Where are the crash logs located?

Started by Draconzis, August 05, 2020, 06:47:10 PM

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My game keeps crashing (likely because of one of my many, many mods, but this isn't about that) and I do not know why. I have seen past posts both on this site and on reddit citing the location of crash reports in the game's files, but the locations they say the logs are do not seem to exist. I can only assume that the crash logs location has changed in a past update.

So my question, where are the crash logs located?


Just a question back.
Does rimworld show you it is crashed, with a crash window that tells you the name of the crash folder  and you need to close it with OK ?
Or does rimworld just close/quiet without any warning ?

I am not sure, but these crash log folders should be found at the rimworld installation folder, alternative at the safe data area where the normal logfile are located.

And be sure that mod's don't give out error's after rimworld start/mod activation.
Better don't use such mods.

Daya Mar Sana

Rimworld crash logs are here
%appdata%/../LocalLow/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld by Ludeon Studios

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios

in the player.log file

before anyone asks why I'm postsing on an older thread, well this one came up in my google search for where the crash logs are located.
Turns out having them hidden in local low is difficult to find them when you forget local low is even a folder...

btw copy and paste that % line into a runbox, should open right up to the log location if you do it right.

the end of the log file should contain what crashed you, however understanding it, is the hard part.

Mine was a crash related to apparently how the game thought something had a limb in combat from a mod that re-added them, however that's not updated to latest rimworld..  So caused a memory access violation at random.


Where are the crash logs located on Linux? I don't have an %appdata% folder.