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Ideas / Re: Traits
« on: October 08, 2013, 01:20:12 PM »
I think traits about nutritonal handicap like vegetarian/vegan, carnivorous and even (hardcore mode, please keep your children in leash) cannibal may be added to the current list.
Cannibal would be incredibly hard to do. The Colonist would either die or kill a fellow colonist before even the first raid. If you got a Cannibal as a refugee later on, you'd have to secure a steady supply of bodies, and everyone else would be horrified by him eating those bodies. More like super-hardcore mode.

Stories / Re: 3 nobles walk into a bar...
« on: October 08, 2013, 12:51:40 PM »
Nobles are clearly the most useful of all characters.

General Discussion / Re: Holy Sh**
« on: October 08, 2013, 12:34:18 PM »
We can safely aim for 100K+, since there's so many youtubers spreading the word...

We raised 70k in like, 6 days.

You're aiming too low, friend.

Sorry for not responding earlier, was attending to other thingies.
1)  Not everything should be trying to kill you.  I think having a bunch of factions would be good.  But you should have diplomatic options with them.  Perhaps pleasing one group aggravates another (so you can never have everyone happy).  This makes you choose between having every group irked with you, or having some groups love and aide you, while others try and attack you.  Of course raiders are gonna raid...


I don't think I made it clear enough, but most of these factions do start off with neutral relations towards you. Some of them, i.e. Mutants, will attack no matter what, but most will only attack if you anger them. Many of them you can start trade relations with, although some (Like the corporation) Won't trade in your best interests.

Adding Flora and Fauna is something I'm interested in too, I just wasn't thinking of them when I made the list. Sandworms are awesome, though.

As far as Hounds/Androids go, hounds can be part of the mystery: Why indeed are there giant killer robots walking around? Who put them here, and why do they hate humans so much? Androids I was thinking would most likely be sent after you by the corporation/scientists, or attack you with haywire programming if either of those two are present.

Before I finish reading this I just want to ask if you're available to do some dialogue consultation on the game? :D

Aw shucks. Feel free to email/PM me with whatever, I put in an old account as my email but I can still access it.

So i think in the interests of staying true to the genre we need a few different species of native predators. A bit of diversity in the kind of threats you face cant help but make the game more entertaining after all and i think guys with guns only give you so much mileage.

Absolutely. I was thinking more of organized baddies with gunz when I made the list, but I'm all for predatory animals.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: October 08, 2013, 12:22:18 AM »
turnip here. The computer I'm typing this on I very rarely turn off, and I set this to log me in forever, so my name will probably be at the online list 24/7. It doesn't mean I'm online that often.
Saw it on RPS, Quill18, somewhere. I was free today so I decided to put down $73 USD (Hah, your pathetic dollar is less than mine) and waste the day looking and these forums and shizzle (Not a NEET.)
I heartily enjoy playing anything I can get my grubby, turnip-greased hands on. Don't waste all my time on Gaming, but it is a nice pastime of mine that I use to relax.
I honestly can't think of one, but there's probably been a few awkward social situations I've gotten myself into.

Ideas / turnip's wonderful list of things that will mutilate and kill you
« on: October 07, 2013, 11:48:41 PM »
This is a suggested list of potential new enemies. Pirate raiders are great and all (They'd be better if they wore mexican-cartel style bandannas and were covered in tattoos and shizzle), but I for one would like to see some more enemy diversity as time goes on. Most of these are also Factions, and will only launch raids against you if relations are low enough.
Here are some potential enemies to eventually consider adding in:

Marines! The Empire has claimed this Rim World. A coordinated squad of highly trained marines, they heard about your colony while executing a group of raiders and decided to remove the heresy, steal your resources and practice their shooting. Six high-level Humans (Five marines and one Commissar, the Pirate King of the group), with advanced weaponry and armor. The marines don't consider you enough of a threat to really plan against, and their tactics won't be much better than the average raider group, but they'll still be a challenge for any colony. Marines will not stop fighting until every last one is dead. Impossible to recruit, and will constantly try to escape if captured. May or may not attack warden.

