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General Discussion / Re: My pigs won't breed help!
October 15, 2015, 07:49:02 AM
I had pigs and chickens in a barn with a sun lamp and growing a mix of hay, potatoes and corn and they were breeding constantly.

Only problem I realised after a while that the pigs eat chicken eggs so had to take care and pick up eggs before that happened.

Sometimes the animals would wander out of the barn , seems to happen if they run out of food.

In the end I decided it wasn't worth breeding them like this indoors with all the work required to grow the plants and feed human meat to the pigs. I would get more food/money just selling the human meat and growing food for my colonists instead of growing food for the animals.

Next time I'll try some kind of outdoors no-roof barn where they can eat grass. But this was on a tundra map with no food outdoors.

I usually make a separate stockpile somewhere  in a place where these things won't get in the way, add a trade beacon and sell it once the exotic trader comes.

Fastest way to just get rid of it I think is to use grenades or Molotovs to put them on fire/burn them up. Draft a colonist and tell them to attack area (another reason it's good to keep it outside your base since they often miss the target with grenades)
Ideas / Re: If I can remove it, let me put it back
October 10, 2015, 06:17:47 PM
Quote from: mrred1 on September 27, 2015, 04:30:58 PM
One time my patient was getting a leg (?) replacement and my doctor accidentally cut his head off!

Sometimes I have more fun reading the forum than playing the game. This is one of them.
I wanted to flick a switch to turn off my cooking stove which was consuming power unnecessarily.
I picked the nearest colonist and wanted to prioritise flicking switch.
Couldn't do so since it was reserved by someone else.

Zoomed out the map to see where this other person was - of course she was far, far away and would take some time to get here.

As normal, I drafted her to interrupt her reservation so that I could use the other guy for it, who was nearer.

However, turns out the reserver was currently vomiting and drafting had no effect. I had to let the game run until she had finished vomiting before I could interrupt the reservation by drafting her.

Until she had finished vomiting, no one else could flick off the stove. Not very logical, is it?
If a prisoner is unconscious then it is logical that we cannot talk to them.

But often a prisoner will be lying in bed unable to walk, because their leg was shot off or amputated. They are healthy in every other respect. Still wardens will not talk to and recruit them. I find this not logical.
When building beds, for example, where quality is important, I often make an effort to have my best constructor build it to improve the outcome.

Sometimes I forget to enforce and micromanage this and it happens that several people build something. Not so often for beds, but for a dining table which takes more work, it can easily happen that one person starts the work, gets interrupted or goes to sleep, someone else finishes the work later on.

How is quality determined if, let's say one person with skill 1 does half the work and another with skill 20 does the rest of the work? Is it only determined by who does the last unit of work on an object?

How is wealth different from beauty?

I want to increase the mood of my colonists by having a nice floor in the dining room as well as their sleeping rooms.
I learned to build stone tiled floors a while ago and noticed they give beauty +2 which is nice compared to the rough rock floors with -1 inside caves.

Today I tried smooth floor for the first time and the tile gets +3 , which is better than granite tile +2, while smooth floor also doesn't take any materials to build.

I don't see the logic. How can it be both cheaper and better? Is there any drawback? Does it take a lot more work to make?

Bugs / Carried butchered meat disappears when drafting
September 27, 2015, 10:55:06 AM
I had a colonist butcher a chicken. He was then carrying the chicken meat to the stockpile but on the way there, I drafted him to make him drop the meat on the ground, so that someone else could pick it up instead.

To my surprise, there was no meat on the ground, and when I undrafted the butcher, he was no longer carrying meat either. He went on to do some other task and the meat was gone.

Anyone else had this happen?
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
September 25, 2015, 09:05:31 PM
I want to toggle the growing plant for a group of selected hydroponics basins at the same time, so I don't have to click and repeat on each of them.

I want to be able to group toggle allowed zones for colonists and also for animals, so that when I construct a new forbidden area, I can quickly tell the whole group not to go there.

I want to be able to cycle through animals with a click of a key just the same as I can cycle through colonists with , and .      this would be useful for health checkups and more.
I have a colonist who works in a restricted zone with mining. The restricted zone works as expected regarding food, sleep, mining and everything else, but I've noticed twice now that this colonist will leave the area to deconstruct doors that were marked for deconstruction.

This is obviously wrong.

I could attach files but I don't suppose this is unique to my save file.
I'm not sure if I should call it a bug or a logical inconsistency.

I have a colonist who cannot cut plants, but who can do construction. By placing a building on a tree, I can have him cut down the tree to make room for the building.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
September 23, 2015, 02:45:43 PM
When constructing (placing)  a new orbital trade beacon, it would be useful if all the areas already covered by other beacons were highlighted. Same as when a trade beacon is selected.

Addon:  It would be nice to be able to build bridges / floating platforms to enable faster movement on water.

Addon: I find that colonists are constantly refilling my hoppers, for example when the hopper is at 70 food someone will walk in and add to make it 75. this is a huge waste of time and I think it should be made more intelligently, or allow me to set a lower limit for the hopper, for example to refill only when it is at 20 food or even at 0.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
September 21, 2015, 01:27:28 PM
I want to have hotkeys per colonist, and the possibility of hotkey-selecting them without centering the screen on them. Like in Starcraft: hotkey once to select a unit. Press hotkey again and the screen is centered on the selected unit. Then you always have the option of doing either, while just using one key.

I often need to send a colonist across the map to do something, and it becomes annoying to scroll the map back and forth for this.

Also, I think blood should decay and disappear over time, at least outdoors. It would save some work and I'd say it's realistic.

A minimap would be useful. It could be toggled on / off like other HUD elements, so that you only have it when you want it.

A hotkey for all the different tabs would be great. I often want to check stats of the colonists, and this becomes a clickfest.

A skills overview table with all the colonists and all their skills for fast overview (almost like the "Work" tab, but with numbers in each cell).

I want to be able to give one-time commands to people to do things without changing their work. Like one guy normally doesn't haul, but at this moment he is in the right spot and I need to haul just one thing. So I select him, and tell him to "override-haul" meaning he will do this one command but not keep hauling after that. (Or hunt animal, or do medical treatment, or deconstruct a piece of wall, or butcher one animal, and so on).

Edit 1 - It should be possible to uninstall standing lamps and heaters, just as we can with beds and other furniture.

Edit 2 - It should be possible to put research on hold just like any crafting bench "suspend". Yes, I can stop research by unchecking research for all my colonists, but there should be a way without modifying their work assignments.

Edit 3 - I don't see the point of having two separate types of Cryptosleep caskets. And more so, I don't see the point of having to research it twice. It's the same technology in both cases, one is movable and the other is part of a ship, but this could really be made better -> research once, then if you still need to have two types of them, let it be so.