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Mod bugs / Ongoing Freezes leading to Desktop Crashes
January 09, 2020, 06:19:32 PM
Hello. For the past couple of days I've been trying to create a stable Rimworld save with TechAdvancing, Glitterworld Tech, and Alpha Biomes+Animals. I've also got a couple QOL and Immersion mods (Hygiene, Surgery, Embrasures, Shield Generators, and Seeds+FertileFields+Bees to make planting actually feel in-depth). Don't worry, I have my mod config file attached, you won't have to go sorting through my log trying to find all of the 29(?) mods installed, most of which are quite small or prerequisites.

The problem arises seemingly randomly once a save is loaded. I have drafted all colonists and placed them inside before it happens, and the Freeze still occurs. It doesn't seem to be tied to pawn activities, although you can feel free to correct me if you find otherwise. I have a couple of tamed animals (Frostbound Behemoths from the Alpha Animals mod) but I haven't tried doing anything with them. I also haven't tried removing any mods, I've been trying to solve the issue with as many intact mods as my save allows (29 may seem like a lot, but I'm quite serious in my belief that every mod that I have installed is important and belongs in my load order). To this end I installed ModLoader (thinking it was a sorter) and then RWMS (an actual mod sorter!) to try to fix my load order. It did make some changes, but none of these has stopped the freezing+crashing.

So now I'm at a bit of a loss. Attached is my log, save, and mod config. I don't know whether any of them will be helpful, but by all means give them a look. I'm running Rimworld on Windows 10, Intel i5 9300H, 8G Ram, GTX 1650 Card, and the game never jumps over ~1.5 G ram use, until it freezes, where it jumps to ~3. With this build it should have no problem running this game flawlessly, even with quite a large colony (to be clear, my colony isn't large at all, I'm just ruling out hardware).

Thanks in advance, interested to find out what's going wrong here.

Edit: Just found out that my save is above (by  a lot) 1000 KB large, even compressed? That's... quite a lot. Is that normal for a 100% World? 
General Discussion / Malaria and Penoxycyline
January 13, 2017, 02:19:07 AM
I've been doing some research on how Penoxycyline works in Rimworld, and while the change to diseases (and especially Malaria) are positive, the Penoxycyline solution needs a big buff. From what I understand, Penoxycyline now saves colonists a flat rate of 61% immunity if they contract any disease while they are under the effects of the drug. Unfortunately, Malaria starts out at 60% or more to the finish line immediately on a regular basis. This means in order to save a colonist you need a +10 doctor, a medical bed, a vitals monitor, only Glitterworld meds and of course a lifetime supply of Penoxycyline. Even endgame colonies frequently won't have all of these. Wouldn't a flat raise of immunity from 61% to 75% with Penoxycyline make more sense, not just in Gameplay but also with realism? No one with access to medicine dies from Malaria anymore. We can get rid of them entirely within several days.
General Discussion / Asexuality
November 11, 2016, 06:48:58 PM
Don't click that dislike button! I'm not trying to change your game!

I have two colonists right? One is a dude, one is a girl. The guy is Volatile, the girl is Nervous. When she entered the colony, they immediately became lovers. I was like, "Sweet! They'll totally end up bringing each-other's moods up!" They got married, and have now been married for like 5 game years. Both of them seem completely happy not "Gettin' some lovin'!",despite their moods being somewhat tumultuous. Which got me thinking... there is a hidden modifier for Bisexuals, and I knew about that from straight people flirting occasionally. Is there a hidden modifier for Ace people? It just seems really weird that for 5 years and several months beforehand these two have not done "the thing" even once. And if it is, why didn't that RockPaperShotgun reviewer mention it?

I mean, I have some possible explanations, but I will keep them to myself. Just looking for your input really!
Mods / [Mod Request]True Fallout
July 15, 2016, 07:10:12 PM
Now that my forum innocence has been taken by EdB, I feel no shame in suggesting a mod that I have been wanting for quite some time. In Rimworld, being inside in any fashion will completely hard-counter fallout. This isn't really how fallout works. Neutron radiation passes through almost everything (and not only this, neutron radiation also creates gamma radiation), gamma radiation passes even through thin layers of lead, and beta radiation is only stopped by things denser than aluminium. As it is, there is nothing protecting colonists from neutron, gamma, or beta rays, and the only reason they are protected from alpha is because they are wearing clothes. Why is this? The coolers in the game have no indication of any system of filtration (which might I mention would be really bad for asthmatics) and the vents don't either, simply being things you can't walk past.

