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I ordered a colonist to open a grave when a fire was nearby, to take advantage of the fire to burn some corpses.

To my surprise, the colonist would only stand on a specific tile to do this,  1 square down and 1 left of the grave. And on this specific tile, a fire was already burning. So he went into the fire , started digging the grave, and while doing so, caught fire and got severely hurt. This cannot be intentional behavior.
Bugs / [1.3.3389] Manhunting megasloth opening doors?
September 09, 2022, 11:50:12 AM
Playing version 1.3.3389 (steam, Windows)

A wild megasloth on the map became manhunter through a random event, so I locked all my pawns inside rooms and forbid the doors so that no one would wander out. This has always worked with all manhunter animals before.

To my surprise, the manhunting megasloth opened a steel door on its own, to go inside and fight my colonist. Is this supposed to happen? I have never seen it before.
I saw a weird thing yesterday.

There are some neutral bugs inside caves on the map. The ones that spawn from the game start and don't multiply.

One lonely spelopede was the only One remaining from one such nest after earlier raids had destroyed the nest and the other insects that were originally there.

This lonely spelopede started wandering a bit and went far away from the nest, compared to the small area they originally kept inside. It may have been walking 20-40 tiles away. Is this normal/supposed to happen? Does their pathing or territory change when the hive is destroyed?

Another raid came and one pirate raider started shooting with a pistol, hitting this spelopede several times. The spelopede did not attack the pirate though, it just kept wandering around and even walked away from the pirate, who kept shooting from a corner wall inside the mountain.

This continued until the spelopede was dead.

I have never before seen insects not attack when fired at. So it made me wonder if this is normal behavior or a bug? Pun intended.
I know it has been discussed before and I know there are mods to disable it.

But just trying to understand: what's the point, from a game design/user challenge/enjoyment perspective, of this?

Traps would be really useful if this could not happen. They are still useful but it just adds a lot of micromanagement, which I've mostly done with forbidden zones, to avoid people stepping in the traps. Then we get two new issues. We need to micromanage and change the zones every time we reload traps and loot the stuff from dead raiders. And also, when colonists go on a Daze or Mental wander , they will ignore zones and locked doors and still walk into traps and die.

I just don't see the point. It doesn't add upp with the rest of the game where most things can be automated and done in a way to avoid micromanaging everything.

It reminds me a bit of the earlier game where you didn't get a warning when a wild grizzly hunted one of your colonists. Suddenly someone would just die and there was nothing to be done about it. That could still be prevented though by scanning for animals and killing them pre-emptively, so even that was not as bad as this trap problem.

Edit: some earlier discussions

Is it normal/intended that an insect hive spawns inside an unopened ancient structure?

My base was built next to one but I haven't opened it yet. I like to have them close so that I can open them during a raid and have the spacers/mechs fight the attackers. So I've built my base entrance next to one but not opened it yet.

Parts of the unopened room is in my home zone due to the automatic home zone extension that happens when building things nearby. And the unopened room is on the border of a mountain (I think they always are)
I played a game yesterday after a long time without playing Rimworld.

I saw an item from an exotic trader which had a description that it would destroy equipment/artificial body parts on death so that they cannot be removed/reused by surgery.

This would make sense in a multiplayer game but as far as I know there is no multiplayer, so why does this item exist?
I have posted this bug before, but I didn't have a savegame. This time I have a savegame.!AlmW2TG6jr_7gasHC3fn6w78WG5lbg?e=OpmRnZ

I use caravans a lot and transport pods to send gifts to other factions, to make them friendly.
It used to be possible to send silver with the comms console too, but this seems no longer an option.

I haven't figured out the maths behind how much to pay for +1 relationship. Does anyone know?

I have noticed that a colonist with better social skill gets a better price in silver/relationship point increase, at least it used to be like that with the comms console.

Is there a fixed base price in silver/relationship point, which is modified by social skill, and that's all? Are there other factors that also matter, like if it's a gentle / rough tribe or outlanders? Does it matter if I'm a tribe and they are a tribe too, or if I'm an outlander (crashlanded start) and they are outlanders too?

I have the impression that storyteller difficulty matters too, which would make sense, but I'm not sure.

