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Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
May 21, 2024, 06:14:10 PM
Progress report: Bad Company

Combat Hazmat set

SIG MCX "Rattler"
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
May 19, 2024, 06:53:04 PM
Progress report: Bad Company

"Bring in the HEAT."

Description: HEAT (Hazardous Environment Activities Team) is a containment task force sent to clean up UCIA, or other Bad Company clients' mess. Originally established to deal with CBRN and making crime scenes disappear, HEAT has become a fully fledged department within Bad Company specialized in dealing with anomalous entities. The HEAT boys (and gals) are typically seen carrying a flamethrower or an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle).

TMC is going to make the SBR, I chose the "SIG MCX Rattler". I favoured it over giving HEAT sub-machine guns. I thought if they're gonna have a tool, it may as well be a multi-purpose weapon. I wanted to avoid having to give Bad Company more weapons, so rather than giving HEAT shotguns and multiple SMGs, I decided to give them something new and punchy enough to not have them need other weapon systems. The Flamethrower will be a fictional one (Namely the one in Far Cry) because a real military issue flamethrower we would have used is now reserved for XOF, which you will see below. The Flamethrower HEAT will use will have its own oxygen tank, so it's perfectly fine to let HEAT breathe in fresh air in toxic environments while they go burn some things.

Art for HEAT's in-game apparel is in progress, being done by BlackMarket420. It's another unit I wanted to add last minute for Bad Company that has caused it some delay. It will be a shell outfit layer, with the respirator and hood included, and an oxygen tank in the pack.

Bad Company helmet variants:

EXFIL LTP "Bad Co" (Note: Final piece does not include the patch in the back)

EXFIL Ballistic "Bad Co"

Art by: BlackMarket420

Another plate carrier:

Art by: Artemiish

Description: So we had the old Blackwater style tactical vest + body armor combo but I wanted a new body armor for the more intermediate contractors in there so they look more like the guys in the film "13 Hours". This armor will come with a belt, both colorable.

UCIA Agent Suits:

Art by: Artemiish

Description: Tie, pants and jacket are colorable. We ended up deciding to keep the tie and the suit together because the tie being a headgear can be unpredictable when it comes to where the game will place it in the outfit for other body types.

Progress Report: XOF

Art by: Fiendakko

Fiendakko has been soloing XOF cause he's cool

He has finished all apparel that will be used by the pawns in the mod, but we're still waiting to finish Bad Company so BlackMarket420 can create Metal Gear Sahelanthropus and SKULL Parasite Units.

Some items, I felt need revisions so I'm waiting for Fiendakko to sort that out too.

This is not the complete roster of their weapons. I think he has done a great job on everything so far.

Quiet's Outfit

Art by: TMC
Description: Quiet will appear as a special Pawntype in the mod that will either be rescued (if I can get the guys I commission to code to make me more stuff, but they're always busy) or just chased like the other pawns in the Metal Gear mods. May also include Reeves from Metal Gear: Survive as a pawntype you gain, but I don't know how people will feel about including a character from what many consider as a non-cannon Metal Gear game.

Final note: Quiet's outfit is masked and colourable.

Progress Report: HALO
Serina approached me cause he wants HALO to progress. We're missing UNSC Space Marine armor, and maybe the Air Assault (though it's set to use Mk Vb from Halo Reach). There's also room for more armors, but we've got most of the fan favourites. Anyway, he's compelled me to hire him for a discounted price to begin the weapons.

This is what's currently finished, there is a pool of mods with finished textures that need some finishing touches but I am trying to keep things focused so I don't burn out and utterly lose motivation, cause I'm already getting a lot of stuff to do with the irl job.

See you guys hopefully next week with significant progress for Bad Company, if not a release.

Quote from: Skynert on May 12, 2024, 01:22:20 PMI like that pulse M4.

Cheers bro, I do too  8)

We're thinking of a modification of the M82A1 in charge configuration but there may be no time, just wanna release Bad Co at this point cause what we have is already rich.

