The amount of experience earned should be scaled by consciousness

Started by zeebo76, December 12, 2020, 11:46:51 PM

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Someone who's only 50% conscious won't learn as much as someone who's somehow 120% conscious, right?

Basically what this suggestion amounts to is a flat cap on experience earning capabilities based on what % of consciousness a pawn is at.  The "Consciousness" multiplier would simply be based on the percent of consciousness, and it would be applied after every other multiplier.  If a pawn's at 80% consciousness, the "consciousness" multiplier would be 0.8, and that comes at the end.  Someone on luciferium (that makes someone have 110% consciousness, right?  I've never used it) should get an exp buff as a result, where someone with a joywire would always be earning 80% or lower.  This can, of course, be offset by installing a learning assistant.

This is just a logical idea I thought of earlier.


Basicly it is allready.
Lower consciousness means less manipulation -> they work slower.
And for the most work it mean's less xp over time.