Manage outfits depending on textile, storage depending on materials

Started by alxgvr, May 27, 2023, 12:25:59 PM

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Hello. In "Manage outfits" section please add a filter to specify clothes made of particular textile.

Example: I have an outfit rule for armor.  Flak vests, helmets, etc. I want to add dusters made of devilstrand to that rule. So when I select "armor outfit" pawns should put on flak vest, helmets and devilstrand dusters. But no dusters made of other types of fabric. Dusters made of cloth or leather should remain in "casual outfit" rule. I want to be able to separate clothes depending on textile type.

Same way I want to specify shelves which type of dusters to hold. I want to devilstrand dusters on one shelf, regular dusters on another, human leather dusters on third. Or a shelf to hold only plasteel swords and no steel swords (usefull to keep weapon made specifically for gladiator battles near the arena). When storage is selected, please add a filter "only allowed ingredients" and list of materials, so player can select not only the type of item to store but also which material this item is made of.

Devilstrand, hyperweave, thrumbofur - rare and expensive textiles. I can't allow my pawns to wear them 24/7.  I allow pawns to put those dusters on only during raids. In peace time they wear ordinary dusters made of leather or cloth. That's why I wish to separate them.