Quote from: williamb1995 on May 12, 2024, 01:54:50 PMAR-15s are my passion with your mods, there were so many in RH 1 that I spent hours choosing like a child in a store and then I built them all hihi =)
but the m27 IAR and M27 IAR SD were my favorites for my little colonist soldiers

Thank you for your work on AR style that I share with you in your devblog.

and also I didn't find where I could make a donation (too hidden)

Thanks bro, and I do have a Ko-Fi page on the steam mods! I won't post it here, not that desparate for donations at the moment anyway, so don't worry about it bro. Glad you like the M4 and the updates bro, I do still have US Military stuff planned and maybe they'll even come out as NATCO one day.

Hope you like this new post too, seeing all the new stuff. Goodnight mate
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
May 11, 2024, 10:00:41 PM
Progress report: Bad Company

Hunter Reactive

Art by: BlackMarket420
Description: Completed, included a counterweight on back of helmet. Side note that the backpack is a separate item.

Art by: BlackMarket420
Description: Experimental, prototype charge modification of the M4. It is known as M4 PCR (Pulse Charge Rifle). Fun fact, was gonna call it "Liberator" but Helldivers 2 already has the default rifle using that name, so I had to go and pick something else.

Thinking about a separate manpack shield system for the Bad Company Headhunters, which will spawn on some of them in rare instances, but I'm unsure.

Tactical polo shirt

Art by: Artemiish
Description: For Bad Company contractors, it even has arm pockets!


Art by: Artemiish
Description: Asked Artemiish to remake the UBAC, may start using this for the future US Military update and whatnot for RH2. I prefer it over my own.

Agency Suit Set:

Art by: Artemiish
Description: TMC had to opt out for the suit so Artemiish is doing this again. We have decided to make the necktie a separate item. Pants, jacket and necktie will be colorable, shirt will stay white.

EDIT: Just realized necktie on other bodies will look off cause of head placement. Have to rethink that part.

Deleted scenes, progression of the M4 PCR:

BlackMarket420 and I had to talk about this all day, we went for as much detail in functionality as possible while making it a charged weapon, but obviously he did all the hard work drawing the thing while I just kept telling him to change this and change that the entire time. Above are the early versions of the weapon progressing downwards, and obviously the final piece is on top of this post.

- Polo Shirt
- Charge weapon

- Khaki Trousers
- Suit (WIP)
- Balaclava (Potentially one type, and a skull one)
- Eye pros
- Goggle eye pros
- Tactical Cap
- Watch Cap (May not make it)
- Shemagh Scarf
- EXFIL Ballistic (Contractor)
- Python 2 vest (Being revised, its too thin)
- All .xml coding

Progress is slow guys but everyones so busy. TMC had to let me know he couldnt make the suit, cause of his education. Its also quiet on weekdays when everyone has other things, especially for me.

Quote from: Skynert on May 06, 2024, 02:46:49 PMMmm Baclava. Yummy.

Hunter Reactive helmet gives me Mandalorian vibe

Yeah bro it is based on the Galac-tec helmet, which was based off Boba Fett's helmet.

Quote from: ZomDoc on May 09, 2024, 12:59:08 AMThat Helmet is sick. Awesome work bro.

Thanks bro, though BlackMarket420 made it so I can't hog all the glory
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
May 06, 2024, 01:22:04 PM
Progress report: Bad Company

Art by: Yours trully

Hunter Reactive

Art by: BlackMarket420
Description: Reminder that this will be colorable for those of you who want customization. Backpack will be separate

Comtac 2

Art by: Lolkenator4k

Softshell jacket

Art by: Artemiish


Art by: BlackMarket420

Pushed everything back to next weekend before I begin coding, things are looking good so far. The Headhunters are gonna be a real menace.

We still need a polo shirt and tactical caps, waiting for another helmet and I am yet to do some balaclavas and eye pros. When its all done its time to code and release this bad boy

- Polo Shirt
- Khaki Trousers
- Balaclava (Potentially one type, and a skull one)
- Eye pros
- Goggle eye pros
- Tactical Cap
- Watch Cap (May not make it)
- Shemagh Scarf
- EXFIL Ballistic (Contractor)
- Another body armor? (Optional)
- Python 2 vest (Being revised, its too thin)
- All .xml coding
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
May 05, 2024, 02:01:03 PM
Progress report: Bad Company

This is the new art I'll feature for the preview in the steam description, currently unfinished. The "Headhunter", using the Patriot Mk II serum and Hunter Reactive, they are the super soldiers from the Patriot Project embedded by the UCIA in Bad Company.

