Mega spiders spawning

Started by Kaiser09, April 26, 2021, 11:53:14 AM

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Hi guys, I wanted use the mega spiders against my enemies (and the friends too :) but things went little out of control with the wild reproduction and they are now hundreds, any idea how to deal with ?

I have already almost lost the game in a mega invasion inside my base. What if I use the mad animals impulse? Will they start to kill each other?


Try to search the general discussion for "Infestation" :-)

The insects are in a nice big cave, looks like you can enclose them with walls without being attacked by them.
Then haul alot of wood,appareal,corpses or anything else that can burn inside.
Then throw in a molotov.
With some luck this heat up that cave enough to give all the insects some heartattacks.

But when you want to fight them, weapons with Area effects would works better, relocate some IED's so the insects trigger them and set themself on fire, molotov/frag grenade at some narrow passage.


Thank you for the idea, I started to collect clothes and corps at the entrance, close it and start a fire.
Hope the temperature will increase enough to kill them because the cave is huge right now and expanding.