Started by garble, November 01, 2014, 05:47:23 PM

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Hello everyone, first of all, i LOVE Rimworld but when im playing i feel the music doesnt quite grasp the feeling of being isolated and stranded on a distant planet, and it doesnt feel quite right when my colony is being destroyed and my people are dying or when im under attack. Could anyone make a mod in which music is much darker and more spacey? Thanks.


I'm working on a soundtrack right now that fits this description.  I'll post up soon!


Heck yeah,
Checkout fan made Outlaw Star themed music for cool sound tracks.
> Firefly was based on it so should work.
Yes another god damn youtuber.


If I knew how to edit the music I would totally get my collection of music from my DJ friends (I have several very close friends who happen to be DJ's) and throw that on. I might even manage to talk one of them into doing a custom mix for me with a wild west feel to it. Can anybody point me to a tutorial or something that shows how to do this?


Really sad the game after all these years has the same 2 boring way too happy songs over and over again. The soundtrack of Rimworld always was the only thing I didnt like about it. I want a darker soundtrack to the game, and not that guitars solo which totally doesnt fit at all to the game.

Something like this also with an eternal rain mod: