How ridiculous can raids get?

Started by Whifflepits, March 31, 2020, 10:47:32 AM

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Recently switched from Randy to Cassandra on Rough and this happened.

And it happened 2 hours after the last mechanoid raid. Haven't even gotten all of the wounded in hospital beds yet.

I have 41 colonists, so I know it's the storyteller flipping out, I'm just wondering how much further this can go. Is it going to keep scaling exponentially?

Edit: Imgur is starting to annoy me....


197 Scyther arn't that worse, 60-80 centiped's would be much worser.
Just have a nice big room, position 3 pawn's with power armor after the door, and some range behind.
At this way you can fight them one by one.
While the range could shoot in the crowd behind.
If you got frag grenedes, you can throw them into the crowed too.

And you should have some replacement mellee so the other can patch up their wounds.


I know how to deal with it killbox style, except Killboxes aren't going to work for much longer.

My walls are 3 layers of slate thick, and they get peeled back by all of the missed shots every time until my door is 4 or 5 tiles wide. No grenades, no explosions. But that doesn't matter because I've got solutions if I need them.

I just need to know if there is a soft or hard cap on how big the threats can get on Cassandra so that I can plan accordingly.


You mean about the raid strenght ? So far i know there isn't a cap.
It basicly depend on your wealth, the amount of pawns you got and the time (the first 2 years you got reduced strengh raids so far i remember).
It wouldn't be unfair if a 20/40/80 pawn colony would got the same raids if your wealth would be 1 Mio. With 80 pawns it is easier to defend.


Don't know if this is still the case in 1.1, but there used to be a cap. Think it was at 20 000 "fun points".


It's from an older version of RimWorld (1.0 I think) but check out Rhadamant's Black Lake series on YouTube. I don't remember as it was a while ago, but I think his goal was to get up to 100 pawns. There were some really crazy battles in that series and you can see some of the best killboxes in action with ample abuse of marshes thrown in for good measure!
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