[Mod Request] Power transfer to another map/colony

Started by zomb1, April 17, 2019, 01:58:18 PM

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Hi,  there are so many options for power generation and map creation,  be it a camp or underground mineshaft,  but I could not find a mod that has an option to share the power grid with an another map.  Would this be technically possible? I know there are mods where you can just pick up your building but I thought,  teleport stuff,  and so on..  Why not power? Like a high tech orbital transfer or other crazy wireless space magic :)

As i could not find any mods like this i suspect there is a technical issue with it,  but you know..  Hope..  :)


I think the technical issue with this is "no one has bothered to do it yet."


A wireless powergrid even the genius Tesla dreamed about that but failed.
Basicly any wifi network deliver power, some technology project allready using this to charge up ultralow power objects like sensors.
But don't forget that is basicly microwave, do you would like to life in a house/area that emitte stronger microwave like that microwave cooking ? You wouldn't life long enough to get upset.

Oh yes, Sci-Fi, sure some quantum/subspace/hyperspace origin! :-)
Basicly such power transmit network is modable, there allready was a mod for older releases which made such a think for the current map.
You just need to find a C# modder who want to start such a project.


After i finaly played with ED-Prometheus:
i found out that the Quantum battery got a power transfer feature.
After some research, surplus energy got transfered to the orbital ship, and can withdraw from any other quantum battery.