Vehicles (That don't break game balance)

Started by DreamHollow, November 12, 2019, 10:08:19 AM

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Most of the threads I could find about suggesting vehicles are actually a few years old now, so I thought I'd try to suggest the idea again.

Naturally for a RimWorld there wouldn't be much use for suggesting something too bulky to travel in that would change the balance of the game, right? So I feel like Tanks will never become Vanilla unless there was a large amount of demand for them, probably paired with anti-tank weapons to keep the game balance solid. I'm putting this out there because I know a few of us are probably curious how much different the game would be if heavily armored vehicles were added.

But it would be nice to see something simple. Motorbikes? Improvised cars? What kind of vehicle derivative would other RimWorld fans like to see?

I'm personally a huge fan of the idea that pawns could manufacture bikes with massive amounts of components, possibly with the ability to vastly upgrade bike features with advanced components. Maybe something like that? Open to suggestions.


Given the terrain, pack donkeys seem like a pretty reasonable choice, tbh.  But wagons (muffalos form up!) would be my first choice.

Okay, okay, if you want a powered vehicle request?  Antigrav speeders.  (Think Star Wars speeder bikes, Rifts flying motorcycles, etc).  Definitely requires advanced components   ::) ;D

Otherwise...some sort of buggy that you can't take into forests, mountains, jungles....or a small 1-person ATV that you can...but that takes forever to traverse them.



As a fan of Hoverbikes from Sci-Fi.... I would love to see them, and of course the use of advanced components along with other materials such as plasteel or uranium to be use to build them...

Don't forget of about Pickup Trucks and of course Technicals, but don't expect them to last long from a lot of them to survive from a ton of bullets before it needs repairs or it might explode of course! ;D

Maybe the Vehicles should eat a ton of Chemfuel to traverse around the world, otherwise without any chemfuel and when it runs out. You will be forced to see your guys pushing your car just to get to point B very, very slowly. Unless you drop your Car and leave it to be forgotten or Find someone who has chemfuel or refuel your car or Drop pod them Chemfuel to get back on the wheels... :D

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I always thought that with RimWorld being inspired by Firefly, something the Mule (I think it was called? the hover-thing) from Serenity would be a really cool endgame vehicle. Having animal-pulled carts as an early game vehicle and a chemfuled car/tractor for mid-game would work as well.


I'd be just happy with a board with wheels that my muffs can pull and carry more things.
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