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General Discussion / Re: Stools & workbenches for efficient crafting
« on: January 02, 2020, 04:56:41 AM »
I stumbled over that issue aswell recently, and I am asking me why? For me it only makes sense to avoid moving on mass producing to allow a crafter focusing on his craft.

Is it correct that the functionality got removed completely? Is there any reason for it?

Ideas / Equality of Arms - Tribal persistance
« on: February 20, 2019, 05:12:46 AM »
I just stumbled over Rimworld after a long break and I just stimbled over the same issues I had long ago.
One thing was that my tribal colonies quickly get forced to evolve in technology due to raids using modern weaponry whilst I still be using clubs and bows. A thing I never really liked.
Now I was thinking, what if raid armament will be depending on colony armament? Meaning, if you primary have Neolithic weapons, enemy will have mostly neolistic weaponry aswell.
Depending on RNG they still bring some weapons above your level, meaning a uzi-wielding raid might have one charge rifle or a tribal raid have one revolver to the fight.
To work this out the basic weapon classes (neolithic, modern, advanced, mechanoid) could be used. So, if you don't have any modern weaponry in your colony, the raid generator will try to choose better quality armor and weapons in your Time period instead of switching to futuristic weaponry.
To prevent abuse I'd focus on the highest weapons of own. Meaning if you have 100 bows and 5 assault rifles, raids will use for the first 5-10 raids a assault rifle equal and the others more neolithic. This doesn't mean merceneries use bows aswell, but they get downgraded to what makes sense... revolvers or such.

As a result I imagine it to be possible to make a playthrough which only uses bows and spears, or whatevery era one likes, instead of progressing to the same high-end weapons asap.

General Discussion / Re: Making armor useful again
« on: October 04, 2018, 03:15:13 AM »
How about a very video-gamey solution: armor takes 100% of the damage, but has vastly reduced hitpoints compared to now. So a simple helmet might have 25 hitpoints but will absorb the entire damage. Obviously, it will also break very quickly under sustained fire.

This would make armor expensive to use, but effective.

Actually this would be a good idea to differ between clothing and armor, making armor less likely to break because of higher durability and casual clothing can take a shot but will break quickly in combat.

Ideas / Re: solar powered lamps
« on: September 10, 2018, 08:43:05 AM »
Both a nice idea: self sustaining lamps, with solar panel and Batterie and smart lights which only turn on when light level is below 50%

Ideas / "Taming" mental break with Social skill
« on: September 10, 2018, 04:22:35 AM »
The idea:
Similar to self treatment for a doctor, a colonist gains a checkbox "appease other".
With this checkbox active, they will try to interact with mental break characters, similar to recruitment or taming.
The outcoming is dependent on mental break-type and social skill:

A. Critical success: mental break is over relation between pawns increase
B. Success: mental break is over, realation between pawns lowers
C. Failure: mental break continues
D. Critical failure: Mental break get replaced by higher level break (minor to major to extreme)

The reason:
I feel like social skill doesn't have a real effect on the game.

Yes, it increases recruiting chances.
=> You need to wait 8 days instead of 10 until your recruitment succeds, but anyway youre not in a hurry, and even if you are you cannot 'rush' recruitment, as it's unpredictable.
Yes, increases trade Prices.
=> I think this is a 5-10% price change, but anyway I don't care as Trade values doesn't matter too much. Trading is binary: You have too much goods or silver or you have nothing.
Yes, there are Peace talk quests.
=> I used to accept them 0-2 times per game.
No, I never searched for a starting colonist with high social because i said "that's important"
=> Because it isn't

I think this would be a good way to make social skill much more important, as it can be a live savior in critical situations .... or worsens thing. In every case it's a more active ability instead of a passive nice-to-have.
Furthermore it feels more realistic for me to talk each other down instead of imprisoning each other, which is more of an emergency measure.

General Discussion / Re: Is playing on 300x300+ truly bad?
« on: September 05, 2018, 07:28:14 AM »
Unless it's true what my preposters said, I never had any issue on large maps with pathfinding, AI and other stuff, the game is warning of.
By this I'd say it's definitly not truly bad.

...but It's worth mentioning that CPU/RAM-Problems can happen more likely as it's bigger when it's bigger.

General Discussion / Re: Beta 19 - Polish the Cannons released!
« on: September 05, 2018, 04:17:57 AM »
My two cents, about the changes I noticed and had an opinion to:

Quick alternative to moisture pumps, basicly a good one, as moisture pumps are not realistic to use for base design.
Anyway they feel too strong for me, as they can be build anywhere and nullify most terrain issues. Could be nerved a little bit.

