Prisoner exchange/ransom

Started by BokaliMali, January 01, 2015, 06:38:33 PM

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Every once in awhile a group of raiders will make off with one of my colonists, usually the hunter who didn't make it back to base in time. Far more often the raiders will be completely routed, leaving members of their group incapacitated in your base to be easily captured.

Sometimes though, these new prisoners have useless skills, unfortunate traits or are otehrwise undesireable for recruitment. Also, I tend to get attached to my colonists and when one gets kidnapped I cry out in angish, climb onto my roof and scream into the stormy night "WHY, MOO! WHY! TAKE MAXWELL INSTEAD! THAT GUY'S A TOOL!"

To the point: The ability to call up a faction and arrange a prisoner transfer to get your lost colonists back or a ransom to get some sillver while avoiding the 'sold a prisoner' debuff would be a nice in-between alternative for those colonies that are too morally righteous to execute, harvest or sell prisoners willy-nilly but still a little too sore at having been shot at to outright release them.

Professor Cupcake


Doing something other than just releasing these idiots would be nice.

Also, I feel like there needs to be the distinction in severity between someone simply dying in a raid, and being kidnapped.

(Is it already possible to buy back kidnapped colonists, by the way? I've never had one successfully kidnapped yet.)


Yeah like 2 different options: Let them pay ransom, No goodwill with the faction but earn silver or release them with the opposite effect.


Seconded (or fourthed, in this case) wholeheartedly. This would be a great way to earn money without being completely evil. Plus, I could finally get rid of all those stupid minstrels I keep capturing.