bows, or clubs)
- replaced orginal jobs with "tweak" jobs (instead of overriding them, this fix is for users who use "WorkTab" by Fluffy)
- removed warning message from logs
- prisoners will now have 50% of normal speed in chains (instead of 35%)
- prisoners will now break chains after some period of time instead of immadiately (matter in incidents, breakouts etc.)
- wardens will now try to motivate most prisoners at once, but with priority to motivate lowest motivation first
- fixed bug with animals do not respect reservations (and vice versa)
- fixed bug that Sowing job do not comply to Labor Area
- removed JoyGiver debris
- reduced number of null reference errors with OnGui() method.
- single warden will be able to maintain 7 prisoners, instead of 5 (because of laziness rate reduction)
- decreased laziness rate to 0.002, instead of 0.003 (prisoners will get lazy 1.5x slower)
- decreased manipulation to 70% (instead of 80%)
- fixed null reference exception at loading game
- fixed bugs with disabling mod (now you can safely disable mod again)
- fixed bug with prioritizing work
- fixed drawing icons on world
- added slider to Bills (temporary fix)
- fixed Bill "Prisoner only" button (I think, let me know if you still experience errors)
- fixed prisoners aren't working when Motivation is disabled (via Settings)
- fixed null-reference error on some revolts incidents
- added revolts
- reduced manipulation capability of prisoners (now they have 80% of normal manipulation, down from 100%)
- added default prisoner interaction mode option to settings menu
- fixed comatibility issues with Dubs Hygiene and Central Heating Mod (prisoners now use toilets and showers)
- added "Labor area" tool in "Zones" category
- added "Prisoner only"("Colony only", "Colonists only") button in bill menu
- fixed forbidden bug with harvesting plants (again)
- added SeedsPlease compatibility
- added tutorials triggers (now all tutorials will be shown)
- added watched tutorials to properties (tutorials will no longer be shown after reenabling mod)
- excluded supervising from labor
- reworked inspiration: Now insiration is AOE around warden, and will prevent prisoners from escaping.
- added icons above prisoners indicating whenever he's being motivated/inspired
- fixed Toil reservation bug (not respecting prisoners' job)
- rewritten news dialog
- perfomance and code improvements
- added "Work and recruit" option
- fixed "failing to reserve food" bug (that one with circling warden around food)
- prisoners now stop working (while "anything" time) while starving instead of hungry. They will still get minor debuff
- wardens will no longer watch over not working prisoners
- prisoners will no longer work if waiting for operation
- fixed bug preventing prisoners from cleaning
- added "starving prisoners" alert
- added settings
- changed "Your prisoner stopped working" message to "Prisoners aren't working" alert
- fixed some bugs
- changed mechanics of getting food by prisoners
- added time restrictions
- changed "Laziness" to "Motivation" and inverted
- added WorkTab by Fluffy compatibility
- fixed that new subscribers see all "old player" messages
- fixed reserving food for prisoners
- fixed "work settings not initialized" error

- added growing to available jobs
- added prisoner work priorities to "Work" tab
- food is no longer reserved in prison cell unless is brought by warden
- food is now delivered by Wardens even if prisoner get out of his prison cell
- disabled passive "Laziness" when prisoner have no work to do

- added "Laziness" bar in "Needs" tab
- fixed plant cut / harvest result being forbidden
- added German translation

- fixed "Forbidden" bug

- wardens no longer watch over hungry or tired prisoners

- added work of Warden type that supervise prisoners
- prisoners will get lazy
- added version checker
- added stat laziness
- added "Work" prisoner interaction mode

- added tutorial in "LearningHelper"



As you may have saw, Thirite has pretty much the same mod. I don't want to compare but I do wanna ask, how will this be different from his?
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I saw this on the Steam Workshop previously; they're not actually that similar. My mod effectively makes your slave capable of doing anything a colonist could do, whereas Avius' mod focuses on using prisoners for dumb labour while under constant watch- chain gang style. The two probably would even work fine together, as my slave mechanics are more oriented on the ancient greek kind of "household slavery", where slaves are effectively indentured servants.


As Thirite said.
To be honest I didn't even know that such mod exist.
Mine should be "vanilla" looking, and not so game changing as the other one.


Alright then, was curious. Thanks for letting us know.
"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's off with her head"


Glad to see it post it here as well.
Keep up the great work!


Depend on taste, someone want control prisoner fully like colonist, someone want respect his "free will"


Do prisoners like this count towards your population cap?
I'd imagine no? ...



They're just prisoners in this mod, so I strongly doubt it.


Your workshop page description says under comparability:
"No works with WorkTab (by Fluffy)"

Since the author's English is too good to be this broken - I am wondering if this is a typo and is supposed to say "now works with..." ?

So is it compatible with worktab or not? It's pretty essential in terms of mods as far as I am concerned.

EDIT: I think I answered my own question. I found in the changelog for alpha 6:
"added WorkTab by Fluffy compatibility"
So I guess it is indeed a typo.



There is one practical problem I run into pretty quickly with this mod...

Since your prisoners have to be able to reach any work-areas without opening doors this means that they have to eat, sleep and live all in the same "area". What I mean is - if you are on an ice-sheet or desert biome then it becomes pretty hard for you to use those prisoners in anything involving the outdoors, or traveling through the outdoors to get to a job - because their bedrooms have to be constantly exposed to the open air.

Sometimes you can work around this but it seems a little bit artificial.

Perhaps a more proper way to do this would be to use the zoning tool to specify a "prisoner allowed" area - and then prisoners are allowed to use doors in that area only. I don't know if this will present technical difficulties though.

Perhaps a workaround could be to include a "prisoner door" in the mod which is not actually a door, but just a tile that acts as a door in terms of making rooms fill the requirements of "having a door" and insulates like a door. Just a thought. Something to tackle in later versions. I'm pretty impressed with how well this works so far actually.



What is the relationship between warden and prisoner? Can one warden guard many prisoners, or does having a prisoner consume a colonist that would otherwise be working productively in something else?

What happens when a warden is present vs when a warden is not?
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For some reason a prisoner of mine leaves items unfinished. God left her unfinished too i think.
I'll try to observe this behavior so it'll give you clues.

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