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"A seraph mech death squad has dropped in right on top of you!"
Suddenly the medical system is overhauled to include each individual part of the brain. That'd be pretty neat, though getting shot in the hypothalamus and dying while incontinent would have to suck.
Please no blobs. Blobbernauts are terrifying.

That said, Cult of Nar'Sie siege bases where they simply gather blood from wildlife to summon Nar'Sie would be pretty cool.
Ask JuliaEllie, she managed to get custom backgrounds in for the Imperial faction in one of her mods.
Stories / Re: Thank you Randy extreme !
March 04, 2015, 12:58:53 AM
What do you have that assigns your colony numbers? Also, I thought Orion was lesser to the Commandos, since the Commandos usually come with APB/MRG weapons as well as nano armor/bionics. That and the occasional reactive suit and skin suit wearers.
Please collaborate with the author of Cybernetic Storm. If you can grant the fragmentation effect to the auto mortar I will forever love your soul.
Shooting the kidney causes unfiltered alcohol in the blood (because your silly colonists forgot how to drink and now intravenously inject alcohol, as is spacer way) to ignite, thus instantly killing your colonist.

I'm all for fast bleeding and slight but permanent damage to organs. Scarring is a hell of a thing to your internal organs and abdominal surgeries have the tendency of causing a recurring state of 'adhesions', thin strips of tissue your body produces to attach organs together, which harm it more than help it and are extremely painful. But of course, partly because of adhesions and the fact that most arteries can cause a human to bleed out in 5 minutes if severed, a dead-on realistic medical system might not be the best idea, so yeah, just cause heavy liver damage that CAN be healed.
General Discussion / Re: Forest Regions
February 17, 2015, 09:21:12 PM
I was playing on an ice sheet and decided to enter dev mode to execute a coldsnap.

The temperature actually got warmer.
When a melee fighter of mine managed to cleave an entire raiding party entering our base's door (dismembering many), I began a week-long scenario of constantly switching limbs from prisoner to prisoner. If after a few days, for example, someone still reverted back to below the required loyalty, I removed their legs and handed them off to whoever else actually needed them. Eventually we got two people out of the whole ordeal before a lapse in colony food stores demanded we stop for the sake of mental breaks, so I sealed off the prison room with the exhaust side of a cooler facing inward.
General Discussion / Re: How to calculate weapon epicness
February 17, 2015, 03:51:21 AM
The minigun is great against large groups of enemies but is largely inaccurate, takes a very long time to fire, and will destroy things around the target -- this is good to eliminate cover but can damage your colony.

The M-24 is slow-firing, but has amazing range and accuracy. It has the highest damage in the game and can sometimes land one-hit kills. It's best used for firing on mechanoids and siege bases rather than close-up defending your own base, if your base is closed in.

The LMG that I can't remember the name of, the one that fires bursts of 3-5 rounds, is a personal favorite simply because of being all-around good, though it's not particularly special in any way. It's decently accurate but still has the slight spread of the minigun and the medium range of the M-16. It's got average damage and with enough of them centipede-killing is pretty easy.

The M-16 is useful for picking off single targets, good for early game raiding parties when they aren't too crazy. It's medium range, but in base defense you don't need anything that long range. It's pretty quick to fire, has a three-round burst, and is significantly accurate. However, its damage is nothing to be too crazy about (I once shot a pirate at least 7 times, and had to flee -- they died of blood loss.)

The uzi is largely similar to the M-16, firing slightly faster with a medium-damage three round burst, however it's quite close range.

The pump shotgun is, as you can guess, close range and high damage. It takes a little bit more time to fire than the uzi but can decimate targets in two shots and doesn't miss often from its effective range, if the enemy is out of cover. Pile them at your doors to wipe out pirates that storm in. Their damage, combined with the centipede's 200% accuracy bonus for being a large target, make them ideal for taking out mechanoids.

The pistol has pitiful range and damage but fires a single shot very fast. Medium accuracy. Better to replace it with an uzi or a pump shotgun if you can.

The Lee-Enfield is for those who kind of want an M-24 but hate its long aim time. It fires faster, does about half the M-24's damage which is still enough to cause decent harm, but doesn't quite have the same range.

Can't say much about the charge rifle, I don't particularly use it that much as its accuracy doesn't seem to be too great.
1. Introduction of genetically modified humans into the standard population -- some may have grown chitin carapaces, others have additional muscle, maybe even have people adapted to night vision so that they lose the shooting debuff in the dark.

2. Ability to travel between 'instances', or otherwise the giant blocks of maps we have now.

3. After step 2, procedural generation of different events for each map. Megascarab tombs, the god-awful mechanoid hive, tribal battlegrounds, animals unique to a specific area (giant landbeasts!) and unique biomes like a tunneled out mountain are just some ideas for this.
Ideas / Re: Zombies
February 16, 2015, 02:57:57 PM
There's already a mod out there by JustinC, however I'm not certain if it's been updated to the current alpha version.
I think the idea of it being based on subjects escaping labs or even biological warfare would make a lot of sense. After all, genetic engineering leads to many things, and advanced governments mutating highly dangerous beings to eliminate a hostile Rimworld group would be a viable option.
Ideas / Re: Nomadic Playstyle
February 14, 2015, 09:34:34 PM
The whole lore aspect of Rimworld says there aren't really aliens, just mechanoids and severely genetically changed beings. But yeah, it'd be neat if these genetically modified people started working their way into being colonists, rather than the normal human being standard for everything. Genetic modification needs to be a thing, it'll be great seeing someone travelling the wastes of a desert with large humps on their backs for food storage. Perhaps there'll be mods that add in scenarios, where you have to travel across the world to reach the only land capable of still steadily growing food in order to survive. There are a lot of ways Rimworld can go right now, and I'm hoping this is one of them.