How to Stay in 1.3

Started by Encrtia, October 23, 2022, 06:27:47 PM

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Tl;dr, how do I keep playing v1.3 (including Royalty / Ideaology) instead of 1.4 with my mods, given the beta v1.3 launcher renders my save games unplayable?

I took a copy of the v1.3 base game + all my Steam mods + %appdata% information so that, once v1.4 hit, I could just carry on my very long game. Despite my forsight, I can't run the damn thing. The v1.3 launched kept running something v1.4 related (unsure if steam mod related or game related) because save games just fail, & even after uninstalling everything to run off my legit copied v1.3 version, it won't pick up Ideaology or Royalty because I haven't got Rimworld installed "officially".

Any advice? Or beep Workshop mods once again with a beeping update?

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But once you loaded your 1.3 savegame into 1.4 and saved it, the chances to use that savegame at 1.3 are lower special when you use mods.


Make sure you're using "1.3-latest - Old version", which is 1.3.3389.
If you used the "1.3.3287 - Previous 1.3 version", well, you're not alone.