[1.2] Animal Food Restrictions

Started by Jaxe, October 24, 2018, 02:19:57 PM

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Animal Food Restrictions
Version 1.2

Built for RimWorld 1.2
Powered by Harmony
Available on Steam Workshop

Unlocks food restrictions for animals.

This mod does not provide any GUI to modify animal restrictions although it can be changed in the health tab or with a mod like RimHUD.

Go to the Steam Workshop page and subscribe to the mod.

Download the latest release and unzip it into your RimWorld\Mods folder.


I just started using RimHUD so I'm going to give this a try. Thanks!
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Jo The Veteran

I really like this mod, but it could do with some refinement.
For starters, it worked fine for a while, but now the animals loose training since the change in the recent builds. When they do "no usable food" can be found to feed them, and so colonists can't retrain them. I had to use a fully unrestricted rule, so colonists would start again feed them berries, and other stuff. You need a workaround here where, although you can specify what they can eat, their handlers are not limited by this rule at all to train them.
Also, their food selection should be hereditary to their offspring, like how the allowed zones are. Sometimes you get 5, 6 puppies, and they all individually need to told what food they can eat.
Lastly, an interface is needed somewhere, probably in the animals tab where you can mass select all the animals you want, and tell them what they are allowed to eat.
Keep up the good work!


Yeah the food restrictions in 1.0 aren't as worked out as my other mod Pawn Rules which I'm still needing to update to 1.0. This particular mod I will not be adding any GUI for it or doing much more to it as Pawn Rules was really the mod for that. In Pawn Rules offspring inherited the rules from the mother and the food restrictions worked well for training (or could be disabled for training food). Check my modlist in my signature and look for that mod and stay tuned for when I can finally get it working for 1.0.

Jo The Veteran


In reply to Jo The Veteran, the sole reason I'm using this mod is specifically because my trainers will keep feeding raw food to my animals when training instead of using kibble which is more efficient, so I'd like to keep this functionality. I agree that better UI would be cool though.

Anyway I'd like to point out a shortcoming : since live plants (crops or unedible plants like psychoid leaves) can't be forbidden in the food restriction menu, probably because it wasn't intended for animals, my animals will keep eating food directly from my hydroponics basins or eating drugs intended for refining. As such letting my animals loose so that they can haul is still somewhat of a hazard for my food situation. Any hope for a fix ?

Thanks for your work by the way !