Hunter Reactive Armor:

Description: Second generation prototype power armor made in the UCA, used by super soldiers in The Patriot Project. Colorable.

BM420 has done a good job doing this armor, he also did Deathstroke's armor, Juggernaut Mk 2 armor and the PS Reinforced Armor for RH2. He's very good with these.

This is the MDR 7.62, will be used by the Headhunters. May give them the standard LA-M4 of Bad Company alongside this DMR. TMC did this gun, I wanted our Headhunters to use 7.62 weapons, but I may give them the M4 in the event they raid buildings. A large weapon like this with a 20 round capacity may be impractical for that kind of situation.

This is the EXFIL LTP used by SAG, in real life it is not ballistic, in-game it will be explained away to be ballistic.

ComTac 2 headset done by Lolkenator for Bad Company. We just need caps and shemaghs now, don't know if I wanna do more headgear besides these

We have a lot of artists currently busy, likely to start actually coding Bad Company next weekend and I hope that this is the last week in production so we can move on and release.

Quote from: ZomDoc on May 03, 2024, 12:27:00 AMI really like your homemade lore and factions, so I'm all for the head-hunters. As for any series you start to make, I will always have a special place in my heart for your super serious dead frontier movie, plus the Void games script was well written and charming. It would be funny to see Rocko prince as sort of a mercenary version of President Ackerman from the red alert games.

Initially my idea for the long term was that Bad Company gets taken down by a character who is part of the original Patriot Program during the Vietnam War, one of the few surviving human beings with the original serum. He gets on the wrong end of the UCIA's stick and they pretty much try to erase him. Bad Company suffers a ton of losses and public backlash, and the UCIA and American government is left with no choice but use the company and Rocko as a scapegoat.

I'm not so sure now because Bad Company went from a simple Blackwater parody to a more complex faction with deeper lore, so I may just make them have their own story later, think it'll be more fun placing this PMC in tactical horror shenanigans involving anomalies and such with their own series than having them be nameless bad guy minions, though I can always have both later when I begin animations.

Quote from: Skynert on May 03, 2024, 04:06:16 AMAmmo? I dont use CE. Keep name Hunter for armor

Yeah not changing it bro, was for the pawntype
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
May 02, 2024, 06:54:20 PM
Progress Report: Bad Company

This is Rocko Prince, the man who started Bad Company. I've based him off a certain someone you guys may recognize. I've amalgamated both the founder of Blackwater and Jocko and made a rather stoic, pragmatic and ultimately morally dubious individual who does this (Whatever Bad Company does) all in the name of Democracy, Liberty and Uncle Sam's cash.

Been wanting to do an animated series for RimWorld for a long time, you guys may know, so I've actually been planning a lot of lore and characters for RH2, excluding franchise related factions and characters (While those guys have their own story on why everything is meant to be connected) so I can avoid copyright stuff.

Not a lot of progress again today, had to hand over EXFIL LTP helmet to BM420 and he's begun on it.

We've decided to add UCIA's secret soldier program in Bad Company since it's not gonna make it in NATCO.

Hunter Reactive will return as a power armor, this time it will be colorable and fully tacticool looking, done by BM420. Asked him to finish it by Monday, hopefully Bad Company will be ready next week.

Bad Company pawntype concept: Hunter
UCIA's secret weapon. While the Soviets have their own "Juggernaut" super soldier program that uses a much safer genetic engineering system to create physically enhanced men and women, back in the UCA, The "Patriot Project" begun development during WWII. Initially meant for UC Troops, it never quite kicked off and was officially closed down during the Vietnam War when the first generation of serums killed more people than it successfully enhanced. When the second Cold War kicked off, the project was re-opened, but ultimately discarded in favour of mechanized drones in the support role, which is cheaper in the long run.

