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Author Topic: Homemade upgradeable mechanoids  (Read 1190 times)

Goo Poni

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Homemade upgradeable mechanoids
« on: November 21, 2014, 12:08:46 PM »

'Allo, guys. So, I'd like a little help on how to make an idea into a mod. And that involves recycling Scythers and Centipedes into friendly "colonists" that can't do much beside act as guard dogs and can be drafted for combat, handling much like their regular hive counterparts. I already looked into making a crafting table for them, though I may tie the recipes into the Machining Table seeing as that already involves the use of mechanoids. What I need some help with is making a completed craft spawn a friendly mechanoid pawn instead of an item and for said friendly mechanoids to have various operations that can be performed on them by crafters instead of doctors (it's technical as opposed to medicinal). And then for these operations to provide bonuses that I haven't seen used in vanilla bionics. To be able to slather extra armour on a mechanoid at the cost of slowing it down, providing resistances like equippable armour. An operation that would provide a perk that reduces aimtime and improves accuracy. If wounded, I'd like them to instead head for an operating table instead of a medical bed so that crafters might repair them with some metal and plasteel instead of medicine.

So I need some tips on making these a thing

  • Crafting recipe spawning a pawn instead of an item
  • "Medical" operations using crafting skills instead of doctoring skills
  • Healing using crafting skills instead of doctoring skills
  • Augments similar to bionics providing bonuses to unusual things instead of allowing them to simply equip armour/weapons
  • Giving them a innate ranged attack to avoid equipping a gun so that augments might also upgrade this gun, or change it in the case of Centipedes
  • An augment giving them innate healing so that they'll never need to visit a bed unless a body part is crippled

And where the hell do the mechanoid textures hide out in the core files? Or any of the creatures? I can only see the muffalo textures.

Wow, I should try looking at the stickies for art resources. Holy crap.
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Re: Homemade upgradeable mechanoids
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2014, 09:20:46 PM »

Adding new types of pawns to the player colony is very tricky and sometimes quite painful D: I would recommend taking a look at the code for Haplos Miscellaneous mod, he has an ai pawn that you can build, and the source code for my mod Mechanical Defence 2. Particularly in both cases, look at how the new pawns are spawned in and created, and how to back stories are handled


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Re: Homemade upgradeable mechanoids
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2015, 10:12:57 AM »

one could avoid the spawning it in problem by simply making a new trader like the slave trader that only stocks hauler droids. Wouldn't be craftable, but it would still fit in with standard sci-fi lore regarding simple working droids. This way all you have to do is create a new pawn that is capable of only hauling (though I'd add cleaning and firefighting in as well just to make it an all-around general purpose utility droid [A.G.P.U.D.]) and add a new trader. I'm sure it would be the easiest route and you can get away without making a new .dll I think too.