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The Supplies You Need To Start Sewing

Have you decided to take up sewing but are wondering what supplies you need to get started? There are so many things to think about, from a machine, a pair of scissors, seam reapers, and bobbin, to a wide range of fabrics. Everything seems overwhelmingly confusing for a beginner. So what are the most essential tools to get started?

Before you rush to the sewing supply store and grab everything you think you want, read this article first. I will tell you what a newbie needs and then you can make a better choice.

I didn't write a guide for sewing machines here, but if you need one, check the collection of the best sewing machine for beginners at Crafts Selection, to choose the right machine.


A pair of scissors for sewing

A pair of scissors is a must when you sew. Even when you have already had a rotary cutter, scissors are still helpful in so many ways. You need to keep the scissors nice and sharp, meaning you don't get to use them on anything else but fabric.


You will need some, no, a lot of pins for sewing. Pins come in different shapes and sizes, but I like the ones with a large head so I have somewhere to grab.

However, bear in mind that not all fabrics tolerate pins. Silk, for example, it shows holes too well that the pins you want to use should be thin. The leather is another. The holes on leather will never go away, so if you have to pin, do it on the seam allowance or where others will not see them.

The pins are small so you may need a pincushion to keep them in place. I am using a magnetic variety.

Speaking of leather and silk, an advanced sewing machine will definitely make your life easier. If you need one like that, here is a complete guide about easy to use sewing machine for beginners to help you make a decision.

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Seam Ripper

Seam reaper

I know no one wants to make mistakes when they sew but it will happen sooner or later. And when it does, you need to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

Buy something that you feel comfortable holding. There are so many types out there so why don't try some of them and decide what you like?

Sewing Thread

The thread you use must match the color of your fabric unless you want the seams to be decorative ones as well.

For beginners, opt for the classic black and white. As you make more and more fabric, you will see that your thread stock gets larger with a wide variety of colors.

Don't save money on threads. Your sewing machine will thank you for it. The low-quality thread can shed tiny fibers. When they get stuck in your machine, they become lint that can build up inside the body.

And on top of all, a sewing machine is an absolute must. As a newbie, you don't need more than the best starter sewing machine to get started. Check this website Sewing Product Reviews CraftsSelection if you want to buy sewing machines and craft supplies.