[1.3.3159 + both expansions]"Incapable of Animals" but skill displays a number

Started by Kopp, November 29, 2021, 01:10:26 PM

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1. Circumstances
Starting a new game and rolling pawns.

2. What happened?
The screenshot at the end is explaining it a lot better than I could do.
When rolling a pawn while starting a new game it might happen that the pawn is "Incapable of Animals".
But at the list of skills there is a skill level (= number) shown for the skill "Animals" instead of a "-".
When playing with that colonist the visualisation is the same. So it is not just when rolling a pawn.
But as expected the pawn can not do work types related to Animals.
Problem occurs only for "Animals".

3. What do you expect?
There should be a "-" at the skill "Animals" if the pawn is incapable of doing it as it is for all the other "Incapable of" which correspond to a certain skill.

4. Reproduce
Click on "Randomize" while rolling pawns till you have one which is incapable of animals.

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/ZicyF5p


Definitely shouldn't happen, as Star Squire "child backstory" is the one giving the "incapable of Animals". The adult backstory, doesn't show any Animals plus to it either. Possibly just an oversight in the childhood backstory code.


I can reproduce it.
Must be a mistake with "Star Squire" which disallow handling/aristic.
Same happen with "Aspiring physical" or maybe other with handling disabled.

BUT, i can't say if it is a bug overall.
Because animal skill get used at hunting too. That mean when the pawn hunt alot of animal's the skill can raise and get used. But he never can train any animal.


I was pretty sure that the whole thing never happened in my 1000+ hours of playing and something must have changed recently.
But I tried it with RW 1.2.2753 and it is the same over there.

While rollig some more pawns (recent RW version) I stumbled across one which was incapable of hunting AND animals (child backstory "Empath").
This one got the animals skill disabled.

So it seems like it is exactly like Canute said and it is working as intended.
Sorry for bothering you...


I forgot about hunting being the average of shooting and animals skills. So even though the Space Squire is incapable, it could still have the skill. However the double passion in it could be questionable. Empath should have the "-" for animals because of the double incapable effecting the skill.


Thanks for the bug report.  Canute is correct that hunting is related to the animal skill, though I'm not sure if this is displaying as intended either way as its obviously showing confusion. I will have the devs look it over and see if its a clarity issue or an actual bug.