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General Discussion / Location exploit via caravans
June 26, 2017, 08:29:00 PM
I'm under the impression that if you abandon your current base for a new location, then immediately relocate back afterwards, that you will "refresh" the original map to "virgin" state.  Is this true?
Especially for people seeking unusual/extreme conditions (very cold, hot, dry, wet, etc.), a sticky thread for exchanging world seeds would be, imo, seriously cool and very useful.  Even if not looking for "extreme" maps, though, this can still be very interesting and quite handy.

There's already threads along these lines quite often but they're buried rather quickly in the daily torrent of posts.  For example: or

Any chance of this happening?  I couldn't find any other references to a similar question in a quick search (try searching for "world seeds" sometime; oy vey ::)).  Sure, some seeds will probably get too old to work properly (A15 and previously, for example) so people should post what version the seed is for but a lot of folks also still play older versions.  I still play an A15 colony, for example, and I've seen a few posters who still run A14.
I can't seem to find answers to a few small questions re: purchasing RimWorld via the Ludeon Studios main site (

- Is the $30 package the cheapest one?  I badly want to buy the game but my wife makes most of the money, so it's beholden upon me to be responsible with it ^^' .

- Ive been led to believe that the separate (non-Steam) mods are superior to the Steamworks mods.  Is this true?  And, true or not, is there any way to d/l Steamworks mods for the non-Steam version, if I care to?
General Discussion / Props to Tynan
December 16, 2016, 03:58:58 PM
I've been playing RimWorld for a couple of months on and off at a friend's — I watch his kids 3-4 times a week while he works nights — and I have to say I'm impressed, both with the game itself and how you handle the forums and your development process (and their intersection, especially).  Kudos; I'll be buying my own copy when A16 drops, for sure!

My only remaining wish is for that mystical, magical beast, Z-levels!^^'  Yeah, yeah, I know that's probably not gonna happen, but...  *snivel, whi-i-ine, kvetch, mooOOoaan* lol

Anyway, thank you for the "borrowed" fun I've already had with the game, and moreso in the future!