[Mod Request] Scheduled Screenshots of colony

Started by Milso, May 11, 2018, 05:13:53 PM

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I would love to have a mod that you set a schedule for screen shots of your colony.
Have it save into a folder and basically create a time lapse.


I was working on somthing like this a while ago, around A15 or A16 I think.
One of the main issues now is that you can have multiple maps so figuring out what one needs a screenshot taken of, also how does it work if you are on a different map.

So maybe it would have to be just a reminder for the player to goto the right map and take the screenshot themselves.

I might get around to looking at updating it at some stage, but probably not for a while.


Alternativ you can use a macro scripting tool like AutoIt, and let it press the screenshot button every x min, once the rimworld screen is active.