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Started by Harry_Dicks, February 24, 2018, 08:48:44 AM

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Hello. I've updated some fantastic mods to B18. I take absolutely zero credit for any of the work done except for bringing some of these mods to work on B18. Some of them I have only had to do minor changes to make work, and really isn't worthy of any praise, but I hate seeing errors and I hadn't seen anyone else post these (B18 versions) yet. If anyone runs into any errors or bugs please post anything that could help me fix them.

Users are encouraged to post any incompatibilities they run into along with relevant information so that we can see if we can get a proper fix made. Users are also encouraged to post forgotten about A17 mods that could be brought up to B18. Users are thirdly encouraged to post any balance comments, positive or negative. This doesn't mean you need to say, "this is imbalanced and sucks". That is a garbage comment and I will post a garbage response. Please say why you think the balance is wrong, and/or what you think is a better solution.

If there are any issues with me rehosting any of these mods I can take them down without issue. In the event that I have accidentally included an author's work that was not meant to be published in such a way, then this is an honest error on my part with no ill intention behind such acts, and I will work to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Personally, I would hate to see such great work by such talented authors be lost so that others could not experience these mods as well. This is my primary directive with this post, and nothing more. I simply love this stupid game and it's mods so much for whatever reason that I enjoy learning more about it and how it works everyday, and sharing that with whoever wants to listen.



Bonsai Plus
Original author: STEAM LINK
Harry Dick version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK

Cold Desert Nights
Original author: STEAM LINK
Harry Dick version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK
Please note there is a minor bug in the world screen. If you have dev mode enabled, and you click an ocean cell in the world screen, you will get a red error about unable to change the climate. All you must do is simply click any normal land cell and this error will go away. Anyone who understands C# if they would like to look into this, it would be great! But other than that there are zero issues that I have run into. One other thing, I did almost no work to update this. I harassed Mehni and Jecrell to help me, and they did! ALSO this works with Rim of Madness woohoo! ;D My little rant about why this is one of my most favorite mods of all posted here.

TropiCKAPP Rainforest Mod
Original author: LUDEON LINK
Harry Dick version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK

More Consumables and Mutagens
Harry Dick version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK

Extended Human Body Simulation and Diseases Overhauled
Original author: LUDEON LINK
Harry Dick version: EHBS DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK (EHBS is required for DO) DO DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK (requires EHBS)
I have also updated Diseases Overhauled and Extended Human Body Simulation (required for Diseases Overhauled) to be compatible with Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion. They were already updated to B18 by another user, but I had to make some modifications to let this work with RBSE. I'm not sure if this matters but this is the load order I have been using for these mods that might be relevant to them working properly for me. But I would recommend at least trying it like this.
Extended Human Body Simulation -> Diseases overhauled -> RBSE -> MoreConsumables

Modular Power Armor
Original author: LUDEON LINK
Harry Dick version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK
My customized version of Modular Power Armor, I've made a lot of changes that I detail in this post.

Colony Leadership
Harry Dick version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK

Harry Dick version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK
My customized version of FashionRIMsta, I've made a lot of changes that I detail in this post.

Rumours and Deception
Harry Dick version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK

Anyone is free to do anything they want with any of my own work, and it would be nice but not necessary if you could please link back to here. If I am still active I would hope that you would at least message me first. Thanks!


Hey now, you can take credit for Elemental Boomalopes too.

Congrats! Glad to see you starting your own thread in the releases section. It's always sad to see fun mods die so I'm glad you took some under your wing.


Thanks Mehni :)

I think I can say with a fair degree of confidence that a lot of this stuff wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you!

I'll update it with Elemental Boomalopes and everything else with all sorts of pretty colors and links later today. Figured if I can at least get a basic post going, then I will hopefully find the motivation to make it look nice, maybe with some screenshots, later on :P


Please try to do something with Razzle Dazzle and Colony Leadership, Im begging you.



I believe these are both already updated to B18, as I use them myself! :) I just haven't actually tested out Razzle Dazzle ingame, just little test games but not the actual stages and stuff yet, but I would assume they are working.


Colony Leadership isn't.

At least, it's not on steam or on the official forum page. Nandonalt seems to have stopped modding after A17.


Quote from: Harry_Dicks on February 25, 2018, 03:26:41 AM
I believe these are both already updated to B18, as I use them myself! :) I just haven't actually tested out Razzle Dazzle ingame, just little test games but not the actual stages and stuff yet, but I would assume they are working.