Bad Company Hunters are sent in to deal with jobs that nobody in their right mind would want to do, because dead bodies of the last guys who tried, suggest that perhaps it's time to call it quits. They will be equipped with experimental power armor, move with animal-like speed and shoot with high precision.

Also I don't know if we're keeping the name "Hunter". I'd call them "Raider" but that kinda belongs to the UCMC Raiders, so we'll stick to Hunter for now. Thinking maybe "Headhunter"? may sound cooler

Armor: Hunter Reactive armor set
An experimental power armor produced in the United Commonwealth of America.

Was intended for Marine Raiders in the UCMC, but was ultimately rejected in favour of allocating the military budget on drones. The argument was that human infantry are rapidly becoming obsolete as drone technology advances further and further. While soldiers get ill, injured or deal with psychological stresses, drones that can carry even higher firepower do not. Thus, the Hunter Reactive became one of the many products of Uncle Sam that got shelved.

Laws regarding the interstellar importing and exporting of American made armors are highly restricted, especially during the recent administration, causing the Hunter Reactive to become a collector's item, almost even a myth that many thought did not "really" exist.

Features include toxic resistance, high sharp and blunt protection, enhanced movespeed, more carrying capacity when worn, has HUD in the helmet assisting with aim
(If SOS2 is enabled, works in space)

These will be colorable, worn with wolf grey fatigues. So our Bad Company Headhunters (Yeah I may just use that instead) will wear them in light grey, while the leader may wear it in full black. The fatigues will stay the same colour throughout.

Implant: Patriot Mk II Serum
The Patriot Mk II serum is the second generation of its top secret predecessor that allows the user beyond peak human capabilities. Heightened senses, heightened immunity, heightened speed and reflexes and most of all, a body that is more resistant to damage.

The reason for it never seeing the light of day among UC troops is due to the government favouring drone production over investing more on infantry that may leave the service after their contract expires. The serum's predecessor was also secret due to the high mortality rate it had, recorded to have only worked on less than 10 soldiers since during the Vietnam War.

The Mk II is a less potent and powerful version of the Patriot Serum, but it is less likely to fail and kill the person it's being implanted on.

XOF Progress:

TMX is finishing up skullface's attire, asked for the coat to be colorable. I also requested for a reskin of Skullface's onskin so we can give it to the UCIA agents in Bad Company.

XOF helmet is looking better, this is the GZ version. The TPP version will be in all black.

As always guys, feedback would be great, would appreciate some but no pressure
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
May 01, 2024, 05:13:36 PM
Progress Report: Bad Company

Touched up the shading and other things for the preview. Didn't feel right leaving it as it was.
(Forgot about the patches on the helmet as of this post, big oof, will sort later. May either add blood type or "SAG")

Worked on some new custom UI for this faction of course:

Mission UI

Guard Duty UI

Salary UI

Fortunately saved a ton of time re-using some old UI stuff, makes perfect sense for me to do so anyway.

Guardian GI textures:

Thoughts on giving these guys energy shielding? So troops can hide behind them in combat. It won't be much, just enough to stop the one RPG projectile or some other explosive. It will likely have the same amount of health as the soviet made Stalnoy Drones in Gruppa Krovi, while the G.I. Drones will be significantly quicker but have less HP than these heavy hitters



Re-used the template for the G2. Asking for a recolor with belts and the armor, had to ask BM420 to do the helmet because Fiendakko's computer bricked. Hopefully his PC is fine, besides the fact that it has unfinished XOF stuff in there. He did say he has the files saved but you never know if he accidentally sends his PC to some wonky tech support guy that ends up sending it in a worse state than last time

- All .xml coding (Everything needs doing)
- Helmets (May have A and B, one for the SAG pawns and one for the regulars)
- Headgear textures, i.e. watch cap, baseball cap, headset, shemagh scarf, balaclavas, eye protection (x3) etc.
- Onskins: polo shirt, khakis
- Middle/shell: Suit

I also plan on getting started on Deadpool while we wait for XOF mod straight after Bad Company's release. I'm guessing XOF will be ready sometime by the end of the month, but if more stuff goes wrong like fiendakko's computer or some physical accident on myself, then we don't know when it can come out.

