nervous breakdown

Started by decomg, October 09, 2014, 09:38:08 PM

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all my prisoners always has a nervous breakdown... I can not recruit any prisoners.


If you want to recruit prisoners, you need to treat them as you would a colonist.

Spacious interior - 5x5 or 5x6 should be OK.
Table and chairs - Eating off the floor gives a penalty
Ugly environment - clean the dirt and bloodstains off floors , don't let them have idea's about previous tenants.
Food - They like fine meals too.
Flooring - If its underground use smooth stone, otherwise use floorboards.
Social - Make sure you warden is your colonist with the highest social skill.
Lights - Make sure they have one.

Best of luck recruiting :)



give them golden royal beds.

and if you place your prison near the main entrance of the inner core of your base, anyone that passes through and chats/feeds the prisoners will gain morale boosts too.

which is why the most "beautiful" room in my base tends to be the prisoner's area, since a lot of people hangs around there, (prisoners/wardens/people passing through) almost 24/7.


Also, to not miss the obvious, did you go into the "prisoner" tab and click on the appropriate buttons to ensure attempts are made to recruit and/or feed/heal?


Maybe I'm just lucky but so long as your getting the wardens to "friendly chat" I have been able to keep the prisoners in a cramped dirty shack feeding them their comrades meat and none of them have freaked out. They often get the "raw cannibalism" modifier stacked twice without chimping out. I don't know how they adapt back to the normal population though...


I have a relatively spacious room where I shove all my prisoners. With 6 or 8 prisoner beds and at least 2 medical prisoner beds. Plant pots and table and chairs. That's usually enough to keep them pacified, I don't even give them proper flooring for awhile. And I'm even able to feed them nutrient paste. So as long as I keep them fed and chatted up they're fine.


Honestly, I put ZERO effort into prettying-up the prison ward.  I simply turn on Friendly Chat, Gets Food, and Attempt to Recruit.  Eventually they're super-happy from my warden and they join.  The only time I fail to recruit is if their difficulty is 90+ or if they're psychopathic (no mood boost from friendly chat).  And those prisoners become organ-donors.  :)