Care to give me a link? I used to live on this mod when I played A17. But right now I only use psychology as a substitute for the colony leadership.



There is working b18 version of Razzle Dazzle!   but it has minor problem with vampires  mod(pawns  with  vampirism  wont perform  or  listen/watch performances they just ignore them) other than that  i  didnt  encounter  problems  with it.


Nice work Harry!  I'm downloading the bonsai one to add to my game (taking the weekend off from modding to play a bit, it's been a while).  Any issues installing midgame?


My customized version of Modular Power Armor https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=31118.0


One of the biggest changes I've made to this version of modular power armor is that it now ONLY takes up the SHELL apparel layer! This means that you can now have a dedicated "on skin" layer of apparel for your clothes, along with the middle layer, all underneath your power armor without having to play mix & match and guess what can go with what. This version is meant to go along with my customized version of FashionRIMsta.

I think this is a fantastic mod but I had to make a lot of changes to it. For anyone that hasn't checked it out, you now have five new tiers of power armor that actually cover ALL of your pawns body parts. Vanilla power armor and helmet do not cover your hands or feet. Plus, give you something great to invest lots of your late game resources into. Quarry is a must have mod for me, you can customize it to produce any resource at any given chance for you, perfect for late game when your map has run out of resources. Absolutely recommend https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=32190#msg329352

Anyway, starting off there is now no longer any fusion cores that come from anything. One reason behind this, is because I want to be able to play with Mechanoids Extraordinaire, and I couldn't make myself unlazy enough to make a patch for it, and also just didn't really care enough at the time. So you can now make the first tier of modular power armor with no fusion cores. However, the first tier chest armor and helmet DO still require a vanilla power armor and power armor helmet as and ingredients, respectively. But you can now also make the first tier of modular power armor gloves (arms, shoulders, hands) and legs (legs, feet) with all other ingredient costs still being the same. But all of the other tiered pieces beyond level one will still require the same piece of armor of the previous tier as an ingredient, just as before.

Also, I made all of the crafting recipes no longer require high levels, or any levels, of intelligence. It now only depends on the pawns crafting skill. Skill level requirements have changed from 8->11->14->17->20 to 7->10->13->14->19. I did this because of skill degradation and I know not everyone is keen to turn this vanilla function off, and I'm thinking there could be unfinished top tier armors because someone is having trouble keeping their crafter at skill level 20.**

I cleaned up the file structure as the extra power armor textures aren't needed if the game is using vanilla textures. This means that the only textures included are for the gloves and boots when dropped on the ground in the world map. As the original author has stated, these are not his original textures, and he is using them with permission. I don't plan on repeating this a lot for any of the other mods that I've changed and I post, but I just wanted everyone to remember that none of these are mine, and might not even be the author's from which mod I am posting a modification of!

Finally, I changed all of the insulation levels to be only 5 degrees in either direction in Celsius per piece of armor. Since there is no quality level to the armor, this means with a full suit of power armor, your pawns will now only have 20C heat insulation and -20C cold insulation. This is the same for all levels, but I'm open to considerations for changing the different tiers if anyone wants to come up with the numbers. The original levels were at some absolutely insane levels, something I did not like especially because I like to play with the temperature from Cold Desert Nights.

**I recommend checking out the mod Mad Skills, which lets you adjust how much XP pawns can earn in a day in given skill, the XP handicap after they've passed the daily threshold for a given skill, and also one other option that I can't remember :P Oh, you have also a check box to turn on or off skills being able to drop down levels! I know there are other mods that say they let you turn on or off skill degradation, but I want to say I've also read in some tooltips that there were possible inconsistencies with the mods working. I can't say 100% or not if Mad Skills works all of the time, or if any of the mods work properly or not that claim to do so, but from what I've tested so far I've been satisfied with the results of Mad Skills. Definitely worth checking out.


Quote from: larSyn on February 25, 2018, 07:09:45 AM
Nice work Harry!  I'm downloading the bonsai one to add to my game (taking the weekend off from modding to play a bit, it's been a while).  Any issues installing midgame?

Thanks larSyn! I don't think you should have any issues installing midgame! Also, all of the mods I've been updating so far have been xml only (which means I didn't do any work on Cold Desert Nights :) ), so I don't think they should give any issues trying to install them midgame. Maybe TropiCKAPP would? I truthfully couldn't tell you 100% for sure, though.