Quote from: Skynert on May 01, 2024, 04:24:15 AMRaider vehicles are sooner than later So I would like to see more M2 Carl Gustav like things. More guns mean more safety

Cheers bro, good to hear. No other comments about it not using ammo?
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
April 30, 2024, 06:54:42 PM
Progress Report: Bad Company

Finally finished the preview. Was dreading it won't look good or up to par with other previews, as I usually do.. Then I finished and thought it looked a bit overkill. Someone made a joke about it being AI generated. Glad to see I still got it on these previews  8)

G.I. Drone
Done by BlackMarket420, he did a great job. Again, 7ft tall robots with heavy equipment so the boys don't have to carry it, that way they can carry more Snackers n' Beer

Weapon of choice for the G.I. Drones. There will be no machine gunners for Bad Company, the job will be for drones. Done by TMC, did a great job as he always does.

Guardian G.I. Drone
Currently unfinished but BM420 did a great job on these. I love its appearance, it looks like a robot gym rat

M2HB Machine Gun, Mk19 Launcher, XM214
Carried by Guardian G.I. Drones as they are on the heavy support role. The faction is lacking on anti-tank but I think it's perfect for their more specialized role compared to Gruppa Krovi. They are better when it comes to small scale, covert sneaky beaky operations while Gruppa Krovi is just a pretend PMC that acts as an army for the Soviet Federation. Ultimately in the battlefield, it's likely Bad Company would lose a head-to-head contact if GK had their tank walkers.

Bolt action AMR to be given to Bad Company marksmen alongside the G3 DMR. Thought it was necessary. It's also an old rifle from Rimmu-Nation - Weapons back in RH1, so welcome back to an old friend I suppose

XOF Progress

Not a lot progress on XOF, Fiendakko has shouldered all apparel as he has for 98% of RH2 Metal Gear mods so far. I've had a lot of revision requests to get colours and shapes right, it turns out there's a Ground Zeroes variant of an XOF unit, and a TPP variant. Two slightly unique looks apart from the games, which we will have.

TMC is doing Skull Face's attire, I asked for him to separate the shell and the onskin so this will take a little longer. It's unknown if he'll be able to do Quiet's outfit cause he's busy. He also did Paz' uniform on the MSF mod so I was hoping he'd have all the unique character stuff, if we can't then we'll have to compromise.

"20 years in the can, I wanted manicotte, instead I ate grilled cheese of the radiator." - Uncle Phil

When Bad Company is done I will give BM420 room to finish Skull parasite pawntypes and Sahelantrophus, which XOF will have.

[RH2] Rimmu-Nation 2 - Security plans

M2 Carl Gustav
Just an idea guys, a mannable M2 Carl Gustav turret? I won't overcomplicate it, and like the BGM-71 TOW it will fire a high armor penetration, long range explosive shell which will require no ammo crafting.

Would people like more additions like these? Give me your thoughts please. Don't know what else to add at the moment that won't require C#, besides another turret but I'm on the fence about a CIWS. Mainly due to its top down perspective.

Quote from: williamb1995 on April 29, 2024, 06:30:34 AM"Then we'll finish it all off and have good old Umbra Company and War Mongrels back like the old days"

so good, I'm so excited

Well these things take time bro, don't get too excited in case something happens and we get derailed  :'(
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
April 28, 2024, 06:35:07 PM
1.5 Updates: Google Drive Link

Mod updates:

Rimmu-Nation 2 - Weapons
- Launchers rebalanced, damages and armor penetration nerfed across all launchers
NOTE: All nerfs are for the 1.5 version only

Credits: Samael Gray

Rimmu-Nation 2 Security
- BGM-71 TOW damage nerf from 300 to 150. Armor pen nerf from 4 to 2
- SAM turret damage nerf from 175 to 125
NOTE: All nerfs are for the 1.5 version only

Faction - Utilitarian
- Deleted Task Force 141 MREs recipe patch since it doesn't belong to this mod

Faction - Gruppa Krovi
- Nerfed armor penetration of Tesla Drone and Plasma Drone
- KV-2 cooldown for Kroha launcher and DShK increased
- Reduced armor pen for howitzer shell
- Nerfed RPG-7V2 damage from 100 to 90

