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Help / Strange sound bug regarding gunshots (fixed)
February 20, 2019, 01:52:13 AM
First off, let me mention that the mod in question is attached. It is very small and was made in about twenty minutes. (quick note: the 001 and 002 sounds are unused)

Right. I'm trying to make a CE-compatible gun, and that worked perfectly. Nothing about it is broken. Except the sound.

I have created my own SoundDefs for the main sound and tail sound. While they do play correctly, they only play sometimes. I'd love to elaborate but it really is "sometimes". In the first rendition of the mod, the tail sound played correctly every shot while the main sound played every second shot. Weird, but consistent. Now I've played around with the xml and it seems absolutely entirely random.

This is not a CE thing. I ported the same mod to vanilla functionality and the issue persists. It also can't be something wrong with my xmls, since they are completely copied from working vanilla SoundDefs. The strange part is that if I, say, switch the gun to Shot_AutoPistol, it works perfectly and the sound plays entirely correctly.

However, my sound using the exact same xml has major issues.

This has brought me to believe there is something with the files themselves. To fix that, I've tried stereo and mono .ogg and .wavs. It seems to make no difference.

So, I'm out of ideas, and I'd hate to end my modding career this soon. Does anybody have a clue?

EDIT: Turns out I was using a folderpath when I should've been using a clipPath. I don't know why it "worked" anyway but it seems to have fixed the whole thing.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Stories / Irony of Fate
February 22, 2015, 03:53:10 PM
WARNING: Some Mass Effect 3 minor spoilers. Don't read further if you don't wanna spoil the game.

I made Tali from ME in Rimworld. Somebody named Tail crashed, I recruited her and decided "oh what the hell". Got the Apparello mod, bla bla.
All went fine until my first mechanoid hive raid. They came in force (6 centis, more scythers) and everyone ended up getting killed, either in melee, the fires, or dying of infection DURING the fight.

It wasn't one simple raid and that's it, it was a drawn-out, long-term siege. They went around shooting at my turrets more than they were shooting at my colonists but everyone was injured in some way from the first attack. The first attack when they first landed was brutal, and one poor guy even burned to death 30 feet away from the group. Truly tragic. Everyone was surely going to die of infection even if I killed them.

Except Tali.

Tali was a brawler. It wasn't my choice to give her melee and I knew the melee would do nothing against the centis. I held her away and made her rescue the few alive people, causing her not to get hurt. Two of them at this point, not including her. By some miracle I had killed the last centis with a lot of sniper shots, but I knew the snipers were gonna die anyway. Extreme infections at 30% immunity, so I made them put out all the fires they could before dying.
They finally died, and who was left with no injuries, and a burned down rich colony? Tali. Of course Tali. I couldn't help but put the game on 1x speed and laugh as she extinguished the fires, repaired the last remaining bedroom and slept. It just HAD to be Tali who survived her entire colony being wiped out, didn't it?

Just like in the game. Her race wiped out by robots before her eyes, ending up with her being the last alive. Except she didn't kill herself, so I guess that's good.

I bought a slave, decided it'd be boring to play further and went to my save before the mech attack.

I still have it, though. Just sitting there, waiting for me to come back and take the colony from rags to riches, again.
General Discussion / Wait, what? Traders?
February 21, 2015, 06:44:32 PM
I got a notification a tribe was visiting, I guess I didn't read it good enough because when they left, it said "traders from Irgo Caxigo are now leaving. They are happy with your hospitality."

Are faction traders now a thing? I don't have any mods that put any traders in, I don't think.