Message History:
A good step into the right direction for better storytelling. I like to reread things I haven't noticed or forgotten. Anyway, for now it's just for amusement. I never read it for any real purpose. But still, it's cool.

Plate armor
Basicly cool. Sounds like a melee focused armor. Anyway I am not sure if the slower speed is worth the higher resistances.

Wildlife Tab
Cool thing. Very cool. I miss the ability to set auto hunting, like I had it in 'colony manager' but for now the mod is obsolete for me.

Ship Sequence
Very cool. Ship launch now feels more end-boss.

Raid Type:  Multiple groups / Multiple pods
I barely noticed them as they mostly focus to the same targets and end up being like a normal raid. Might be a false feeling, but as said: barely noticed.

Faction relations
Another good step. Combat support is a really nice-to-have. With trades and quests there are enough options to influence relations, which is good. Anyway, all factions feel the same and all factions are the same, as they all provide the same quests and the traders are kind of similar.
Wish there to be a bigger personality to factions.

Basicly a nice idea. It's equal to solar and wind in tech level, but doesn't have any of their downsides.
As being a perfect energy source it's endgame viable for me together with geo power.

I am happy with the new leathers. Still they are quite plenty for flavor and color, but they are not that plenty as they feel spammy.

Anyway I am unhappy with the new leathers and devilstrand, as they feel very underpowered for me now. They all have their differences, but they are not that large. I'd wish all leathers/fabric would be more special, having more utility or specialisation.
Currently leather is just a filler until flak armor can be crafted - and that's quite a short period..

opportunistically hauling
Great one. Only problem I had with haul for constructions, is that it seems to have a low priority. Mostly have to assign it manually as people prefer to carry blocks to a storage instead of the next wall blueprint.

If the formula in the wiki is correct, the game doesn't differ between death and downed.

For this reason I created a heat box: small room filled with heaters, big enough to put all my naked colonists into. After they were all downed to heatstroke, adaption graph dropped a lot and a stranger appeared ( it was a wimp). As I did repeat the process, no wimp appeared and no more graph reaction was noticed.

General Discussion / Re: rimworld
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:03:09 AM »
Finally! Don't know why it took so long for this Post to happen. Keep up the good work.

If you really really really need that slowdown, trees are the slowest thing i know. Put a tree in a 1 tile corricor to force passing, andy your enemy will slow through... for ages. Since A18 they provide only 25% cover, instead of 45%, so they might not cause such a big problem anymore.
Not sure about burned trees stats. In deserts check all terrains. I think some ground types like sand or gravel are quite slow aswell (75-90% or something).

Anyway, there are no artificial items that are meant to be used for slowdown only.

General Discussion / Re: Trap costs in 0.19
« on: August 30, 2018, 03:48:04 AM »
I think traps are pretty much balanced. They provide a strong effect on high ressource cost with low maintenance.

What I don't like is that they don't have any synergy with anything. Worst case looks like this: colonist shoots at attacker. arm get hit  to 15/35 health. Attacker  takes cover, cover had a wooden trap placed. Bam, arm get reduced to -35/35. Now all 'preparation' the colonist did is lost. Would have been no difference if there was just the trap alone.
My current defense is an S-shaped corridor. In the first row, colonist defend and retreat through doors. in the second are traps only and in the third are the colonists and towers again.

It would be great if traps would be used to soften enemy, not kill them outright. This would counter the current situation where traps are better to be used stacked in a row with no interruption.

I was pissed by cooking aswell. Making me make a similar decision like PO, but I started to use strawberries only, because according to the wiki Corn has only 17% more nutrient per day than strawberries.

Anyway, I started strawberries and I was happy for the beginning, as its been  now cooking, and berries keep around 11 days, much longer than meals. At first I was happy, but now I am back into the cooking businis, as I noticed cookig with a cook is not that much work than I thought to remember. Comparison:

Raw Food(strawberries):
+Similar output than corn per tile (-17%)
+No cook time
+No cooking skill required
+eat at work (every room can have a single food storage)
+fast grow speed, less risk

-More planting work with strawberry than corn
-Mood debuff
-Good cook can cook fast
-2% food poison is 2% food poison

Eating raw food has benefits, if you don't have the infrastructure for cooking.
This means, having a strong planter, but no cook, is a valid solution, because it always works: If you cook strawberries you have a meal. If you cannot cook, there are berries in the fridge. If you cannot take time for hauling, there is a field with harvested berries on it: finger food. So, if you have no manpower, one planter alone can do the food thing.
Downside to corn would be that the debuff can be a problem as early you have bigger downspikes in mood. A bad cook, will cook very slow, blocking that one completely and has a higher poison chance. A good cook, will cook very fast with a good setup and garantee 0% food poison. Fine meal's buff is much better than raw food penalty as +4 give the edge to happiness, but -4 doesn't make any difference.