Faction - Militaires Sans Frontieres
- ZEKE Railgun damage nerfed from 350 to 200. Armor pen nerfed from 4 to 2.
- Peace launcher and Zeke's launcher damage and armor pen nerfed for their respective missiles
- Cooldown increased for peace clusters, frag clusters and Zeke railgun
- Explosion delay slightly increased for peace clusters and frag clusters
- MSF Railgun damage and armor pen nerf
NOTE: All nerfs are for the 1.5 version only
- MSF Rations patch fixes so they can be cookable

Storyteller: Paz Peaceful
- Rounded off Paz' cheek texture on her left since it was too angular. All previews and images re-exported to reflect changes

Plans for [RH2] Faction - Bounty Hunters

Hunter Pistol (DOOM 3 Pistol) (WIP)

Super Shotgun V3 (DOOM 3 Super Shotgun)

Planning on nerfing the faction by letting the low tier bounty hunter pawns spawn with these weapons. I get complaints all the time about these guys raiding tribals and naked start players so I'll increase combat power and add these guns. I'll also make the low tier pawns not spawn with a shield.

Will likely push the update sometime next week, it will break CE Compatibility however.

So far this Sunday, no other progress for factions are out, but the good news is I found the original Praetor Suit files so I can make the Mk2 version when I return to DOOM. I gave up on the old UAC stuff I was doing since the armors were very complex and I'm busier than I used to, so I'm outsourcing their textures as well. As for the guns? I'll redo the vectorized ones later because I don't like the quality of those now, and I'll finish the DOOM mod once we've completed a few factions from the old RH1 collection.

Then we'll finish it all off and have good old Umbra Company and War Mongrels back like the old days, add more stuff to VOID and then think about new projects and move on from the old completely.

Quote from: ZomDoc on April 27, 2024, 09:50:44 PMMore red horse knick knacks is always a treat to me.

Good to hear bro, thanks. Snackers are here to stay

Quote from: Skynert on April 28, 2024, 03:31:00 AMMore snacks = more democracy per hour. Of course we like them. And G.I Drones.

Yeah aiming to get Bad Company next week but progress has been slow for everyone. I think the team is still burned out from rushing Gruppa Krovi and all the work we did with MSF. I'm hoping by Wednesday all commissioned textures are ready, and then the rest is down to me

1.5 Updates: Google Drive Link

Mod updates:

Faction - Militaires Sans Frontieres
- MSF Railgun no longer overhead (Basically the rail charge won't disappear in mountains and ignore drop shields now)
- MSF battle dress added to traderkinds in base

Notes: forgot to fix this one, my bad.
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
April 27, 2024, 09:15:01 PM
1.5 Updates: Google Drive Link

Mod updates:
[RH2] Militaires Sans Frontieres
- Maxi Cola can no longer cause an overdose

Bad Company Progress:


G.I. Drone
Description: Ground Infantry Drone, will be carrying M60-E6. The Guardian GI Drone variant will be heavily armored, look bulkier and have a different head. Approximately 7ft tall so slightly taller than the pawns. BM420 did a kitbash of a few refs for an original model


FRK360 Body Armor and SAG War belt
Description: Part of SAG uniform. Yet to do their helmet, handed it over to Fiendakko, didn't realize I lost my original EXFIL files which is a pain in the butt


Glock 19
Description: The UCIA service pistol, will be carried by agents in caravans.

M2HB, Mk19, XM214 Microgun
Description: To be carried by Guardian GI Drones


Description: Re-purposed from Spec Ops The Line WIP mod, will just keep the old "US Army" MREs separate to our new United Commonwealth/NATCO MREs for when their respective faction comes later.

Description: Nut and caramel filled chocolate bar. Carried by some of the Bad Company troops. Will give a mood buff. I was on the fence about adding this, because I have prepped a few knick knacks for the faction, but we'll see how you guys respond if you wanna give your thoughts on having more knick knacks.


Beer. Can't have an all-American dad faction without it.

Westboro Cigarettes
Description: Smokeleaf based cigarettes, same as the others. Couldn't think of a better parody name for "Marlboro" so here we are.

