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Started by Lemniscate_Mike, July 24, 2014, 04:11:32 PM

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Simple suggestion, not sure if it's been talked about in depth but I think it'd be seriously great addition.
I imagine different size brushes you can use to create terrain like mountains, lakes(when they're added) and stuff. Some clickable buttons for Steam Geysers and other natural things like trees and other fauna. Then of course the standard buttons for other buildings and such(Like the stone ruins everywhere).

What you guys think??


It sort of already exists; you can modify the map using the dev tools to do pretty much everything you noted.
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I've been huge fan of map editors and the like

the dev/god mode is bit dodgy to use (and I might have missed it but I didn't find any way to place down mountain blocks) as it lacks some very basic/common map editing tools
I tried making really big spaceship but filling in the wing bits was pain
doing it line by line.

and I couldn't figure a way to delete misplaced steam geyser either =P
(the 4 by 4 bit didn't wanna go the exact place I wanted it to go, hehe)

So yeah I'd love to see proper map editor somewhere down the line (like when the game's finished =P)
But the current method of creating maps works well enough for now


This topic might be what you're looking for.  While it is not an in-game editor, it seems to have what you're looking for.


Quote from: Tynan on July 24, 2014, 04:18:14 PM
It sort of already exists; you can modify the map using the dev tools to do pretty much everything you noted.

Yeah what the next guy said. We can't create mountains or add soil/sand/ etc... So my suggestion still stands.


Aw, you can't use 'the next guy' when addressing Tynan. Without him, there is no RimWorld. He's the gods of all the storytellers. He's the sun that shines on the RimWorld. He's the soil that grows potatoes and grass for the muffalos.

That came out slightly more poetic that what I had in mind, so I'll say that's my Ode to Tynan :D
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