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Think about it.  Tree that eats corpses/meat is approached by handy, large, helpless wall of alive meat.  A feast!

Also, backstory-wise, it kinda answers the question of 'Why is there tree that digests meat?'

Answer:  Harbinger trees form a natural barrier against flesh-mass!

My head-cannon is the trees are designed to stop the advancing flesh--latching on and beginning to digest every part they can reach, and the Harbinger trees 'anesthetize' the sections they touch so the flesh-anomaly doesn't react to the Harbinger tree threat.

Looking forward to feedback/thoughts about this one.  Thanks!
I found this when googling around for exactly the same thing.

Alas, no joy (yet).  I remember a feature like this for magic psycasts in Warcraft II back in 1999, so I know it's possible.

Hopefully somebody will get such a mod (or game feature, wink?) done up.
Bugs / [1.3.3080] "Moral Guide" role disabled falsely.
August 07, 2021, 09:53:04 AM
In a colony with 3 pawns, if 2 pawns are in the BioSculpter Pod, the "moral guide" role becomes unavailable due to "only 1 religious colonist remains".

Rimworld_Linux  1.3.3080
Ubuntu 20.04
Releases / Re: [1.1] SimpleSidearms (1.4.0)
July 31, 2021, 05:18:42 PM
(Apologies if this is necro-thread, but I didn't find a more recent Simple Sidearms thread)

Does anybody have good details on what the settings do?

I'm trying to set my colonists each with a rifle and a pistol--but no matter what they end up using the rifle at all ranges of ranged combat. 

The colonists *do* correctly swap for grenades, just not for pistols.

Pretty sure this is something in the "Mod Settings" for *Simple Sidearms* which I can affect, but kinda clueless as to what knob/switch/slider effects what.

Thanks in advance!
Hey, please can you correct you "about.xml" to be "About.xml"?  It throws errors in Mac/Linux if you have the capitalization wrong.

Thanks in advance!
So, you never want to post it to Steam, well enough.

Would you be averse to somebody else posting it to steam (with appropriate accreditation, link to this forum, etc)?
Resolved to my satisfaction, oddly enough by removing some inactive mods.  Weird.
(sorry to necro-thread)

I'm getting this same error.  Same scenario.  Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.  Rimworld 64bit running from steam.  Lots of mods.

Using the shiny new 1.0.2096 build of Rimworld.  Been fiddling with the "which mod is it" troubleshooting, and if it's mods then there's some mod interaction that seems like it would be best described by calculus groups.  Sadly, verbose logging via dev mod has given me no hints.

The bottom of the /tmp/rimworld_log:
Receiving unhandled NULL exception
#0  0x007ffea82a7600 in funlockfile
#1  0x007ffea82a7b98 in vasprintf
#2  0x007ffea82a7cc8 in g_free
#3  0x007ffea82a7ce8 in g_free
#4  0x007ffea82a7dd8 in mono_free_bstr
#5  0x007ffea82a7df8 in mono_type_get_desc
#6  0x007ffea82a7e28 in mono_signature_get_desc
#7  0x007ffea82a7e58 in mono_lookup_internal_call
#8  0x007ffea82a86a8 in mono_upgrade_remote_class_wrapper
#9  0x007ffea82a8728 in mono_op_to_op_imm_noemul
#10 0x007ffea82a8a98 in mono_set_defaults
#11 0x007ffea82a8b78 in mono_set_defaults
#12 0x007ffea82a8c18 in mono_set_defaults
#13 0x007ffea82a8c38 in mono_print_thread_dump_from_ctx
#14 0x007ffea82a8cb8 in (Unknown)
#15 0x007ffea82a8cc8 in (Unknown)
#16 0x007ffea82a8cd8 in mono_set_defaults
#17 0x007ffea82a91d8 in mono_runtime_invoke
#18 0x007ffea82a9208 in mono_print_unhandled_exception
#19 0x007ffea82a9318 in mono_method_marked_as_wrapperless
#20 0x007ffea82a95d8 in mono_amd64_throw_exception
#21 0x007ffea82a9798 in (Unknown)

Tynan,  Thanks for making this work natively on Linux, and for making it multi-lingual.

Has anybody tried this on A13?  Or, does anybody know if there are plans on an update?

Clutter and Power Switch are my 2 "must have" mods...
Thank you for updating!  The new vanilla is very cool, but I *super* missed my Zen Garden and arcade!
Outdated / Re: [A12d] Enhanced Animals Tab
September 07, 2015, 09:01:59 PM
Thank you!  I look forward to this functionality being included in the core game.

:- )

I super want to try out the Zen mod--are we going to see a alpha 12 update?

I super <3 the glass stuff!

But... I already have *way* too many lights from all the various other mods.

Is there any chance of getting a nifty "glass only" mod?

Or--can anybody instruct me on how to gently lobotomize a mod?

Thanks in advance!
Outdated / Re: [A12] Right Tool For The Job (v1.14)
August 25, 2015, 09:31:21 AM
So... the A12 update is cool (thanks for being on the ball!) but some of us are still playing on A11 as the A12 isn't a stable-update yet.

Any chance of getting a link to the A11 version of this one?

Also, it's one of my favorite mods, thank you!