[1.1] Missing pawns after loading save file

Started by DarkSylph, March 03, 2020, 05:10:35 PM

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I am having one really big issue and one minor issue. The first big issue is on my latest save file I'm missing 3 pawns! They're really important to me. If I go back a few saves, I can find 2/3. Still missing the 3rd one if I wanted to go back in time.

The second issue I'm having is tips don't work for anything. Those pop ups of text when you hover over something. All that appears is the shadow of what should go there. This affects all tips, including vanilla and modded ones alike.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. I'm not even sure where the issue is.

Link to my logs:

Link to my save with the 3 missing pawns:


I managed to fix the missing pawns!! I was reading through the logs myself and noticed an overwhelming amount of errors related to one mod in particular, Psychology. But it hadn't been updated to 1.1. I found someone made an unofficial Psychology 1.1 patch. I loaded that and tested and all my pawns came back! I still have the hovering text tip issue though where I can't read any tooltips.


A recent update fixed the tooltips issue for me. I'm fully functional now. Yay!


Welcome at the hotfix hell.
Main game and mod's gets at nearly daily update.