[Ideology] Funeral: Cremation option? (Answered)

Started by AileTheAlien, July 28, 2021, 01:38:17 AM

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Anyone know how to add a funeral ritual to your ideology, which has cremation rather than a grave? Those things take up valuable space! (Related: do sarcophogi count, or is it strictly "grave" buildings?)


Rituals type Symbol Burning uses a effigy or ritual flag - both items that are consumed on.
The "Smokeleaf Circle" uses a burnbong and the Cannibal feast a Cannibal Plater - both are consumed.

As for Sacrophagi: I would not only asume they can be the target, but that they actually give a bonus to ritual quality.


I'm asking about cremating corpses instead of burying them during funerals, not whether other rituals can use focus-items which are burned.

I tested this out by spawning a lot of items, a pawn who I killed, and building a crematorium, sarcophagus, and grave. Crematoriums cannot be used in funeral rituals, in the current version of the Ideology DLC.


Obviously "Adding a funeral ritual to your ideology, which has cremation rather than a grave" requires some modding. I thought that was self-explaining.
So I was helping you find starting points for that work.

Graves and Sacrophagi right now are a "storage" which only accepts items of the type "Corpse".
Of course the Crematoriums "burn corpse" job is different from Graves. It is a workshop you work on, consuming raw material of type "Corpse" for no production.

I am not sure if we can use the corpse itself as the "consumed item".
Or make the "Funerale Pire" a type of grave, that is consumed by the ritual but does not drop the corpse.


I came across this thread while dealing with funeral arrangements for my own family member, so I understand the importance of finding the right options. It seems like you're exploring the idea of incorporating cremation into your funeral ritual, which requires some modifications.
I'm not entirely sure if using the corpse itself as the consumed item would work, but perhaps creating a ""Funeral Pire"" as a type of grave that is consumed during the ritual could be a solution.
By the way, during my online research, I stumbled upon a website called Memorials For Companions, which offers some great options for memorializing loved ones. It might be worth checking out if you're looking for additional ideas or inspiration.