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Started by tikubonn, January 08, 2018, 04:42:37 AM

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from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1218979208

this mod append some recipes and items to your's RimWorld.
if you installed this mod, you can collect a pathogen from patient,
and install to someone. let's install it to prisoner!

append items
* pathogen of malaria
* pathogen of plague
* pathogen of flu
* pathogen of infection
* pathogen of sleeping sickness
* pathogen of gut worms
* pathogen of muscle parasites

append surgery recipes
* collect pathogen of malaria
* collect pathogen of plague
* collect pathogen of flu
* collect pathogen of infection
* collect pathogen of sleeping sickness
* collect pathogen of gut worms
* collect pathogen of muscle parasites
* install pathogen of malaria
* install pathogen of plague
* install pathogen of flu
* install pathogen of infection
* install pathogen of sleeping sickness
* install pathogen of gut worms
* install pathogen of muscle parasites


* マラリアの病原体
* ペストの病原体
* 感染症の病原体
* インフルエンザの病原体
* 眠り病の病原体
* 回虫
* 旋毛虫

* マラリアの病原体 採取
* ペストの病原体 採取
* 感染症の病原体 採取
* インフルエンザの病原体 採取
* 眠り病の病原体 採取
* 回虫 採取
* 旋毛虫 採取
* マラリアの病原体 投与
* ペストの病原体 投与
* 感染症の病原体 投与
* インフルエンザの病原体 投与
* 眠り病の病原体 投与
* 回虫 投与
* 旋毛虫 投与

Download Link(ダウンロードリンク):

download this zip file and expand in Mods folder.


I wrote this post for someone who have no steam.
so I don't read this post often.
if you want get response quickly, you can contact me with twitter.
my account name is @tikubonn.



This is interesting medicine mod. I guess it doesnt conflict with anything (hopefully). A question though, any chance of getting those aformentioned ones naturally?




Maybe someone could make a mod that uses the pathogens to process them into antigens that instantly gives you immunity


Quote from: Exende on January 18, 2018, 02:09:48 PM
Maybe someone could make a mod that uses the pathogens to process them into antigens that instantly gives you immunity

Would be cool if you required the pathogens to make penyloxine (or whatever it is) or maybe have it so that you need to get a pathogen and keep it contained properly (like in a medical vat or storage of some kind) to be able to continue making your vaccines. Possibly have the "parent" pathogen run out or be corrupted after awhile. Or your drug makes could "poison" the drugs (like your cooks and food) if the room is not sterile enough and they have poor skills. It could result in whatever pawn takes the vaccine, they could end up actually having that illness, or a worse version of it! I'm sure you could think of all kinds of cool effects to go with a pawn consuming botched medicine.