Androids! EXECUTE EXECUTE.exe. Yes indeed, Androids. The Androids don't have uniform groups, and vary between one and three without any sort of leader. They have built-in weapons that act as a high-power pistol and, if harvested, can be used as a weapon on someone's arm(Once harvesting is implemented). Androids are strong single targets with excellent shooting, hand-to-hand and tactics, another endgame opponent. Androids are impossible to knock out, and therefore impossible to recruit, they won't stop until they are dead or their flee.exe kicks in after taking a certain amount of damage. Androids attack because of haywire programming, or being sent after your colony by a more advanced group...

Tribesmen! We were here first. These guys suck. No, really. The small fringe tribes that managed to survive you, the raiders, the marines, the void gods, and god knows what else are left really hating everything smarter than a rock with googly eyes. Armed with stone-age spears and slings, tribesmen will attempt to kill any colonist they see with their good hand-to-hand. They come in large groups, almost naked, and with no tactics other than "CHARGE AND KILL OOOGA BOOGA". Early game opponent. Recruiting a tribesman is harder than recruiting a raider, but not impossible by any means. A tribesman will never use a gun or research, as they fear the things, and are poor socializes, but are strong and good at growing, hauling and mining, much like oafs. Tribesmen are reptilian, and their hard scales are their only armor. A Chieftain is their Pirate King, who will sometimes be using a more dangerous weapon like a bow or bronze spear.

Criminals! There's a buck to be made on this world, and you can bet the Mafia is on it. Smugglers, harvesters, and extortionists. Not like raiders, Criminals are organized crime organizations who have a specific goal in mind. Some of them will want to talk to your leader before doing anything, offering them protection in order for a constant tribute of something- Metal, food, money. Some will want to run weapons and drugs through your colony as a resupply point, and while accepting will grant you some cash, the raiders may show up better armed later. Some will just straight-out attack you for your healthy organs and metal supplies. Criminals, on average, are better armed and organized than raiders, although still not devastating. A mid-game enemy, and usually showing up in groups ranging from 3 to 6 with an underboss as their Pirate King. Easy to capture and Recruit, same as raiders.

Assassin! Always in groups of one, the assassin has superhuman combat abilities and uses advanced weaponry and armor. The assassin also avoids detection until someone (Or a turret if he doesn't disable them) has him in their direct line of sight, and, if not careful, may be able to sneak into your base unnoticed. The assassin aims to kill one person in your group, and will leave once the deed is done. Who could have ordered such a thing? The Mafiosos to the north? The Empire to the West? Dave? Assassins will only attack if hired by a faction, or someone in your colony, if they either SERIOUSLY hate the guy, or if they think they would be able to get into your base far easier with him dead. Colony leaders are particularly susceptible to this. Will die instantly if captured due to hidden Cyanide pill.
Assassins may be considerably harder to put in than other units, due to their weird mechanics. Sorry about that.

Rebels! The Empire is a threat, and everyone knows this. Will only show up on planets that have the Empire as a faction on them. Poorly armed and trained Militia, but there's a lot of them. Better than tribesmen since they use guns, but barely other than that. Will attack you if you associate with the Empire, and vice versa, otherwise may appear asking for something or trying to enlist your support in the good fight against the oppresive Empire. Fanatical and very hard to recruit, ironically. Their Pirate King is a Revolutionary Leader, who very rarely has better weapons than the other Rebels. He has a quite high Social skill. Suitable for the Mid game. They show up quite frequently if angered, in groups of 2-8.

