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Started by sadpickle, October 14, 2020, 06:48:26 PM

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So my last game went 7 years and in that time I managed to deal with a great deal of threats, mostly Mechanoids, without having to build a super cheesy killbox, just something basic that allowed me to take a few centipedes at a time instead of getting completely overwhelmed. In the 7th year I got a pirate raid and over 100 guys showed up. I only had 18 colonists so my non-cheesing killbox was rapidly overwhelmed and there was no chance of us ever fending off a group that size.

After playing this game for so long this has honestly killed my interest in the game, because there is no way to ultimately avoid this scenario. I play with a lot of mods that add wealth and over time it all begins to add up. What really bothers me about these raids is if you play long enough your wealth guarantees a raid of overwhelming size, and the only way to realistically combat a raid this size is to have a stupid tunnel lined with traps for these guys to march through. These trap tunnels are extremely cheap, but that's the meta because raids grow to ridiculous sizes. I really cannot emphasize enough how much I detest this meta. It is stupid and not at all interesting, either from a gameplay standpoint or a "story" standpoint.

What the game needs is a simple option in the scenario settings that allows you to limit raids to either a flat number, or better, some multiple of the current colonists. So for example, if I set it to "x3", I never get more than 3 times the number of my colonists in any raid. All the extra wealth that would have gone to more raiders instead gives raiders better gear so their threat level grows over time. I've never seen raiders arrive in cataphract and 30-50 guys in power armor would be a serious threat, but perhaps manageable. Over 100 raiders some of who are not wearing armor but carrying Doomsdays are not manageable without cheesing.

If there's a mod that does this, that's great, but putting it into the scenario settings would be much better, that way there's no mod to break, or cause conflicts, and it shouldn't be that difficult to add to the raid logic. I'm not a programmer but this seems like a simple task, it's just limiting the number of pawns a raid can spawn. I think there are much more interesting things that could be done with raids (being able to pay raiders off, some way to raise relationship with them so they don't always raid you) that would make the game more interesting from a story standpoint, and if Tynan ever makes a DLC that adds that kind of dynamic I would be very interested. But in the meantime I cannot justify playing the game anymore since every colony is ultimately doomed to failure. I've never been a member of the "losing is fun" tribe. Losing is for losers.



Quoteover 100 guys showed up. I only had 18 colonists
You know mechanoids got a much higher value then any pirate, thats why you got that many pirates.
A tribal raid would be double or more then a pirate raid.
The raid is that strong because you have too much wealth.

You know you can change/adjust the storyteller and difficult anytime during gameplay, and an easier difficult would lower the raid strengh.
And you should look into alternativ methods to deal with them. Mechanoid are tough so you need single target firepower. But when 100+ raiders come you would need mass destruction. And some insanity lance could help too, when you use it early at some well armored raider so they fire their rocket launcher at them and not at you.