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Started by swept, July 12, 2019, 06:38:06 PM

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Multiplayer Mod for Rimworld - https://rimworldmultiplayer.com/

Zetrith, the original developer of Zetrith's Multiplayer disappeared without any notice to staff or friends in February of 2019. In April, members of the community revived the project, and recruited volunteer developers from the community to continue development. We have forked the original Github Repo in order to continue development, meaning Zetrith's original repo is deprecated.


  • 95%+ of all Vanilla features are supported.
  • Multiple (Coop) Colony Support.
  • Auto Desync resolver (Arbiter Protocol)
  • Cooperative Faction Gameplay with theoretically infinite player count. (We recommend 8 players max)
  • Supports Steam, Direct, and LAN connections.
  • In-game Chat.
  • Hosting from an existing save.
  • API to help other modders convert their incompatible mods to work with Multiplayer.
  • Hot Joining.
Installation Tutorial -> https://youtu.be/tKuaS3CTFKo

Discord Server -> https://discord.gg/S4bxXpv

Our Discord is the best way to contact us, or report bugs and diagnose desync issues.
I am online almost 24/7 and if I am not, there are others who are more than happy to help you.

Download -> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1752864297

More Info

Github Repository - https://github.com/rwmt/Multiplayer/releases
Steam Workshop Link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1752864297
List of compatible mods - https://tinyurl.com/Multiplayer-Spreadsheet
Modlist Checker - https://modlist-consultant.herokuapp.com/consult/consult.html by ZenonX
Installation - https://github.com/rwmt/Multiplayer/wiki/Installation
Hosting - https://github.com/rwmt/Multiplayer/wiki/Hosting-and-joining
FAQ - https://github.com/rwmt/Multiplayer/wiki/FAQ



Call of Cthulu - CultsDesyncs on anything on the altar
Somehow that seems super appropriate.

Is there any suggestions for mod writers to avoid "desync?"  Is there an alternative to Discord?



Not really, Discord is just hands down the best way for us to communicate to the people who play, since so many people have it.


Made an account to profusely thank you guys for keeping this mod alive, me and my brother really love it. Hope that Zetrith is okay.


This is pretty awesome. But it would be even more amazing if each person could create a faction on a different map and be able to battle their factions. :P


Will this work in 1.1?  Any idea if/when we will see a 1.1 version, and support for Royalty?  My wife wants to play multi on the new expansion. :)