Bad Company to-do:
Tactical Cap
(Helmet TBD)
Shemagh Scarf
Polo Shirt
SAG Uniform
XM214 Microgun retexture
Guardian G.I. Drone Textures
G.I. Drone Textures
all .xml coding

XOF To-do
- All apparel textures
- All weapon textures
- Sahelantrophus textures
- Skull unit textures
- Skull unit coding
- Quiet's abilities coding (same as skulls)

- Quest bug still pending fixes when factions dont exist

Deadpool To-do
- To be released before Deadpool 3 movie release
- Domino outfit (tbd)
- Psylocke set (tbd)
- Elektra set (tbd)
- Silver Sable pistol
- All .xml coding
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
April 24, 2024, 03:58:48 PM
1.5 Updates: Google Drive Link

Mod updates:

[RH2] Metal Gear Solid
- Missing ideology texture for FOXHOUND ideology icon fixed
- Starting scenario text having white space fixed
- FOXHOUND world logo changed to better fit vanilla
- Culture description fix and removed the term "mercenary"

[RH2] Militaires Sans Frontieres
- Hush Puppy and Mosin now craftable
- MSF trader in base now sells hush puppy, mosin and stun rod

Quote from: Skynert on April 24, 2024, 03:19:16 PMNo problem, I have stockpile of drugs for those poor drug dependend xenohumans.

Yep, it's what I would do too. Sadly drugs are a bit goofy
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
April 24, 2024, 10:13:43 AM
1.5 Updates: Google Drive Link

Mod updates:

[RH2] Hand-To-Hand
- Mysterious cargo errors fixed

Quote from: williamb1995 on April 23, 2024, 06:18:13 AM-snip-

the factions did not appear on the map, but all the equipment was there
I'm a fan of AR style weapons and plate carriers, I can't do without them. =)

so I think I must not be the only one who is nostalgic
it must be said that you did a great job, the same with RH 2

Ay-yay-yay bro that's mucho buggy. One of these days I'll have both Ghosts and Bad Company pushed, then we can move on to XOF and Cordis Die and so on and so forth

Quote from: Skynert on April 23, 2024, 11:29:51 AMI have suggestion, can you make in RimDeed that it shows xenotype of pawn?

hey bro, been difficult getting a hold of the coders lately so unfortunately, just like the mission board, I will probably have to put this suggestion away. I would like to explore it but right now its hard to get anyone who knows C# to help
General Discussion / Re: I MUST COMPLIANT !!!
April 23, 2024, 04:52:58 AM
Hello mate. I suggest you speak to Ramsis in RW Discord to hash this out if its a community/mod related issue. I highly doubt Tynan will get involved unless it directly involves Ludeon Studios or the game
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
April 23, 2024, 04:28:47 AM
1.5 Updates: Google Drive Link

RH1 Update:
Prison Outfit
- removed the negative symbol for slave suppression stat offset so its +20

Mod stuff:

Hand-to-hand has a known bug with mystery cargo. Waiting on Taranchuk to sort it out. Had a busy week, been resting. Fiendakko is almost done with all XOF uniforms (though we still need skullface and quiet's attire)

TMC is doing guns I asked for for Bad Company and BM420 is yet to do mechs for Bad Company and XOF.

NelsonArts joined the team and was tasked with the new body armor to be used by The Ghosts, they will have a colorable armor and war belt since it's what NA wanted and suggested. I didn't mind since we could play a lot more with colorable stuff.

Meanwhile yours trully has been dossing because I'm a top dosser, obviously the most important job in the crew

Progress Report:
Bad Company

lolkenator3k made the FRK 360 body armor more detailed, I'll also ask for a war belt later so our SAG guys have mag pouches somewhere.

The python plate carrier, would have used PACA but we already have it. It'll be colorable so I dont have to make multiple versions, our UCIA Agents will have them in black while the contractors will have them tan. We dont get many colorable armors in RH2 anyway so this is a nice change of pace.

Also thinking about a short film with these guys starring the Army of Fetid Corpses by BM420, but animation takes a lot of time so we shall see.

