What do you want me to do, let them die? (Incapacitated Visitors)

Started by KarolineDianne, October 05, 2014, 02:22:23 PM

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So after a firefight with some raiders, a friendly visitor wound up incapacitated. As any good neighbor would, I went to go rescue them, but the only option was 'capture'. Upon grabbing the dying visitor, her town declared my colony their enemy. Well then, this is an awkward situation.

I think this needs to be addressed. Friendlies who've been incapacitated and left behind should be able to be 'rescued'. Brought to a medical bed, rather than a prisoner bed, and nursed to health before being let go. If anything, this should IMPROVE relations with a faction, rather than cause war.

Similarly, there should be an option to set prisoners free, in case they aren't worth the trouble recruiting (99 difficulty AND you have two cataracts? Not worth the time), and you aren't interested in selling them into slavery, harvesting their organs, or just executing them. This would probably work well just by setting the prisoner loose and having them leave the map like a departing visitor, and maybe giving you a tiny boost to that faction's relations.

But most importantly, we need to NOT be flagged as enemies just for not letting friendly visitors bleed out in the woods. That seems completely backwards.


I think there should be the option to "rescue" them instead of arresting. At that point, you would heal them in a medical bed, like colonists. But when they would heal, they would go back to their colony, increasing their standing with you.


There should be negative impacts for if they return without all their organs, to stop you 'healing' them by organ removal and getting improved relations with their factions.


I had the same issue today, after a bloody battle and slaughterfest, a poor woman ended up with no legs and one arm. I knew I'd have a decreased relationship, but I saved her anyway because I felt bad for her.



This is a good idea to rescue them, although i think this may have been mentioned elsewhere.

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Quote from: Lechai on October 05, 2014, 09:22:49 PM
This is a good idea to rescue them, although i think this may have been mentioned elsewhere.

Quite a lot actually. But hey, the more attention it gets...


On this note, it'd also be cool if healed visitors return and they have a boost to your colonist's happiness if they converse, or they might bring a gift or something as a token of appreciation. Reoccurring characters so to speak.
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So much this.

I hate seeing people dying on the ground and not being able to do anything.

I know they were pirates trying to kill me but if I take them as prisoners I'll either have to execute them or sell them as slaves, both which I don't feel like in a Good Guys colony.


More neutral/positive interactions in general.  Would be nice if talking with visitors gave even small gains with relations.

Rescue should be made available to non-hostiles.  That, or there should be a window after capture (like a few days?) before the other colony presumes the worst and goes hostile.


Yes. I really hate seeing people bleed to death and not being able to  do anything about it.


We have such nice hospitals now...
+1 one for getting a faction boost for saving people.


They were passing by, they were not particularly friendly to me, but oh boy, they did hate the pirates attacking me. After a furious fight, none of my colonist were (seriously) hurt; because they acted as decoys, distracting the pirates suffering heavy losses. At the end, 2 of them were left behind by the survivors. And my only option is to let them die. :'(
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This problem has been raised multiple times already. I don't think I have ever seen Ty comment on that topic. Does anybody know what Ty's plans are?