When sending a trade caravan with lots of goods, is it better to first sell the goods for silver and then pay silver as a gift, or is it better to give goods as a gift directly, to maximise the relationship gain? Or doesn't it matter?

In the current game, I have the impression that the current relationship matters too, with diminishing returns. When the other faction was around 0 or below, it cost around 40-50 silver per relationship point, but I currently have to pay more than 100 silver per point, when they are at about +60 (almost friendly).

Etc etc. I didn't find much info when searching, but I'm sure someone has figured this out and written it down somewhere.

Since we don't recover any wood from deconstructing torch lamps, it would be nice to let them burn until they run out of fuel, but without refueling them automatically (in cases where this is what I want).

Currently this is not an option and the only way around it I found was to forbid all the wood, which has other bad consequences.
When starting the game, there is an option for world coverage,  50% or 30% or 5% (dev), if I remember correctly.

I wanted a game where I could realistically conquer all the enemy bases within a limited time. The 5% setting has only 1 base of every faction, and this is doable, but almost too small. The 30% is way too big.

I think a 10% or 15% setting would be good for the type of game I want to play. It seems to me that allowing the player to set any % would be a very small and easy change, rather than just the fixed 5, 30, 50  choices we have now.
Bugs / Cannot feed corpse to prisoner
October 22, 2018, 04:44:41 PM
I have two coloniss and a dromedary corpse. The corpse is fine and they've both eaten from it. One of them was unable to walk, lying in bed, and the other one could feed him with the corpse.

The prisoner however, also lying in bed, cannot be fed. It says "Cannot feed Monroe (no food)". I think she was starving at this point, but I'm not 100% sure.

Later on, when she was able to walk, she ate from the corpse on her own initiative.
Is there a bug?

I thought it was funny and it doesn't ruin anything, so I really don't mind. But still.
Latest beta 19
This has happened plenty of times in my current game. Playing the version 0.19.2009 accordingto the main screen.

Alpacas and chickens are starving, but three is plenty of grass in their zones. When I got this notification, I set them to another zone and then back, and they will immediately go find grass(which they already had access too) and eat it.
I was attacked by one of the hostile tribes.

Then I got a message that friendlies are coming to help. Great (?).
They came on their own initiative, I didn't have comms yet to call for help.

Only issue is that these two tribes are friendly with each other, so the "friendlies" that were supposed to help me out just came to by base and stood there while the attacking tribe wrecked havoc.

This is kind of pointless, so I consider it a bug.
Hunting could be made smarter. Some suggestions:

The hunting job could have bills just like crafting benches where you tell people to hunt specific animals, a number of them or unlimited, and so on.
The selection for animals could be grouped into types depending on how aggressive/dangerous they are, and/or meat yield. Or some other relevant metric.
With the option of choosing specific animal types only, of course.

This would reduce the annoying process of pausing the game to scan for animals and / or selecting the wrong ones.

I had some other suggestions but the above would actually cover all of them quite well, so I'll stop there.

It would also make sense if we could scroll through wild animals in the same way as we can scroll through colonists with , and .  buttons (but other buttons and no mixing, of course).

It is really annoying on maps with few animals to find the few that exist, somewhere, especially ice sheet when looking for snow hares, and such where graphics doesn't exactly help.

I have spent a lot of time and money calling in exotic traders and buying bionics to repair my pawns.

But I have never really explored buying slaves. I just came to think that maybe I would be better off calling in slavers and buying more people. If I remember correctly, a healthy pawn costs about 2000 from a slave trader, which is about the same as a bionic arm or leg.

So rather than repair my hurt people, it might make a lot more sense to just buy more people.

There are exceptions of course, like that 16 skill doctor who needs a bionic eye or arm, but many colonists aren't exceptional at anything and economically it might make more sense not to repair them, vs buying another colonist.


I can't compare since I haven't really tried the slave caravans.
Off-Topic / You are not alone
October 20, 2017, 04:46:20 PM
click to enlarge image

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]
I mostly play on My laptop and I recently thought that with a larger screen I might see more of the game on screen at one time. Is this the case? Or will only the level of detail improve?

I've seen screenshots with much higher detail than when I play, so that is clearly possible. But I'm more interested in seeing more tiles than better details.