Research tags: Research, items and recipes

Started by elStrages, December 21, 2014, 05:52:57 AM

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1: I have noticed from Modding that something that would be really useful is the requires research tags used for building would highly useful for advanced research systems.
For instance. I would like 1 medical workbench.
Three researches. Basic, medium, and advice medicine.
And say 6 items used at the medical workbench
But only two unlocked at a time instead of all at once.
I have entered the tags in the items and although the compile doesn't have a problem with it and still runs. They don't do anything.
This is a minor thing from a modding point of view and may possibly help you later on.

2: limiting research tags. This is basically if I have one research open up two queues I would like a tag so that if I research one stem it deactivates the other. This would give a dynamic experience to each player and individual games by allow only certain things researchable

Just a couple of ideas for you Tynan. I hope I explained them well enough.