What does all of this mean? This is the part where I make my suggestion!
I'm pretty green with code, and can in no way make my dream a reality by myself. But there is no end to talented people here, and my idea getting picked up (even by a single person) would be awesome. My suggestion: Split the toxic fallout event into four parts like the raid mechanic.
One is the current fallout, which can be represented by mostly alpha radiation. Wearing more clothes should increase toxic buildup resistance, but being inside should be pretty safe when alpha rays are concerned, they are weak-sauce. In fact, if there aren't any beta waves there would be no convincing difference between alpha rays and the normal atmosphere. Unfortunately, there are usually beta or gamma rays accompanying alpha, so the regular would be fine.

The second would be a major contamination breach on some sort of futuristic reactor. This breach released tons of beta radiation from containment pools all over the area. This breach would require the colonists to be inside almost all of the time, only leaving in suits. It would also necessitate better coolers (or vents if you have a decent outside temperature year-round) with filters.

The third would be a nuclear blast in the area. Neutron (and therefore Gamma) radiation would pour over the landscape, but the colony would receive a couple day's warning before the event occurred (I'm assuming early warning technology will be even better in the future :P ). This will be the death of many colonies, and should be very rare. In order to survive, two layers of steel should be made into a mountain. A high-research tech would be necessary to create blast doors (and you would need two to create an airlock so that your colonists don't suffocate, this will also require more of the filtered coolers). Going outside without a suit for more than 1 game hour would be a death sentence, and there would be no reason to anyway. Anything on the outside would be completely destroyed, either by the radiation, or if the modder is feeling up to it, a giant nuclear explosion. This would also require sleep caskets, as keeping all of your colonists alive for that long is extremely difficult in a small confined space (look guys, I made a use for cryosleep!). It would also be pretty hard to farm anything in what on some maps will be a 6x6 area due to availability of mountain space. During the time of this fallout no other attacks of any kind would fire, not even breakdowns, as they would completely destroy the colony.

The last is an endgame event even more dangerous than the bomb. Have any of you played Halo?
Planet irradiated by a halo ring. The only escape is by creating the ship and leaving the world. You are given three days to build it and leave. Otherwise your colony is dead, as no amount of lead would stop the installation from destroying all life on the planet. Anything outside is immediately killed and anything in a bunker would get the current buildup until death. The buildup is even able to penetrate cryosleep pods, so they won't save you either. This continues until the colonists are dead or until you launch a ship, there is no ending to the event and no other events that can fire.
If the modder wants to be clever about a warning that the installation is incoming, make a flood manhunter pack and THAT can be the colonies warning that death is imminent. After all, the Sangheili glassed half a continent to stop the spread of a handful of flood. Imagine the response from the race that was all but destroyed by the flood?

Finally, some mods that I think you should all check out are in order. These are the ones that I received some of my inspiration from, and any of them asking to cooperate with this suggestion would be a true honor. Thank you for making my game so great!
This was my reason for posting today. My idea can finally be truly recognized with the assistance of this suit.
An amazing mod that helped me to envision how this bunker would work. Pipes and ducts and the like would be necessary for the function of the bunker, as no outside air would be usable until filtered. Before this mod my dream was basically just a wish (it may still be, but this system gave me hope).
Not only is this system a requirement for most of the good mods, this dude and his team is crazy good. A version for 0.14 is already out. This is the same day as release. Can I get a *whaaaaaaaaa?*
This mod, combined with combat realism, provides the best experience that you can attain with the base game. The options for surgery don't feel overpowered, and it proved to me that with enough reworking the immunity and body part removal could extend far into the late-game.
Did I mention Combat Realism? Combat Realism:
And last but certainly not least, the power generation the bunker will probably use unless a true masochist (like me) goes for buried steam geysers. The ASRTG is the perfect combination of a rare resource and a lot of research points. I'm very satisfied with this alternate form of energy production.

That's it! Hopefully my suggestion gets some positive feedback, and I'll see you all out on the Rim!