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show your support for cryogenics guys
Quote from: RawCode on August 28, 2014, 07:20:25 PM
this implemented not by "manning" in common term.

large mechanical Pawn that disabled\incapacitated by default and have custom action (instead of capture it allow to control itself).

original pawn "despawned" on entry, anyway it will be stupid to keep pawn outside of combat armor.

i will try to implement mannable centipede soon.

Ideas / Cryogenics and Losing your fort, and roleplay
August 28, 2014, 01:23:14 PM
Sometimes raiders WILL own you, or a wave of psychotic death monkeys will overrun you and even kill your turrets, or bypass (turrets, realistically enough, have blind spots, especially when you decide to build houses and not huddle inside a vault) so I propose an official an researchable feature. Cryogenics, with reinforced walls.

What it does:

1. I feel this game will eventually have a meta game set up (or why have a map that stores values, such as height and weather.) you will be able to eventually claim past settlements. ANd wouldn't it be nice that should more people from your ships pods land on other peoples colonies that they can not only find relics of builds that you built but also PEOPLE, MORE COLONISTS?

When youre colony is about to fail you send as many people as you can to cryosleep, to be discovered hopefully by rescue, but of course that wont happen. But basically you build a nice secluded area with a reinforced door or blast door or whatever that has your colonies hope. The lives of your people. This is when shit hits the fan bad, and you hit a panic button. Maybe even people get trapped inside a timed blast door but run out of pods. Basically its a fancy way of abandoning your fort while leaving something for the new forts you make. Err colonies, towns, not forts.

2. Now brings in extra stuff.
Instead of being gauaranteed these extra guys should you decide your next game uses that last site, youre only gauranteed what you put in. So if you built your pods inside houses animals probably bust down the door and ate the sleeping colonists in the pods, or maybe weather destroyed them. So depending on how you placed them, and the thickness of walls around, and distance from the outside or light tiles, depends on their safety. Just like in real life.

3. Extra content.

Events for unlocking the pods could include-

1. The chimeran - The pod was replaced with a copy and inside was a alien mutant that is now killing everyone.

2. The Frankenstein Monster - Like above but the past colony was experimenting with a super soldier serum for the sleeping colonists to wake up more robust and adapted, went horribly wrong (could tie into actually beneficial Cryogenic pod technology research thats option)

3. Spore Infection - You open the pod but a viral plague had infested the sleeper and is now unleashed on your colonists, only cure is fire. (Like the Blob or even airborne one)

4. Broken Pod - YOu find nothing inside. Perhaps someone escaped or was taken?

5. Alien Pod - This pod can be on the map and not related to anything you did last time you were there. And inside is an alien creature of strange origin.

6. AI Pod - You cant see anyone inside, and it looks like it is filled with circuitry thats.. moving. If you open it a Transformer robot with questionable loyalty springs to life and might help or hinder you. Or maybe he just comes into life and leaves the map and returns later as a new faction that is slowly destroying and consuming all other factions and is actually a BORG.

these are some ideas, so I hope you consider them it'd be awesome.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
August 28, 2014, 12:40:38 PM
Colonist aging
Child Birth
Mods / Re: (Request) Kairogenix
August 28, 2014, 12:40:07 PM
would be cool
So mortars can be manned, is it possible to allow one entity to man another? Would some one like to code this? I think it'd need custom .dlls and stuff. But basically you allow an object that you can make come into being, and it can move but will only trigger movement and use when a colonist is manning it, and the colonist stuck/manning position is overlapping into it, like when they sleep in a bed or something, and this device has built in weapons that can only work when someone is manning it, and it has alot of armor. I dunno, but I think mechs can work now that turrets can be manned. Was thinking...

I'd donate $10 USD for this to happen :D...........