[MOD] (Alpha 7) TechTreeMinami v3.3 RIMWORLD COMPLETE

Started by minami26, May 05, 2014, 11:49:17 AM

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Economy Balance + TRADERS, VisitorMedBed and KeyBinding By Haplo! [MOD REPACK]
Updated Patches:
  - Custom Events
  - MAI v1.7.5

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Tech Tree Minami is a Gameplay + ModPack overhaul mod for RimWorld.
*This mod is not for beginners of RimWorld. This mod increases the difficulty of RimWorld significantly it may totally annihilate you.

o If you want more challenge and totally ramp up the difficulty this RimWorld mod may be just for you!

o TechTree Minami houses a large and extensive Research Tech Tree that spans from the early beginnings of your colony up to the building of your ship out to space! this extensive Research line contains quality amounts of Building Upgrades to help you further enhance your colony more!

o TechTree Minami puts all the vanilla items into their own respective Research Tree to give overseers the feeling of learning materials first before actually making them.

o Adds more than just a tech tree, features crafting of individual parts for building construction and a fine amount of custom buildings created out of fun ideas and simple thoughts!

o A transition period between survivor colony to a permanent colony which takes dependence on trading ships and TTM's local traders.

o Contains 'Animal Husbandry' which allows taming of RimWorld animals. These Domesticated Animals follow their tamer and breed, complete with pregnancy period and a Kid-Animal aging process.

o Raiders actually has reasons to attack you! TTM possesses the ability to contact attacking raiders and lets you negotiate with them for a hefty sum using the Signal Beacon Building.

o This Signal Beacon Building has access to Establishing a Trading contract and signalling Call/Order TradeShips that eagerly travels to your RimWorld and provides all the Trading items you need for a fee of 800Silver. It also has the capability to send a minor signal to call for other TradeShip types or Risk calling Raiders instead! *you have been warned!

o TTM also posses a T.U.T.O.R.I.A.L. (Temporal Unified Tutor On Reformation & Intricate Artificial Learning) building for colonists to actually Learn skills! and a super efficient C.H.E.S.T (Compression Holder Entity Storage Tank) building that can store a whopping 1200 stacks of items! talk about storage you say? + a FoodPreserver and Fridge for extending your foods expiration date!

o TTM has a Medicine Cabinet that enables you to use Drugs to enhance your colonists and are concocted from the Concoction table complete with nasty side effects and the ability to make Medicine. Current Drugs available are: Crankulant - Rest drug. Bloatulant - Food drug. Hastulant - Movement speed drug. Illusiolant - Mood drug. Regenulant - Healing drug.

o A new food mechanism from the "Fireplace" which lets you put RawFood or PreparedMeat on it and grills them for better food than chewing on raw materials.

o Has the Universal Vending Machine that lets you buy a number of available Comfort Food e.g Pizza, Burgers, IceCream, Fries and BEER!. These comfort food provide a nice mood boost to straighten up the long faces of your colonists.

o Equipped with a Missile Launcher Security Building to annihilate Mass amounts of Raiders or try to subdue siege-ing Raiders. Provided a simple Animal Zapper Security Building perfect for those pesky Animal Insanity waves that overwhelm the colony.

o Now has Entertainment Buildings to provide a Mood Boost for those idling colonists. [PoolTable, Arcade]

o TTM contains additional mods that greatly enhances the quality of the game!


First of all please help yourself with the TechTree Guide provided by yours truly.

Integrated Mods:
*w/ Thingamajigs!

Enhanced Defence: Phoenix Edition *Shields and Embrasures only!
MachineGun Nests

Mobile AI (MAI) + Traders + VisitorMedBed + KeyBinding

A2B: Conveyor Belts
Extended Stoneworking
Mining & Co.Deepdriller + MMS
Extended Surgery and Bionics
Glassworks VII

TTM is crafting dependent.
*Always start with a colonist with Crafting skill of 5 or more! *the higher the skill the better!

Read the FULL list of features here!

I hope you enjoy playing my mod!

! Don't forget to set "Ingredient Search Radius" in the bills tab.
*it can get pretty annoying if they haul stuff from far away and get only the exact amount for crafting. =.=
! Do this Urban Defense
*try it its fun!
! Don't stop researching.

