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Think about it.  Tree that eats corpses/meat is approached by handy, large, helpless wall of alive meat.  A feast!

Also, backstory-wise, it kinda answers the question of 'Why is there tree that digests meat?'

Answer:  Harbinger trees form a natural barrier against flesh-mass!

My head-cannon is the trees are designed to stop the advancing flesh--latching on and beginning to digest every part they can reach, and the Harbinger trees 'anesthetize' the sections they touch so the flesh-anomaly doesn't react to the Harbinger tree threat.

Looking forward to feedback/thoughts about this one.  Thanks!
Rimword, Alpha 0.10.780 Bug showing where "large" enclosed areas (where the graphics show they are roofed) appear in temperature and rollover display.

Description: The 'roofed' graphic occurs, the area is occluded from sunlight.  However, upon mouse rollover it is indicated the are is 'unroofed' and the temperatures are the same as outside.
Bugs / World Generation Fail
February 24, 2015, 10:18:09 PM
I read this one first:

And have deleted the old install (plus folder it was in) and extracted the latest update (RimWorldAlpha9eWin) and I'm unable to generate a new world, of any size, with any seed.

I'll try a reboot and fresh extraction, but thus far nothing happens when clicking the 'generate' button for new world gen.