Voice acting.

Started by Helpful, October 24, 2013, 08:06:48 PM

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Not that I think this game needs it, but as a working actor I feel compelled to say, "Please give me a job."


This is really not the right genre or style of game for voice acting (or even text conversations), in my opinion. It would limit how much content Tynan could add to the gameâ€"as well as how quickly he could add itâ€"and it would take away from emergent storytelling and player imagination. As they say, "Show, don't tell".

I'm glad that Tynan is focusing heavily on simulation and procedural generation rather than on creating an orchestrated experience. There are tons and tons and tons of games out there that do the latter, and do it well. There aren't many games that do the former, and that's why I supported this project.