Everyone else, always make backups of your games before trying new mods out if it is in the middle of a save, please. This practice, along with using ModSwitch https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=35719.0 and I guarantee you can prevent yourself from having to waste tons and tons of time rebuilding a lost mod list (which will happen if you turn on dev mod with the default options and your game crashes!) and/or switching between all sorts of mod lists. Not to mention the built in mod list search box! Once you start playing with so many mods, I am being very honest in that the levels of frustration caused by not having something like ModSwitch would be completely unendurable.

One of the very first things that made this terrible situation of my addiction to tinkering with my modlist and mods going was when I lost my first big mod list, due to having turned dev mode on and not turning off the "reset mod list on crash" default option. My list of maybe 100ish mods was lost, and I couldn't rebuild it without getting an insane amount of errors, not to mention I couldn't remember the exact mods I actually had turned on, because I had maybe 300-400 total in my Mods folder at the time.

As time passed and I came to the conclusion that I was going to be forced to learn a bit more about how some of these mods work, I can at least get the tools I need to help myself. Notepad++ guys. That's all I have been using to fix all of these mods that I post, it's so great!. Either way, I was forced to now slowly rebuild my mod list, only putting a few new ones in at a time, and also doing small test games in between each new mod list iteration.

Going from zero to 320ish (my highest that I ever actually tried playing with at once) actually took way too long, and much longer than I would have ever originally anticipated. Then that means my performance is now garbage, after weeks of building this mod list and trying to filter through content to get only what I wanted, but I've now got too much! Playing around 145ish mods at the moment, it's so hard trying to decide what to use and not... there's just too much great content! ;D


Quote from: RyanRim on February 25, 2018, 03:48:23 AM
Care to give me a link? I used to live on this mod when I played A17. But right now I only use psychology as a substitute for the colony leadership.

Bar0th's B18 Razzle Dazzle http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1222191290

As far as I can tell Bar0th is updating Razzle Dazzle on Steam now, as SeveralPuffins has been MiA for awhile. This is extremely unfortunate, as he REALLY had some awesome mods. I can't help but want to play with Rumors & Deception so bad, along with Recon & Discovery, and possibly Romance Diversified. I want to expand the social system in more specific directions that suit my own tastes. I know a lot of people suggest Psychology, and wow is that mod like nothing else, but it just isn't for me. R&D also adds a handful of really interesting sounding events/locations. I feel like there are barely any other mods like this, because I've been trying to get as many different events/incidents via mods as possible. Rim of Madness/Call of Cthulhu series adds a ton of top notch ones, but I still want more!

But just look at ALL of this awesomeness! https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=33075.0

I especially want this from Romance Diversified, " Unfairly judged pawns, be they ugly, creepy, annoying or disfigured, get much lower opinion debuffs with each other." Because I like to build colonies with really interesting and messed up pawns. A decent amount of them will be beautiful but with an annoying voice. Or with some kind of mixture of things like staggeringly ugly, chemically fascinated, bipolar and bloodlust. Most of the pawns are somewhat balanced, but I've definitely got my troublemakers to balance out the more saintly ones. And they keep things interesting! Plus gives the docs a chance to have something to work on after they keep getting into fisticuffs with each other. Recommend Marvin Kosh's Ugh You Got Me, so that pawns won't kill each other when they get into social fights, which I will have a lot of. Actually suggest checking out all of his mods!

Colony Leadership https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=848250236 or https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=29847.0

I've removed plastic as an ingredient for the ballot boxes so people should no longer get an error.

Guys, check out this kick ass mod. It let's you have a dictator or democratically elected leaders in your colony, and they can also teach other pawns their skills based on what KIND of leader they are!

There are 4 kinds of leaders: botanists, scientists, carpenters, and warriors.

What type of leader a pawn would be is determined by their most prominent skills. The mod will give you a little information tile thing on the right side of the screen with the calculation per leader once they are chosen. Each leader will project a "leadership aura" that is actually TIERED based upon the leader's LEADERSHIP LEVEL, what!!! The bonuses given off be the leader aura will depend on the type of leader it is. Also, leaders themselves will get even more personal bonuses, in addition to the aura bonus they give off.

One really cool thing you can do, turn on God Mode, then click the Leadership tab at the bottom of the screen, and you can actually have as many dictators as you want, reset leadership, or do whatever you need to!

