1.3.3117 Family relation gone after reload

Started by ExampleHat, October 06, 2021, 06:22:54 AM

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Had this bug before: A raid occurs and I get the notification that one raider is the sister of my colonist. After saving and reloading, the relation between them is gone. From reading on the steam forum, this relationship-vanishing seems to be a kinda common issue.

I am using a few QQL Mods. Loading the savegame without mods didn't change anything. All mods are 1.3 compatible.

The mods are
Auto-Cut Blight
Vanilla Expanded Framework
Common Sense
Colony Manager
Realistic Rooms Rewritten
Smart Speed

Brom MkLeith

Another player and I had this happen after we each had a Raid (Relationship) that down and we captured the relative of one of our colonists. Once we recruited the captive, their relationship to the colonist disappeared. Is this functioning as intended? If so then that is a shame that relationships with raiders only exist to harm our mood.

Is there a better thread for discussing this?


"Function as intended" that allways depend on what mods you use. When all the relationship of that prisoner allready got killed maybe, Runtime GC might delete all dead world pawns.

But you allways need to check the mod descriptions of the mod's you use. Not sure what performance mod's do, but i could imagine that they could delete relationships too, since they arn't that important.