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Releases / [1.1] Infusion 2 (2020-04-18)
April 16, 2020, 09:36:35 AM

Random equipment enhancements and enchantments - the infusions.

Infusion 2 is a complete rewrite from scratch of the original Infusion (and its maintained version, Infused*) mod.
(* Ludeon forum page is outdated)

Visit my Notion page for more details. Download links (Workshop/GitHub) included.

charlotte(notfood) - Infused.
Tools / [LIB] FSharp.Core
April 16, 2020, 09:35:44 AM

FSharp.Core is a core library of F#, a functional-first programming language of .NET environment.
This "mod" contains assembly of [email protected] built for .NET 4.7.2. Place it somewhere up.

Click "".

Steam Workshop
Use this as your translation's template.

Includes new defs for A15:
ChemicalDefs, InstructionDefs

Changed following folders to what they should be:

  • Bodies (BodyDefs, BodyPartDefs, BodyPartGroupDefs)
  • Drugs (ChemicalDefs, HediffDefs, NeedDefs, ThingDefs, ThoughtDefs)
  • Incidents (IncidentDefs, RaidStrategyDefs)
  • Joy (JoyKindDefs)
  • KeyBindings (KeyBindingCategoryDefs, KeyBindingDefs)
  • PawnKindDefs_Humanlike (PawnKindDefs)
  • Rooms (RoomRoleDefs, RoomStatDefs)
  • Scenarios (ScenarioDefs, ScenPartDefs)
  • Stats (StatCategoryDefs, StatDefs)
  • ThingDefs_* (PawnKindDefs, ThingDefs)
  • Tutor (ConceptDefs, InstructionDefs)
  • (Please stop this madness Tynan why is it keep getting worse)


It might contain a few untranslatable parts or missing ones. I did my check but make sure to look at it again.
Because of how Workshop works, it's all numbers. Which means pretty bigger time cost debugging through someone else's log.

Initializing map from file (Colony name) with mods Core, Community Core Library, Community Core Library - Vanilla Tweaks, 728063455, 725219116, 715759739, 704305425, 715565817, 712141500, 709317151, 725956940, 722085442, 722088116, 725947920, 725952322, 672718149, 672711525, 725623521, 725828157, 726236520, 717575199, 704181221, 724602224, 727309536, 704182588, 672717999, 727884068, 726479594, 727484454, 725760768, 727581581, 705924057, and 725130005

See how CCL is in there? It's manually installed.
Outdated / [A16] Gardening
July 20, 2016, 11:12:03 AM

Four more flowers with different colors, and a square flower pot to plant them!

More varied flower garden
Tired of same red & yellow? Plant new ones. On a brand new square pot. Boring red & yellow both buffed too, beauty-wise.


You can plant plain grass with this mod.
For Steam users: Workshop
Outdated / [A14] No Cleaning Please! 1.0.2
July 20, 2016, 08:20:17 AM

Separates cleaning function from home area, adds a new one called Cleaning Area.

Way better cleaning management
More management can't go wrong, yes? No need to clean bloody mess your hunters made.

Community Core Library (Required - 0.14.0 or higher)

Cleaning zone does not automatically assigned like home zone.
NCP now has its own GitHub repo! Give it a look, without any compiler generated code blocks.
For Steam users: Workshop
Outdated / [A17] DoorMat
July 18, 2016, 11:26:31 PM
A classic, tiny mod updated for A17 :D

Whenever a pawn steps onto the mat, all filth it carries will fall off. Keep your base tidy, make cleaners' life easier!
Comes in a two sizes, each in three colors & leather stuff.



  • Enabled after researching carpet making.
  • DoorMat has its own GitHub repo! Give it a look, it's very short yet a interesting piece of code. (Personal opinion)
  • For steam users: Workshop
Used <rep> and <trans>.


This bug, specifically, is that "generated" items won't use translated (or, injected) item label. Instead, they use original item's label. This applies to meat, leather, corpse, stone floors (rough, hewn, smooth), apparel and weapon recipes. In short, everything not defined in text but dynamically added.

AFAIK this bug has been in place over a year. I found a workaround when I decompiled the game a while ago, but it makes everything complex and unnecessarily long. (See ludeon/RimWorld-Korean/defInjected/RecipeDefs/Recipes_Generated.xml)
No warnings nor errors. Used traditional defInjected method.


Though I was able to translate summary through <rep> and <trans>.
Is it intended? Please check, thank you.

        <li>desc_sentence->[kidnapper_nameShortDef] seems to have given up entirely.</li>
        <li>desc_sentence->[victim_nameShortDef] has closed [prisoner_possessive] eyes, seeming to pray to a higher power.</li>
        <li>desc_sentence->[victim_nameShortDef] looks defiant.</li>
        <li>desc_sentence->[victim_nameShortDef] is screaming with rage and terror.</li>
        <li>desc_sentence->[victim_nameShortDef] looks broken and exhausted.</li>
        <li>desc_sentence->[victim_nameShortDef] appears to be badly wounded.</li>

The first one seems to fit for [victim_nameShortDef], instead of [kidnapper_nameShortDef]. Sorry if I missed a point!