Here's a little defense guide I made for those who are having great difficulty in defending their colony.

This mod is not compatible on old Saves that doesn't have TTM installed, please start a new World and a new Game before playing with this mod.

- After downloading the .rar file, just Extract its contents to your RimWorld/Mods folder and enable TTM and its related mods in the mods panel within RimWorld.


Works well with EdB Interface Mods. You just have to load EdB related mods LAST.

Heres what you should do:
1. UNLOAD all your mods. *except "core" ofcourse
2. Load ALL TTM related mods. *make sure to load TTM MAIN first!! very important!!
3. then load Edb Interface and Prepare Carefully last.

Quote from: Kitsune on August 29, 2014, 10:12:51 AM
TTM is somewhat compatible with many mods. The biggest problem are mods that change/alter or something doing with map generation. The first thing for look out is trie the mods together and if you get the starting items and the message from TTM, its almost clear and maybe its imbalanced and the other mod is sure not integrated in the TTM techtree. If you dont get the starting items (drop pods and CRT) the mod is not compatible with TTM. :)

So if you want a mod and dont want to wait for anyone to test it, test it yourself, if anything from TTM is not aviable or your game explodes in clouds of fluffy kittens, dont use the mod with TTM. ;)

Tech Tree Minami is compatible with mods that adds new stuff and doesn't edit existing items from the core game.
The only hiccup is that mods that add new stuff to the game do not get placed in the tech tree. If you want a mod to have a TTM patch you can happily request so!

Q: There is something wrong with TTM it has lots of errors when I play with it, help!
A: Are you playing it on an Old Save? if it is your first time playing with TTM. It is Required that you create a New World and a New Game.

Q: Some buildings and things don't work what could be wrong / The game just freezes when I load the mod and nothing happens, what to do?
A: You can try refreshing your RimWorld settings by deleting the Ludeon Studios Folder in

WINDOWS:   C:/Users/[username]/AppData/LocalLow/
(On Windows, the AppData folder may be hidden.)

MAC:       Users/[username]/library/cache/

LINUX:       /home/[username]/.config/unity3d/

to make sure that everything is starting on fresh settings.
*Warning! this will also delete your save files, please go make a copy of them.

Q: When I load up TTM some textures have great big X's on them.
A: After updating TTM, this usually happens. Just close RimWorld and Open the game again and it should be fixed right away.

Q: Im having a Black Screen on loading.
Quote from: Killa on September 19, 2014, 02:10:14 AM
Hey I'm getting a problem activating the mod, the game stops responding and just freezes up. I've waited over 20 mins and it wont start back up, the game will run other mods fine and the same rimworld file will run fine on my laptop so I'm assuming it's not agreeing with something on my pc. Is there anything else you need to know to give me an idea as to what is wrong?

Just left the game on not responding while I went out for about an hour and a half and it's loaded. No idea what's going on but if you could suggest something that would be great as it's going to take about that long every time I load the game up.
A: Read this post for a possible fix.


You are free to adjust and dissect the mod if its too hard for you, but only for your own use.

If you want a survival type game, where there are drama and traitors and less attacking. Try RandyRandom!
If you want the Rimworld Style of events where Attacks escalate play Cassandra Playstyles! I think the events even out on Cassandra.

as of v2.1 randyrandom is again the nicest way to play TTM!



*Functionality may or may not work with OSX based machines.

Alpha 7 v3.3 Full Pack (Includes 15 TTM patched mods) *Please start a NEW GAME.

Alpha 7 v3.3 TTM Main only *Please start a NEW GAME.
TTM v3.3 Main only Mediafire Link

TTM Patched Mods for v3.3:
Mediafire Links
Animal Husbandry
MachineGun Nests v0.1
Extended Stoneworking
Project Armory v2.15
SurgeryExtended & Bionics (Recipe Nurse Included!)
Glassworks VII
Clutter Update25 v0.1
Shields v0.3
Apparello w/ Thingamajigs v0.3
Mining&Co.Deepdriller+MMS v0.2
Mobile AI (MAI) v0.2
Custom Events v0.4

