[1.0] Extended Turrets Mod --1.0 Release Update--

Started by Kilroy232, October 10, 2014, 06:34:21 PM

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 Extended Turrets Mod

An update for interested users, I have uploaded the mod to steam's workshop under the name "Extended Turrets Mod" for easier access and use for everyone on steam. As well as that I have updated the Nexus Mods page for the users who do not have or use steam. I hope that everyone continues to enjoy this mod and that your colonies stay safe and secure!
Extended Turrets Mod on Steam

This mod adds five new auto-turrets to game making it easier to defend your colony. There are also new research projects for the turrets along with custom sounds and textures.
This mod is meant for use in the later stages of the game and so to accommodate this each turret requires a hefty amount of research, resources and build time.

Some features that can be expected in the future are some more research projects that will provide minor tweaks and improvements to the existing turrets.
I will continue to provide minor fixes and work on larger features for the mod.
!! I have not made any changes recently, just updated this page. You can expect updates soon and I am always happy to receive suggestions or told told about problems people are having.

Changes For Version 1.8.0:
-Updated for the Alpha 18 version of Rimworld

1. Standard Turret
This turret is as the name suggests, an improved version if the improvised turret. The turret fires in bursts of four with reduced cooldown time and increased health.

2. Long Range Turret
This turret is an improvised turret that has been fitted with an M-24 sniper rifle. A single high powered round is fired before cooldown, but the range and accuracy of the turret make up for the slow rate of fire, sometimes less is more.

3. Laser Turret
A complex assembly of lenses and electronics, this turret focuses a beam of high energy light at the enemy to deal damage with perfect accuracy but with pauses between charges.

5. Energy Turret
This is the tip top of the charts. This turret has it all, high rate of fire, high damage and high max health. Instead of using conventional projectiles this turret is able to convert electricity into an almost pure form of energy.


To install this mod you simply but the directory folder (the folder containing the About, Def, Texture... etc. folders) into your mods folder. In game select the mods menu and select the Turret Pack mod.
This mod does not require a new colony, you can start using it at any point and any update unless specified will not require a new colony.

All of the new textures and the C# code for the 'lazer' turret are the work of mrofa. He has contributed lots of his time helping me put some more detail into this mod, he deserves a lot if credit for his skill I cannot thank him enough.

Download and share this mod as you want but don't change it or sell it without my consent



I haven't gotten that far yet, its on its why though I promise. I have had to change a lot of things to get the mod working on alpha 7 and I wanted to be able to share some of it with you guys asap


Good Mod, but before I restart another colony and use it, might I ask the costs of each Turret?
I assume there is a Research involved, yes?

Just wondering because I currently use another set https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=4601.0 when I'm playing with zombies, so perhaps the two Mods could work together rather well.


Quote from: Kilroy232 on October 10, 2014, 06:34:21 PM
!!!Currently I am having a problem with the sniper turret base texture, it is super tiny in game. If anyone know what the problem might be I would greatly appreciate the help!!!

Two things that I noticed.
1. You don't have <overdraw>true</overdraw> tag in the "SniperTurretStructure.xml" This looks to be what tells it to scale the image to the size of the building
2. Also the Size is set to <size>(1,1)</size> for the Sniper while the other turrets are set to (2,2), I don't know if this is a deliberate choice.


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Yay! Glad you managed to update this, been wanting new simple turrets .


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Good work,love your turrets, " Will there be a Incap Turret? "


As I have just updated the mod again today you may notice I have added a few little things. To sum up:
1. Thank you very much to Jaxxa for pointing out my dumb mistake
tag in the "SniperTurretStructure.xml" This looks to be what tells it to scale the image to the size of the building

2. The heavy turret is back! [insert party here]

3. I will begin working on an incapacitation turret because I think that would be pure awesome. This may take some time however because I do make all my own texture, sounds etc.

Please leave any comments or questions, and I will try to get back to you with a reasonable answer. Thank you for the support guys :)


How about suggestions? Want some suggestions?
I would like to see a chain lightning type of turret if possible. It could fill the 'incapacitation turret' slot as well.



Quote from: tase on October 14, 2014, 05:28:16 PM
Thanks for updating this for a7

No problem, I am always happy to keep my work alive :P
Let me know if you think there is ever anything that could be changed.


Where is the screenshot for the Heavy Turret,also can you explain why most of these seem like 1x1?In your old mod you made them 2x2.Seems weird,although I don't mind more normal looking turrets(Staying true to the original improvised one)
To each his own.