Edit: And for the second one, [prisoner_possessive] -> [victim_possessive]?

A Dog Said, "You have the ability, why you don't fix me?" I Had No Choice But To Cry

Watching your double cataract Labrador is no longer painful
A Dog Said... adds peg legs, bionic eyes, prosthetic and bionic arms(for monkeys), prosthetic and bionic legs(small, medium, large and huge), which you can apply to your favorite animals. Buy them from traders.

License info
You must follow this license.

Update thanks to Adamiks!

  • Please report any.
Help / Adding a new debug action?
August 29, 2015, 01:23:19 PM
I thought I could add a debug option somehow, and not yet figured. I can only see privates. Is there anyone who made it?
Bugs / What is this "Could not register region" error?
August 23, 2015, 08:12:03 AM
When I try to spawn a door using Scatterer(MapGen), some doors make this kind of errors for a few times, repeatedly, about 5~7 times:

Could not register region Region(id=4213, center=(102, 0, 56), links=0, cells=42) in link (span=(root=(96, 0, 52), dir=North + length=7) hash=1970324837187680, regions=4190 and 4197): > 2 regions on link!

I don't have any clue about this. How can a region link have more than two regions, because I built a door?
I'm looking for a way to make JobDriver gets/sets variable of targets.

I looked at Haplo's turret base. As far as I understood, the base itself checks if a gun is on top of it each tick. If found any, equip the gun. JobDriver only picks and hauls to the top of the turret, nothing changes within it.

I don't think it's a good case to me, as I'm making an equipment(which does not have a ticker), not a turret(which NEED a ticker). I would like to avoid adding lots of tickers to the game.
Help / [Solved]Creating entirely new def
May 04, 2015, 04:52:11 AM
Yes, new def. What I want to make is an InfusionDef for my Infusions. I can try to make custom ThingDef and put everything there but...
Anyway, is there a mod that I can use as a reference? Or anyone?
Ideas / (Modding) Modifiable Thing label
May 02, 2015, 08:40:17 AM
Not ThingDef, but a Thing. For now there are only properties, which directly call GenLabel's methods. I hope there is (are) string field that holds label data, so I can edit it from outside.
Private field will work too I think.
Just like Stuff and CompQuality does, it has to be thing-specific, not def based. Both uses RimWorld.GenLabel thus I can't follow them.
I've searched about reflection, but as Thing's Label property has no backing field nor setter, it isn't possible. If it only had a public string label field... or private...

If anyone has idea please tell me, or should I suggest this to Tynan?

A unique way to make unique items for your special colonists: Randomly enchants equipment.

Varying infusions for everyone
All weapons and apparels(Except personal shield) have a chance to get infused. They will have its own label, various stat buffs and color coded overlay. Note that enemies might carry infused equipment too.

Stat bonuses
A infusion grants an item many minor bonuses, including melee damage, ranged accuracy, attack speed, movement speed, global work speed, specific job speed bonus and more.

Fully customizable
If you don't like something or want to add your own infusion, go to InfusionDefs folder and edit it. All infusions can be deleted and modified via XML. No C# knowledge required.

Source code

Is there a list of all available infusions?

Can I install this on existing colonies?
Yes, you can use Infusion with your ongoing game.

Can I use this with (random mod)?
Unless it redefines any of Core StatDef. You can still able to use both, but either infusion bonus will not work, or (random mod)'s overwrite will be undone.

Community Core Library (Required)

  • Wastelander for "Prison Improvements" (Original injection codes)
  • mipen helped me with custom Defs

  • Please report any.

I'm trying to dynamically add stat offsets to weapons via additional comp.
Example: One gladius gives you movement bonus while another melee hit chance.
I can just edit parent's def but it will affect all same weapons at once so no.

Instead I'm trying a lot of workaround using StatPart, but it's really messy and I don't want to use something like Dictionary<Enum,Dictionary<StatDef,float>> in my utility class.

Anyone any thoughts, please?
Help / Making custom Graphic_Linked?
April 03, 2015, 10:53:43 AM
Is it possible?

What I'm doing exactly : I'm trying to make custom Graphic_LinkedTransmitter, which draws linked graphic when there is nearby linkable building.

What I figured : It seems I can't set Graphic_Linked* to ThingDef <graphicClass> directly, as they are defined as enum LinkDrawerType in ThingDef <linkDrawerType> and loaded at ThingDef.PostLoad(). I hate enums...

What I tried : Copied & pasted Grphic_LinkedTransmitter and modified a few words in ShouldLinkWith(). Also, made a custom building which looks like this.

public override void SpawnSetup()
def.graphic = new Graphic_LinkedCustomTransmitter(def.graphic);

What I got : Bad material, that red square.