Alpha 7 v3.1 FULLPACK
TTM v3.1 FULLPACK Mediafire link

Alpha 6 v3.0 FULLPACK
TTM v3.0 FULLPACK Mediafire link
GoogleDrive Download Link

Alpha 6 v2.9 FULLPACK
TTM v2.9 Mediafire link

TTM a7 SOURCE CODES *please go easy on my codes I do messy codes :(
TTM a7 SOURCE latest v3.1

You can find previous version download links here!


v3.3 Economy Balance + TRADERS, VisitorMedBed and KeyBinding By Haplo! [MOD REPACK]

Updated Patches:
  - Custom Events
  - MAI v1.7.5

Added: Integrated directly in TTM, these are MUST HAVES!
Haplo's Traders.
- Adds a local trader from a friendly faction to come to the colony and trade items with their TradingPost.
- Integrated especially into TTM Main to replace the existing local trader... Haplo made it 10000000x better.

Haplo's Visitor Medical Bed
- Very Handy Bed for those wanting to ever save their fellow friendly faction.
when people from a friendly faction gets incapacitated an option will be available from the VisitorMedical Bed by RightClicking the bed and choosing which person to help.

Haplo's KeyBinding [NEEDS A NEW COLONY]
- Keys 7, 8 and 9 are used to set drafted colonist positions.
press SHIFT + 7/8/9 to save selected drafted Colonists position.
pressing 7/8/9 will automatically call all selected colonists that are saved into position.

pressing SHIFT + Q sends a colonist to bed if tired.
pressing SHIFT + E sends a colonist to eat if hungry.


Economy Balance
- first attempt at balancing Item Prices.
- Everything is higher priced now due to market value scaling.
- Makes items cheaper to make than buying while earning a profit.
- lowered amount of silver traders carry.
- Reconfigured what Local Traders Carry to match needs of the colony. Ship traders feels more like real SPACESHIP traders.

- Balanced Utility Metal and WoodPlank building costs.
- Changed Table and Stool stuff costs, made cheap.
- Removed Uranium as Stuff.

view the old changelogs here!

Mod Team:
minami26 (Mod Maker)

Texture Artist:

Texture Contributor:

Special Mention to these awesome people!
Tynan Sylvester and Ludeon Studios, Evul and the Project Armory Dev Team, Haplo, Mrofa, Renham, Spatula, Ramsis, Kitsune, Shinzy, Jaxxa, PunisheR007, Psyckosama, Compozitor, LordJulian, noone, ItchyFlea, Rikiki, Minus, ITOS.

And to the players of RimWorld, TTM and the RimWorld Community!

Classical/Modern/Spacer art not mine! I just got them from google.

Please ask for permission to use for integration, dissection, and whatnot. Please do not redistribute individual parts as your own. Give credits please, thankyou!


Its very similar to lost colony mod, and the same i think its a nice and needed addition to rimworld.
But in your case thers not much to do at the start meaning my colonist did haul almost everything at the map and i still wasnt able to build anything usefull.
You could consider some walls at the secound research, since when you get on alien planet shelter is a nice addition when your not sure what are weather conditions or alien life forms, and it also give something usefull to do for the 2 colonist that arent doing anything( maybe except hauling)
Also in the smelting thingy when you can smelt weapons, consider using <category> in recepty of weapons and then just in <parentIngredientFilter> just add specific categorys like pistols and stuff, i think that was done in some mod and it was just one recipe to smelt every weapon.

Thats my first impressions :D
So keep u to good work!
All i do is clutter all around.


Quote from: mrofa on May 05, 2014, 10:29:33 PM
Thats my first impressions :D
So keep u to good work!

Thankyou so much for checking it out!, I'll sure be thinking about more things to come. So currently i'm brainstorming for some stuff to add! Thanks for the tips!


If I use a mod that add some type of research, will it still work with this mod?


Quote from: a89a89 on May 11, 2014, 07:31:12 PM
If I use a mod that add some type of research, will it still work with this mod?

yes! it will just add to the current research tree.


v1.1 Changes and Crafting Balance.

Hey guys! took me a long time to find bits and pieces to sort out. I made some balance changes, and Retextured stuff that I found not in tie with the other items.