Corporate Men! Rimworld metal fetches a high price these days. The Corporation that appears on the Planet is interested in one thing: Metal. As much of it as they can get their greedy little hands on. Might approach you with an offer to take as much Metal as you can give them, usually for a price that screws you over. Much like the Mafia, should you refuse, there might be consequences. Mercenaries show up, led by their Pirate King, a Corporate Underling. Mercenaries and the representative of The Corporation are armed with advanced weaponry and armor, to ensure your support- and metal. Will only resort to violence if you refuse their perfectly reasonable demands twice. Suitable for the late game.

Cultists! The Void Gods ask for blood- Who am I to refuse? Far less likely to attack you if you have built the proper shrines, and will not if you have gone through all the rituals- Yes, ALL the rituals. One cultist might be seen on the edge of your map, only to steal a Muffalo (Poor muffalo), or may come in groups of up to eight, led by a Void Messenger (Their Pirate King), armed with Sacrificial Knives and the conviction of men whose fate is already sealed. Cultists will kill themselves if captured, usually in a gruesome way that will drop anyone who sees it's happiness like a rock. They're quite creative. If your planet spawns with the Cult as a faction, members of your colony may find themselves stricken by it's message, and go on a mad rampage in the name of the Void Gods. Their threat is not their attacks, but what they do to your colony. They find ways to inspire fear, and they plant their message in every corner. The madness of the cult is in the corner of your eye, always.

Scientists! We need more bodies, Herr Doktor. The Scientists are potentially friendly, giving you research in exchange for whatever they require at the moment. If you upset them somehow, they may send Assassins after you, or a small group of Lab Assistants to kidnap one of your Colony members and drag him back. Lab Assistants are unarmed and weak, but sneaky(Not as sneaky as an assassin though) and can disable electricity and turrets. Easily recruited.

Mutants! UIAHGIUHGAIUAHIUGH. The result of Doktor Hendrick's attempts to combine Muffalo with the resident Tribesmen. Disgusting abominations of science, they use nothing but their fists. Mutants might be soft and easily killable weaklings, or scaly, large monstrosities that can crush any man. Either way, they hate you. You should probably hope you don't spawn with Mutants. Mutants never attack in groups, and are suitable for any part of the game due to their variability.

Hounds! TARGET SPOTTED. Not dogs, but rather large, spidery machines armed with a mounted automatic weapon and hatred of humans. These aren't a potential faction, but rather wander the landscape in some games, searching for humans to kill. Always show up in groups of one. Very hard to kill due to being large metal things with automatic weapons. Their desires for blood are unknown. Maybe the scientists made them? Maybe the Void gods sent them down? Perhaps they were summoned by the Cult(OH GOD THE CULT CAN SUMMON NOW). In any event, stay away from them.

And that's all I got. It should be noted that nothing except for the Empire is necessarily Human. The Tribesmen are never, Hounds and Androids are Machines, and everything else might be anything. It's about 25% chance of them being human, 60% of some species of Xeno, and 15% of being rebellious machines.

Anything and everything said here is completely changeable for balance or whatevs. Just some ideas I think would be awesome to get implemented eventually.
EDIT: Please add any ideas you have. More enemies is always a good thing.

General Discussion / Re: Fan-Art
« on: October 07, 2013, 07:36:53 PM »

Ideas / Re: Traits
« on: October 07, 2013, 07:27:20 PM »
Have to admit I am a tiny bit concerned about the "Bestiality Thirst" trait that got in there, and I thought Nymphomaniac was straddling the line a little. Personally I just think it's amusing but if we want to keep Rimworld as open to all audiences as possible the game doesn't need sex involved.

This is silly. The game would be made more interesting with the involvement of sex. Conspiracies, plots, rivalries, betrayals, and friendships have been born of sex since bloody well Babylon. Adding sex into the game increases the realism and potential tension in the group. We don't need to see two cartoon characters having a full-on mass effect sex scene, a sims-esque bed ruffling would be fine. Not including sex would be a mistake.

As far as Bestiality, there should probably be something in the options menu. I don't want to see Dave humping a muffalo.

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