Finally, you can even setup the leader's schedule for teaching classes. I have not yet messed around with this aspect of the mod, but it looks absolutely incredible!


Quote from: Harry_Dicks on February 25, 2018, 10:46:28 AM
a lost mod list (which will happen if you turn on dev mod with the default options and your game crashes!)
I think the mod list resets when the game crashes because of detected incompatibility even if dev mode is off, and you need to be in dev mode to uncheck this option. But just in case, even without ModSwitch it can be restored from some save file if you had it (at least the last worked version), either while loading or by manually copying the appropriate lines.
Think about it. Think around it. Perhaps you'll get some new good idea even if it would be completely different from my words.


If anyone has any suggestions on other mods that are still on A17 then you're encouraged to post about them! I can only do xml, but even if you aren't sure, go ahead and post anyway! There might be a chance that the C# isn't too hard to update (if there even is any in the mod) and even if there is, then I could pester enough people to get someone to hopefully help as long as I do all of the xml work :)


My customized version of FashionRIMsta, made by the very talented artists spoonshortage and Nackblad.
https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=24432.0 or https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=745193823

One of the main purposed of me changing around this mod is so that I can have specific apparel pieces at certain apparel LAYER levels, so this mod is meant to go along with my version of Modular Power Armor.

I went through and changed a lot of the properties on pretty much all of the apparel, as far as I can remember. I wanted them more balanced towards what I wanted. I also added to the description all of the LAYERS the pieces of apparel will use, along with with body parts they covered.

Yes, I now know that the information screen shows what parts are covered by apparel, but I had forgotten at the time I was doing this. So whatever, I left it in there anyway. I thought the formatting of all of the information in the descriptions looked nice now anyways. I think I also put the insulation values in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in there to make things easier. Remember that these are what the values would be if the piece of apparel was of normal quality, because this value will be affected by the quality of the apparel.

Anyway, my motivation for doing this is because RimWorld hides this information from the player, what layer a piece of apparel covers. There are 3 layers for all body parts for pawns, except for the head, as far as I can tell. All of this information I am fairly confident on, but may not necessarily be 100% correct. But on the body the three layers are "on skin", middle, and shell. For a pawn's head there is simply overhead. The body part groups are: full head (which can be broken down further), neck, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet.

In regular RimWorld, some pieces of apparel cover odd body part groups (like overalls) and/or odd layers! This means that if you have even just a couple apparel mods like Apparello and FashionRIMsta, when you try and mix and match outfits with hidden information you have to then play the process of elimination, but with just so many pieces of different apparel you have literally thousands of different possible combinations!

I have another mod I use that has "nanoskin suits" in it that I will use for one of the "on skin" layers for a pawn's outfit. The middle layer I will use for things like their specialty outfit. This means things like a construction vest, scrubs, gardening vests, miner's jumpsuit, lab coat, etc. On the shell layer I will use for only outerwear (like parkas, desert robes, cultist robes, etc.) and power armors. This way, along with the mods Change Dresser, I can always have all of my colonists with the appropriate gear on for their jobs and their proper social roles and then being able to swap to combat gear and keeping on the proper things that I want.

One thing that vanilla RimWorld does that I hate, is Power Armor takes up the middle AND shell layers on a pawn. To remedy this situation I've made both vanilla power armor (which I do not have in any mods) and my version of Modular Power Armor only use the shell layer.

This means once my base colony is up and running and I have things coming along decently with proper apparel, my pawns will look like this: nanoskins, specialty worker gear, and cultist robes or extreme weather gear. When they need to go into combat, swap the outter wear for power armor.

Together with Facial Stuff .18.5 showing different apparel layers on a pawn depending on where they are is ridiculously awesome. I can have the shell layer only be displayed while a pawn is outdoors. When they are inside, it can show the middle layer. Then when they are in their bedroom, they can be shown in their "on skin" apparel layer. There is a toggle to have hats only shown when pawns are outside as well. One more option to have all of the above not apply to pawns that are drafted. That's great if you have them swapped to their power armor (via Change Dresser https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=36786) and want that to be visible no matter where your pawns are. Maybe they have to fight inside, and you still want to see them in all of their awesomeness. Oh, you can also recolor apparel too with it. Hello badass red or black or dark green or whatever color you want apparel and power armors! ;D