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Author Topic: Temperature conditions remain after caravan leaves map resulting in death.  (Read 578 times)


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1. If a colonist leaves the map with a temperature condition, for example "shivering" it will continue to progress to severe hypothermia resulting in death.

2. While traveling colonists will not do *any* recreation resulting in deprivation, and thus recreation starved daze states.

3. While forming a caravan they will ignore sleeping spots (dangerous when it's freezing outside, also see above) but also will not sleep regardless of their bar and regardless of their restriction schedule. Only sleeping at some specific arbitrary time. They will not do recreation, but will still gain all the mood penalties associated with everything they are doing. So it creates a race situation, "get everyone off the map as fast as possible before everyone starts having a mental break".

4. The map exit point appears to be random instead of based on the direction you are traveling. This leads strange situations where colonists will decide to leave the map in the opposite direction of travel. It can also result in them deciding to leave the map through the path of, for example, a siege, triggered ancient danger, or crashed ship, resulting in multiple tries to leave the map in a desired direction.

5. If animals are already packed, but a caravan is not formed, the animals must be unpacked before forming a caravan. And because a caravan will be aborted when the last colonist is removed from it (instead of for example keeping the animals in the caravan but just simply being unable to leave the packing area) the whole process needs to be restarted from scratch every time there's anything wrong.

6. Issues like running out of food cannot be dealt with while traveling without forming a colony. But since colony's cannot be temporarily abandoned, you have the choice of having multiple empty maps running all the time, or an ever growing mess of abandoned "colonys" on the map. To resolve this I propose a "camp" feature, that simply uses the same feature you have already for random map encounters, it generates a small map that you can stay in for a few days.

7. When a new colony is created all animals will dump their stuff right in the middle of the map. This is almost always undesirable. Please just keep them packed so the animals can be moved to where they are desired first. Dumping all the stuff right away causes unnecessary hauling, and a durability hit to everything.
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Re: Temperature conditions remain after caravan leaves map resulting in death.
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2019, 09:14:59 AM »

1. is maybe a bug, a dev need to look into it.

But all other are part of suggestions.
And a hint from my side, many of your suggestions are solved by mods, like for 6. the Setup camp mod.


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It's not a bug, just because the pawn runs off the edge of the map doens't mean his area is suddenly the perfect temperature for being outside naked. World tiles have a temperature and they will kill you.

That said, it's not as well-communicated as it should be. We have warnings about food for caravans but I'm not sure we have sufficient warnings about apparel warmth, so I'll look at that.

Thanks for reporting.
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