Here's a changelog on what i've changed and added ;).

v1.1 Changes and Crafting Balance
Upgraded with ProjectArmory v2.05
Added Fixed Fertilizer Pump by Haplo
Added Fertilizer Pump to (Electronic Devices Research)
Removed (Power Sustainers Research)
Added Rubble Wall (available from the start)
Added Barrett GunSound
Changed Weaponators Texture
Changed UtilityMetal Texture
Tweaked Gunparts Texture.
Decreased Fabricants texture size ingame
Power Conduit and Standing Lamp moved to Review Electronic Circuitry Research
Powered Door moved to Advanced Circuitry Research
Sandbags now needs Stonecutting research
Simple Door does not transmit power anymore

Simple Door changed requirements to 20 Metal
Hopper moved to Biotechnology Research

Reduced WorldWarWeapons crafting time
Reduced NeolithicWeapons crafting time
Greatbow weapon added a bit of damage and a tiny bit of accuracy
Increased Barrett snipers crafting skill requirement to 12
Increased Winchester/M24 sniper crafting skill requirement to 11


I have no idea how, but it works!!!


interesting, but Uhmmm... can we somehow move the CRT to some place else, cos i usually move my people to a more fertile land instead of just build things on the -drop zone-


Quote from: ventriu on May 19, 2014, 07:30:44 AM
can we somehow move the CRT to some place else.

What do you suggest? :) Make it like the sleeping spot, available to build at the start?
because portable research table is kinda impossible for me to do. :)) haha.


Quote from: minami26 on May 19, 2014, 07:55:50 AM
Quote from: ventriu on May 19, 2014, 07:30:44 AM
can we somehow move the CRT to some place else.

What do you suggest? :) Make it like the sleeping spot, available to build at the start?
because portable research table is kinda impossible for me to do. :)) haha.

that sounds good, making it buildable but restrict it into -the only CRT- in the map. ^^


Herp derp, v2 now OUT! check out the main post for details!
too much main post editing made me lazy in this bump post. herp derp.
I'm sure Ty would be proud with v2! a million kudos and thanks to that man!

ALSO GUYS! post replies for ideas for Another SET of Custom Events! I'll try to do my best to make some of them into the game! :D


I have no idea how, but it works!!!


This mod looks amazing I am going to try it out (but first I need to be a good boy and do a little work on my own mod :()

Would it be possible for you to clarify mod compatibility with your mod? I am just wondering because I have the big bang pack and I am wondering whether it will be a case of awesome your modness, then after 1 or 2 researches all of a sudden the world is my oyster type thing, or have you made allowances and added in configs "just incase" a particular mod is installed to include it in the tech tree?

Also ideas on custom events, how about a new custom race, only for these very very rare events. A ship crashes and a few swarms of nano-bots emerge that don't attack colonists but instead prioritise "eating" (Smancy word for destroying) man-made constructions and have high hp --- or require a custom gun with its own tech "emp gun" that is the only way to destroy the swarms, and if you haven't researched the tech the swarm will stay a random amount of time obviously balanced through testing to not destroy ENTIRE bases - Also would need a system in place to blacklist certain items, like the CRT. The nanite swarm doesn't really need to be animated until the game can support it at least :) Although I wonder if there is a way you could create a static "nanite swarm" image for the entity itself but also have them spawn with an invisible gun that has a custom particle effect that appears like the swarm is animated or sparking perhaps... Just an idea that popped into my head


Quote from: Crimsonknight3 on May 27, 2014, 06:15:45 PM
This mod looks amazing I am going to try it out (but first I need to be a good boy and do a little work on my own mod :()

Would it be possible for you to clarify mod compatibility with your mod?

I answered my own question... lol With clutter installed there are ALOT of decorative items available from the beginning... Also with industrialisation installed I already have access to the wind turbine right off the bat, which kinda ruins the feel of your mod... I may patch it myself to fit in with your pack... Shall see... for now I am going to disable the others and play just yours... spent so much time modding and such I havent played rimworld in over a week


Not sure if it's a bug but I am using minami with just wood economy and cremation inc installed, and right from the beginning I was able to build everything... Orbital trade beacon, research table... Solar generator... EVERYTHING... The only things I couldn't build were the things added by this mod..?