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Who ist "East" ?
Can not find it on YT
General Discussion / Re: 1.0 Way more raids etc.?
July 24, 2018, 08:39:14 AM
Well if i am not the only one then i am glad i brought it up.

Attached some pictures of a safe file. Not sure you can read a lot out of it though

[attachment deleted due to age]
General Discussion / Re: 1.0 Way more raids etc.?
July 23, 2018, 09:08:10 AM
Cassandra classic Medium or Builder
I dit not even know i could change the raid settings? Where is that?

It is not just the raids. It is all the events happen waaay to often waaay to quickly after each other!
Like you get a raid, ok, raid is just finished you get the blige, ok, while you get a heat wave.. and bling, a inverstation, bling next raid, bling investation, bling spaceship... And all that like within half a hour or 45min of gameplay.

This is a HUGE difference from before 1.0

First i thought that was just the buggy 1.0 unstable version, that is why i started again. But it seems to be the same now a couple weeks later.

To put it in context i have 263 hours on the steam clock on this game. Not a huge number, but i think i understand the game mechanics and i can play the game.
I would also say that the early attacks (at least) are well ballanced to be "easy" i can handle it fine. I can get to the spaceship building part in the game. But the fun is gone. I am just constantly hit with these events.

And i don't understand why the forums are not full of complaints about this. So maybe i did mess up a setting or something??

I am at the office right now. But i can check the history tonight
General Discussion / 1.0 Way more raids etc.?
July 23, 2018, 06:48:22 AM
Hey All

I am currently on my second playtrough with 1.0. First one was on normal as usual second one on easy setting.

The game feels like it is way way more difficult than before. Raids are coming in waaay more often, blige, heat waves, infestations etc. etc. are comming in like every 10-15min you get something. I even managed to get two raids at the same time (one was from a crash pot rescue the other a normal one)

I do like a challenge, but this does take the fun out of the game for me.