Quote from: ZomDoc on April 21, 2024, 07:53:57 PMI like to imagine the Bad Company contractors have a grill day to fit with the dad vibe going on. Have to keep morale up with some good old fashion barbecue.

They get paid quite a bit so they probably go on grill restaurants with the boys for some beer out of work hours

Quote from: Skynert on April 22, 2024, 04:25:14 AMLore and stuff. I like black ops hush hush delta waifu PMC's forces. Also, yesterday I sold to Krovi 500kg of coffee and now we friends.

They're all gonna be wired on coffee now, with caffeine dependence because of you

Quote from: williamb1995 on April 22, 2024, 10:34:46 AMOh ! Rim-munation clothing update, go go! I install

Didn't know people still used it bro, was hoping I could move on with RH2 by now but I was surprised to see RH1 mods having quite a following separate from RH2
Unfinished / Re: [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
April 21, 2024, 07:22:30 PM
1.5 Updates: Google Drive Link

Guys hello. It's very late and I overextended updating all of RH Classic (That we already have here) and then some, such as Jarhead Incident Sounds and Nerfed Portable Generator mod. I don't even have time to make the list pretty since I still have to do admin for work and its already midnight.

I did try to update Rimmu-Nation - Weapons for old times sake with some caveats (i.e. warning not to use with RH2) but it's actually badly broken. Besides the dramas with the old guy who did the balancing, there's that problem. I think it's safe to mark and avoid.

Make sure you go to the RH1 folder (Red Horse 1 folder) for the RH1 mods, so there's no confusion.

Here are the updates:

RH1 list:

Prisoner Apparel:
- 1.5
- Some cleanup done on textures
- modicon.png added
- added slave suppression statoffset.

Detailed Body Textures I
- Mod icon
- Compatibility tag for 1.5 and other versions below
- Removed 0.19 compatibility tag
- New mod preview showing the reskin textures

Detailed Body Textures II
- Added mod icon

T-45b Power Armor
- 1.5 compatibility
- Now tagged to have EVA for SOS 2
- Now has high insulation to stop space compression

[Uru] Rim Seraph hair
[Uru] Kemono Friends Hair
[Uru] Kemono Friends Faces
[Uru] Touhou Hair
- 1.5 tagged with compatibility
- modicon.png added

DOOM Kit Classic
Retro Joy
Metal Gear Solid - Incident Sounds
Metal Gear Solid - Incident Sounds 2
Chicken Mitchell - Hairstyles
US Military Kit
British Military Kit
Portable Power Generator
Portable Nerfed Generator
Gunny Storyteller
- 1.5
- Modicon.png added
- Crafting benches up to date to stop errors for 1.5
- Assemblies replaced for 1.5 with up to date ones
- Bench fixes. Deleted old RNBuildingBase, changed to vanilla BuildingBase for 1.5 to stop UI errors.
- Added RRS beret for British Military Kit

RH2 list:

Rimmu-Nation 2 - Weapons
- Deleted unused RNBuildingBase since our Bench now uses vanilla BuildingBase as a parent for 1.5

Uncle Boris Radio - Broodman
- new modicon.png to distinguish from the other music mod

Quote from: Skynert on April 21, 2024, 10:09:44 AMNice, very nice.

What in particular, the faction lore or the stuff they have?

Quote from: williamb1995 on April 21, 2024, 11:00:41 AMhaven't you tried to create a patreon like oskar potocki? , this allows you to do devblogs as currently, and to recover some funding for your mods by offering subscribers who offer views on hidden devblogs or other things

could this help you? No ?

No mate, I already have a kofi. Am very grateful of the donations people have given, but I rarely get any. It'd be embarassing to have a Patreon with 0 donors, or one guy who donates a dollar for a month. Not worth it.

I'm not oskar potocki, and no offense to him but I work for the King (God save the Gracious King, who are ya, who are ya) so technically he's paying for the commissions. I'll quit it if I can't handle it, but I'm not gonna push for people to give me money when they don't want to. I already have a kofi people ignore on the steam pages, but again, I'm not entitled to anyone's money (except my employer's) so I'm not gonna bang on about it.

Also the devblogs here are free and it's for myself and whoever wants to see it. No use making it locked behind a paywall.