-Plant rice/corn if you're very low on manpower.
-Plant strawberries if you're low on manpower.
-Plant strawberries if you have no cook.
-Start cooking when you have a good cook.
-Train your cook if you don't have one(No flame will still able to reach cook 10)

General Discussion / Re: Beta 19 - Polish the Cannons released!
« on: August 28, 2018, 08:07:47 AM »
I'm hoping to keep further changes to technical fixes and optimizations from here to 1.0. I'm not against some design changes but nothing structural or destabilizing. That's the hope.

So... the last update was beta 19, now followed by beta 20, which will probably result in a 1.0 release, but for now we don't have any idea what is  supposed to happen in beta 20 and we will find out when Ser Tynan is telling us in the next patch news which will be amazing?

Ideas / Re: Nobody makes one meal at a time!
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:58:56 AM »
Just do what the French cook says!

Larger meal quantities could be gated by cooking skill, as you need some competence not to crap a dinner for 5 persons.

If realised in Rimworld I would consider 2 things:

1. Ingredients
with stools there is place for 6x75=450 units of raw food. So there its technical possible to craft 45 meals at a time without the need of walking.
Anyway, this would be a bit too extreme, to lets better pick 1-2 stacks of food, being 75-150.

2. item type
When making a feast, you probably not put it back in the freezer after youre done, or put it into tupper boxes. you probably put it on the table and people eat.
Whilst this makes sense, I think thats a bit much effort to realise, so I think it's better to stick with crafting x meals at once.


New bills

Crew meals
IN: 75x raw food
OUT: 8x simple meals
TIME: 6x simple meals
REQ: cook 4
BONUS: 0,5 free meal

Quality Food
IN: 25x meat, 25x vegetable
OUT: 5 fine meal
TIME: 4x fine meal
REQ: cook 10
BONUS: 20% faster

IN: 50 meat, 50 vegetable
OUT: 5x lavish meal
TIME: 3x lavish meal
REQ: cook 12
BONUS: 40% faster

IN: ingredients for  8x Packaged survival meal
OUT: 10x Packaged survival meal
TIME: 7x Packaged survival meal
REQ: cook 14
BONUS: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger?

Off-Topic / Re: This game encouraged me to learn programming.
« on: August 28, 2018, 05:55:35 AM »
As for the questions, I'm sure these have been asked a billion times. Where did you guys start learning programming or game design? Where should I begin, what steps to take or to not take? I've been learning basic HTML, C#, playing with unity, and bits of python; pretty well soaking up whatever I can from the web and taking notes for each different language. As far as starting goes, what do you recommend I stay away from?

Here my history as a reference:
I learned Assembly language in school. I had a teacher and a book. But most important: I had a project. A traffic light circuit with wifi, wheater report and customer service hotline.
In my first job as web designer I teached myself html/php from web references and WordPress-Tutorials. Here I learned the most about OOP and programming in common.
Afterwards I started a Project in raspberry pi, using c#. There was a difference between php and c# but there are good refences for best practice on google, which helped me a lot.
Today I work primary with java, making SOAP interfaces. But I never learned any java before.

First step in Programming is to decide what you want to do.
If you seriously want to go into programming, buy a book to get a realiable source of knowledge, so you can teach yourself whatever command is used in which way, and to get the basics of OOP and MVC. If you get at this point, will be able to find answers to all your questions by yourself, or know where to find them.
Anything else is softskill.

If you can write code in c#, you are able to read python/ruby/php/java and anything else.
If you want to programm in these languages, it's no big effort as they all work the same with similar (but not identical!) synatax.

If you don't seriously want to get into programming or youre not sure if you seriously want to, go into Rimworld modding. It might not be the best reference-project to learn, but it's not a bad one, as the code is readable and it's not too huge. Sadly there is no programmers documentation, but you cannot expect that.

I did find this tutorual quite helpful for c#-modding in Rimworld:
(Don't know if this is obsolete now)

Furthermore there's a wiki page for modding:

In the very end, programming is much work and learn. You will never stop learning.

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